The Archbishop of Canterbury Offers Advice Amid ‘Royal Rift’

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[ad_1] The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is speaking out about the rumored “rift” that has senior royals at odds with other members of the family.  During a Thursday, May 9, appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Welby expressed a rather graceful opinion aimed at royal watchers. When asked about Prince Harry’s estrangement from his brother, father, and … Read more

I Tried All 8 PopCorners Flavors and the Winner Won't Be Around for Long

popcorners chips

[ad_1] There’s nothing better than finding a versatile chip for all of your summer snacking needs. And popular popcorn chip PopCorners has released their newest flavor just in time for all of your outdoor parties—or for snacking on the couch in the a/c.  PopCorners are cool because they aren’t fried like your standard chips; they’re made … Read more

Costco Is Selling a Beautiful 12-Piece Dinnerware Set for $22, and It's Similar to a Pottery Barn Style That's 9x the Price

costco pandex melamine dinnerware set

[ad_1] With Mother’s Day right around the corner, there’s an abundance of gift ideas and acts of love to be inspired by while planning a special day for the most important woman in your life. And while physical gifts are not necessarily what every mother expects from their loved ones on Mother’s Day, thoughtful ones … Read more

Fans Say Kelly Clarkson ‘Kelly Clarksoned Her Own Song’ With New Kellyoke Performance of Early Hit

the kelly clarkson show season 5

[ad_1] You know what they say—once Kelly Clarkson sings your song, you no longer own it! The queen of covers treated fans to a new rendition of her own, 20-year-old hit on the latest edition of Kellyoke, establishing new ownership of “Behind These Hazel Eyes”—Kelly’s version—in a move that fans are describing as her “Kelly Clarkson[ing] her … Read more

Chiefs Player James Winchester Details Travis Kelce's Heart-Melting Reaction to Taylor Swift's Presence at First NFL Game

chiefs player james winchester details travis kelce adorable reaction to taylor swifts attendance

[ad_1] Even Travis Kelce’s teammates didn’t believe the rumors were true when Taylor Swift accepted his invitation to come see him and the Kansas City Chiefs do what they do best.  The team’s long snapper, James Winchester, was stunned when he was proven wrong at the team’s Sept. 24 game against the Chicago Bears, recounting his—as well … Read more

16 Different Types of Edible Flowers You Can Add to Your Garden

anise hyssop edible flowers

[ad_1] “Spring” is synonymous with “gardening” for many people with green thumbs. And while some gardens are coveted for their bright and beautiful colors, others are especially appreciated thanks to utilizing edible flowers. That’s right, some lovely blooms aren’t just appealing because of their appearance—they can add extra taste, texture and nutrients to your meals … Read more

‘I’m a Neurologist, and This Is the Type of Nut I Swear by for Alzheimer’s Prevention'

best nut for alzheimers prevention according to a neurologist

[ad_1] The connection between diet and brain health is undeniable. Certain foods are linked to supporting cognitive health while other foods create inflammation in the brain, which can negatively impact cognition over time. While it’s impossible to prevent Alzheimer’s through diet alone (it’s a complicated disease with many factors at play), you can lower your … Read more

Donna Kelce Makes Bold Declaration About Taylor Swift and Son Travis

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[ad_1] Donna Kelce has identified some of the key personality traits that she believes her son, Travis Kelce, shares with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift. The matriarch of the Kelce family made her bold declaration while speaking briefly about her younger son’s relationship during an episode of The Martha Stewart Podcast. The special Mother’s Day edition … Read more