Hawaiian Punch Levels Up With Energizing New Collaboration


If you wish you had half the amount of energy you did as a kid, C4 Energy’s new Hawaiian Punch collaboration is for you.

The iconic tropical fruit juice brand recently teamed up with the energy drink maker on a set of nostalgia-inducing products that taste like your childhood while providing the quick burst of much-needed energy that adult consumers are looking for.

Included in the C4 x Hawaiian Punch collaboration are a variety of pre-workout powders–which are intended to be mixed into a bottle of water to give you a flavor-filled, long-lasting boost of energy before hitting the gym or a trail–as well as a new flavor of the company’s cult-favorite C4 Performance Energy drink, per an official statement shared with Parade.

c4energy hawaiianpunch pre workout powder

Courtesy of C4

c4energy hawaiianpunch energy drink flavors

Courtesy of C4

According to a rep for C4, the new flavor will play off the pineapple, passion fruit, papaya and guava flavors found in the original Hawaiian Punch beverage–just with a little “extra ‘punch.'”

The fresh and fruity lineup of pre-workout powders and C4 Performance Energy drinks is also here to stay, as we’ve been told the Hawaiian Punch collaboration is a permanent addition to the brand’s portfolio.

C4’s collaboration with Hawaiian Punch is the latest in its efforts to pair childhood nostalgia with high-performance energy products, as the brand previously collaborated with Skittles, Starburst and Airheads.

This latest project is a bit different, though, as it’s part of C4’s larger reformulation of its entire pre-workout portfolio, so it features an improved PeptiPump® formula, which has been described as “a cutting-edge, AI-powered designer peptide only found in C4 that maximizes performance,” and increased caffeine level maxing out at 300mg per serving.  

Those looking to get their hands on the new flavors can expect to see the products on shelves at current retailers, which include The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, HEB, Target and Kroger. The line will also be heading to Albertsons and Walmart stores in the near future.

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