Costco Is Selling a Beautiful 12-Piece Dinnerware Set for $22, and It's Similar to a Pottery Barn Style That's 9x the Price


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, there’s an abundance of gift ideas and acts of love to be inspired by while planning a special day for the most important woman in your life. And while physical gifts are not necessarily what every mother expects from their loved ones on Mother’s Day, thoughtful ones certainly never hurt.

When it comes to heartfelt gifts that are perfect for Momma Dukes, don’t be quick to write Costco off of your shopping list. Every week, the popular bulk warehouse is bursting at the seams with incredible prices on a slew of useful household items that Mom would just love to have. Just this week, we discovered a beautiful 12-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set by Pandex that would be a wonderful addition to any mother’s dishware collection.

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costco pandex melamine dinnerware set

Pandex 12-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set


The set is available in both black and blue colorways containing white accents and a beautiful flower-like design. Retailing for just $21.99 in-store (and $29.99 online), this collection brings a lightweight and durable construction to the table that can last a lifetime at home. Perfect for backyard soirées and intimate dinners inside, providing a versatile set like this for Mom’s collection is just the gift idea you needed this year. Plus, it looks quite similar to a popular Pottery Barn style that’s more than nine times the price.

Customers who are interested in this beautiful dishware set can expect to find four of each of 11-inch dinner plates, 9-inch salad plates and 7.4-inch dinner bowls. Each piece is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, keeping you safe from unhealthy plastics while simultaneously allowing for easy cleanup.

Whatever your plans are for Mom this year, Costco is clearly here to help with a variety of options. Between their extensive dinnerware offerings, new Girl Scout Cookie treats and vast selection of must-have drinkware sets, putting together a gift for Mom this year should be easier than ever. 

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