Reese Witherspoon Learning She’s Singing Wrong Lyrics to Pop Song Is So Relatable


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Reese Witherspoon’s fans adored how the actress reacted when she realized she had made a very relatable mistake in a video shared this week on social media.

Most music fans can point to at least one popular song that they thought they knew all the lyrics of—only to find out later that they had repeatedly misheard a word or phrase that changed the song’s meaning.

According to an Instagram video shared on Wednesday, May 8, this exact thing happened to the Legally Blonde actress with Sabrina Carpenter’s hit single “Espresso.”

The video began with Witherspoon, 48, sitting on a blanket spread across a patch of grass while tying her shoes. She could be heard singing some of the song’s lyrics before the video shifted to a new clip of her debating one lyric in particular with celebrity makeup artist Tarryn Feldman.

“I’m working late, ’cause I’m a—,” they both sang before singing different words to end the line. While Witherspoon guessed the lyric ended with “sinner,” Feldman corrected her and said it actually ended with “singer.”

The Big Little Lies actress pushed back at first, but in the next clip included in the video, she was seen inspecting the song’s lyrics on another person’s phone.

“‘’Cause I’m a singer?’” she read, appearing surprised. She laughed it off, agreeing that Feldman was “always right.”

“Cause I’m a singerrrrr,” she wrote more declaratively in her Instagram caption accompanying the video, which inspired a lot of laughing emojis in the comment section.

“Singer or sinner LOL😂,” one fan wrote.

“Your version isn’t bad either 😂😂😂,” another fan said.

“Reese is all of us the past week😂😂,” an Instagram user declared.

While several of Witherspoon’s Instagram followers admitted they too had heard the lyric wrong, one person suggested that Carpenter, who opened for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour earlier this year, would be thrilled to learn that The Morning Show actress was singing her Billboard Hot 100 hit.

“Reese is precious and @sabrinacarpenter must be BEAMING,” the fan wrote.

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