Julie Chen Moonves Accuses This Strategic Big Brother 25 Player Of Lacking Common Sense




  • Julie Chen Moonves questions Jag’s decisions as HOH, finding his moves to be lacking common sense.
  • Julie believes that Blue will forgive Jag for his backdoor strategy.
  • Julie wonders why the houseguests perceived Cory as a dangerous threat when he didn’t excel in competitions and lacked influence in the house.

Big Brother 25 host Julie Chen Moonves is wondering why the houseguests made some moves that were questionable in her eyes this past week. When Jag Bains won the invisible Head of Household (HOH), he not only told the showmance, Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez about it, but also made the decision to target his ally, Blue Kim and Felicia Cannon. However, when both Blue and Jag won the Power of Veto thanks to the Power of Multiplicity, Jag shifted his targets to Cory and America. He blindsided them and backdoored Cory, making him the second member of the jury.

In an interview with EW, Julie questioned Jag’s decisions as HOH last week, wondering about his common sense. She was asked why, if Jag is such a strategic houseguest, he told Cory and America his secret and nominated Blue and Felicia instead of them. She responded, “It made no sense to me. Blue wasn’t a threat, and she was once his bestie in the house. It must be too many days in the house taking away his common sense.” However, Julie expects that Blue will forgive Jag. She said, “I think she’s over it. She’s got bigger fish to fry. Jag is a likable person; I think it’s easy to forgive him.”

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Julie Chen Moonves Doesn’t Understand Why Cory Was Evicted

America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger on Big Brother 25, fist-bumping each otherJulie also questioned why the Big Brother 25 houseguests saw Cory as such a dangerous threat in the house. She said that Cory’s downfall was the fact that “he appeared to be a bigger threat than he really is.” Julie explained, “His college boy ways and his showmance with America made him seem like someone to watch out for, but the truth is, he wasn’t particularly good at competitions, and he didn’t have much influence in the house  so what’s the big threat?”

Julie’s criticism of Jag’s first nominations was similar to that of his fellow houseguests and viewers of the show. As Felicia told him when she suspected he was the HOH, an invisible HOH wasn’t needed to nominate her and Blue. However, Jag ended up making a more strategic move in the end by blindsiding Cory and America. In addition, Julie is right that Cory didn’t win competitions. In fact, his only win of the season was HOH during the double eviction. However, he did have a lot of influence in the house, and was instrumental in flipping several of the votes, most notably the one in which Izzy Gleicher was evicted.

As a national debate champion, Cory prided himself on his power of persuasion. This meant that, even if he wasn’t the HOH, he had a lot of influence in the Big Brother 25 house. However, Julie is correct that Cory probably wasn’t the biggest threat in the game. Neither was America, who hasn’t won a competition yet. With Jag as HOH, though, that meant that the two strongest players, Jag and Matt Klotz, were safe. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this coming week, especially since there’s a double eviction coming for the Big Brother 25 houseguests. In this game, everyone should always “expect the unexpected.”

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