Aldi's Stylish New Drink Dispenser is the Best $13 You'll Spend All Week


If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to Aldi, it’s walking away from your trip with a number of items that you nabbed at an amazing price. From stylish sandals to trendy wine dispensing totes, there’s literally something for every era of life you’re in. And for those of you that are currently in your entertaining era, the famed retailer is here to make it much easier.

While entertaining for the spring and summer months usually has the host focused on drinkware and serveware, something that’s of equal importance is having a proper drink dispenser that can hold up throughout every gathering you’re having. Whether you’re entertaining outside and need something to hold a hefty amount of liquid for your guests or need something large enough to house the punch you made for the kids in the fridge, a good, sturdy dispenser is key for the warmer months. Thankfully, Aldi’s newest addition is just that—and, it’s priced under $15.

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crofton beverage dispenser aldi

Crofton Beverage Dispenser


The Crofton Beverage Dispenser is a 2.6-gallon dispenser that’s perfect for any occasion you have coming up soon. This BPA free plastic container is large enough to hold whatever cold beverage you’re looking to serve at this year’s backyard boogie down and can even be a great option for your signature cocktail that you love to make in bulk for all events. Equipped with an elegant silver spigot, the dispenser will fit in with any aesthetic or themed event you’re hosting.

It’s important to note though, that this dispenser is hand wash only and should only be used with cold beverages in order to preserve its shape and longevity. And while it’s only priced at $12.99, who would want to go through scouring the shelves to get another when you can just take care of the one you have? I know I wouldn’t!

While you’re there picking up the sure-to-sell-out dispenser, make sure you keep an eye out for the Aldi Finds that we can’t get enough of for this month.

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