Hobby Lobby's Trendy 8-Piece Set of Mixing Bowls Is Less Than $12, and Shoppers are Stocking Their Carts Fast


There’s nothing like sauntering around the seemingly never-ending aisles of the maker’s paradise that is Hobby Lobby to see what catches your eye—crafty or not. Whether you’re a baker or jewelry designer or even if you’re into model cars, the hobbyist wonderland is sure to have just the thing for you. You may have noticed, however, that Hobby Lobby is becoming a veritable destination for more than just arts and crafts these days.

Whether it’s a subtle shift in their business model to acquire customers looking for more than just macrame tools or that the rumors that they bought Bed, Bath & Beyond’s excess inventory are true, we’re not complaining about having another place to shop for home goods; especially when they’re as cute as what the brand has been putting out lately (have you seen those gorgeous ruffled mini bowls?!). Regardless of the reasoning, it might be worth it to make a stop by the retailer to check what trendy new items are available, and you might even be able to pick up a soldering iron while you’re at it. You know, just in case making stained glass art is your thing.

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hobby lobby speckled round bowls with lids

Speckled Round Bowls with Lids

Hobby Lobby

The latest useful home good to make its way to the Lobby is a beautiful 8-Piece Speckled Bowl Set with Lids, and even if you don’t need another set of bowls, you might want these. These BPA-free plastic and silicone bowls come in a lovely soft gray colorway speckled with monochromatic flecks all over. Included in the set, you’ll receive four bowls in 18.5-ounce, 1.21-, 2.21-, and 3.59-quart sizes as well as four corresponding snap on lids. The bowls are also food, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, so you can use them pretty heavily in the kitchen without worrying about potential damage.

Price wise, the set is listed at $10.19, which is a 40-percent discount from the usual cost of $16.99. Unfortunately, the discounted price is only available during the chain’s Spring Shop sale, so you might want to make a beeline to your nearest store if you’re interested in grabbing a set for yourself. Of course, if you happen to miss out on the sale, or you just prefer to shop elsewhere, you can grab an equally beautiful set at Sam’s Club for less than $20. 

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