Fans Defend Kelly Clarkson After Latest Genre-Bending Cover Upsets Metalheads


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For her newest musical cover as part of her “Kellyoke” series on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly Clarkson took on a new genre and made it her own with her performance of “Sad But True” by Metallica.

But some heavy metal music lovers, also known as Metalheads, didn’t like Clarkson’s performance, leading her fans to defend the singer and her genre-bending “Kellyoke” cover.

Bringing emotion and her unique vocal color to the song, Clarkson gave a passionate performance of “Sad But True” that had the Metallica Instagram account commenting, “Simply amazing. Thank you Kelly! 🔥.”

But fans of the band seemed to disagree, with comments like, “No, pls no, just no, simply NO… Leave Metallica songs alone,” “Amazing voice, but the cover is a mess,” and “how can i unhear it?🙉😆.”

“Hey, to each their own, and covers are always a great thing, but this one clearly missed the mark,” wrote another.

Clarkson’s fans weren’t having any of the harsh criticism from some metalheads, and many came to her defense, writing things like, “Girl, you could sing the phone book and slay. What a brilliant take on this song 🤘🏻❤️.”

“OMG Her vocals her emotions her runs 🔥❤️🙌 I hear the soul screaming 😢,” a second fan replied, while someone boldly declared, “Better than original, but you guys are not prepared [for] this conversation.”

There were also Metallica fans coming to her defense, such as one who commented, “I’m a die hard metallica fan. I think it was a great rendition. Kelly Clarkson is one of the best singers of our time.”

“The best cover I’ve seen in years😍,” wrote a fan impressed by Clarkson’s take on “Sad But True.”

Clarkson continues to expand her musical palette with her covers on “Kellyoke,” most recently impressing with her takes on Coldplay‘s “Fix You” and Post Malone‘s “Chemical.”

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