10 Weirdest Anime Weapons That Make Fights Way More Interesting

With so many different anime available to watch, many of which contain fast-paced action sequences, there are a variety of ways that creators can help particular fights and characters stand out. For example, how a character fights or what they fight with can be as distinct a characteristic as any other in the world of anime.


Here are the coolest unconventional weapons used by characters that always make their battles more interesting. These 10 weapons are unusual, inventive, or open up possibilities that no other anime can offer.

10 Killua’s Yo-Yos (Hunter x Hunter)

Killua playing with his yoyo in Hunter X Hunter.

While characters fighting with yo-yos is not an uncommon thing in Yoshihiro Togashi’s work, it’s still worth noting when it comes to unconventional anime weapons. In Hunter x Hunter, Killua is seen fighting with two specially crafted yo-yos that each weigh roughly 110 lbs in conjunction with his Nen ability. Although the yo-yos are formidable enough combined with Killua’s inherent strength, they can also be used to channel his aura, essentially electrocuting enemies on contact. In one awesome moment, Killua’s yo-yos miss Sub’s face by inches, only to punch a huge hole in a nearby tree trunk, making it clear how much damage they could have done to a person.

9 Kurama’s Plants (YuYu Hakusho)

Kurama's Plants (YuYu Hakusho) rose whip

One of Kurama’s most commonly used weapons in YuYu Hakusho is his Rose Whip. Kurama’s ability to control and wield plants comes from his capability to infuse plants with his demonic energy. His Rose Whip in particular uses his demonic energy to grow from a rose seed, into a rose, and then his patented thorny whip. He also often transforms other plants by growing them into creatures that join him in battle. Another cunning method he implemented in the Dark Tournament arc was the planting of the Death Plant Seed, which roots itself in the body and then ruptures from the victim, killing them in an instant. In a genius aesthetic touch, Kurama often stores seeds in his hair, meaning he’s always got access to an arsenal of weaponry.

8 Kugisaki’s Hammer and Nails (Jujutsu Kaisen)

jujutsu kaisen Kugisaki's Hammer and Nails

Kugisaki’s iconic hammer – emblazoned with a small heart – can be used alongside nails and a straw doll to channel cursed energy. The set of weapons has several uses, but the most visually impressive is Kugisaki firing nails like bullets, and using the straw doll as an effigy to transfer injuries to her targets. Kugisaki’s cursed energy causes the nails to float, creating an amazing aesthetic, while the straw doll has unlimited range so long as Kugisaki has something from her target to tie them to the weapon.

7 Caesar’s Bubbles (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)


Caesar is a talented user of an energy form called Hamon, or the Ripple, from the second season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Fighting alongside Joseph Joestar, Caesar utilizes gloves that release a soapy substance from which bubbles can be created and then infused with Hamon. Caesar has crafted a variety of techniques that make the most of this unique combination, including using the denser bubbles as projectiles or as a means of refracting light to create a powerful beam. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s unique mastery of color makes these bubbles as visually fascinating as they are deadly.

6 Yata’s Skateboard (K Project)


Able to suffuse weapons with HOMRA’s power of the Red Aura, Yata is a speed demon fighter. Yata often infuses a bo staff or metal bat with the fiery power, making them powerful in battle. However, what makes Yata’s fights so visually stunning is his skateboard. Yata uses the board to remain constantly in motion, always attacking from a new angle and at speed. Of course, the board itself can also be infused with the aura, making it a powerful weapon in its own right. Yata’s scenes are often filmed liked homemade skate videos, lending a gritty realism to his skill with a skateboard – his skate acrobatics feel real, which makes the damage they do even more impressive.

5 Bakugo’s Sweat (My Hero Academia)

Katsuki Bakugo smiling confidently in My Hero Academia

While Bakugo using explosions isn’t in itself strange, how those explosions come about is more unique. His Quirk manifests in his capability to secrete a sweat from his palms that’s similar to nitroglycerin, which he can then ignite to cause an explosion. This means that the more he sweats in battle, the more powerful his explosions become. The large grenade-shaped storage tanks on his arms serve to store up his sweat so that he can launch more focused, larger-scale explosions when needed. He’s even been able to use his explosions as an effective means of propulsion or to help mitigate possible damage. What really makes Bakugo’s sweat perfect is that it echoes his own explosive nature, acting as the perfect metaphor for all the expectations and emotions he’s trying to tamp down exploding out in unexpected ways.

4 Gon’s Fishing Pole (Hunter x Hunter)

Gon from Hunter x Hunter on a fishing trip.

While Gon abandons his fishing pole partway through Hunter x Hunter – once he learns Nen and relies more on his Jajanken – there’s a reason fans still protest that it should have been incorporated into his fighting style. A sturdy rod to use in combat, Gon also uses the pole to grab distant objects and use them in battle, or even change the environment by creating hazards. His deft handling allows him to grab small objects like Hisoka’s badge, but it’s also capable of lifting enormous weights, such as the Master of the Swamp. Adding a note of fun to this weapon, Gon often uses the float to strike and disorient enemies.

3 Capone Bege’s Cannons (One Piece)

Capone Bege using his Devil Fruit abilities.

One Piece is full of quirky characters with a variety of unique abilities that they obtained through the consumption of a Devil Fruit. However, Capone Bege of the Fire Tank Pirates and the Worst Generation stands out as bizarre even by the anime’s standards. Capone consumed the Shiro Shiro no Mi, turning his body into a literal fortress. Due to the Devil Fruit’s abilities, Capone is able to hold a large amount of individuals within his body, can create cannon ports and a drawbridge, and is even equipped with cannons. He’s a walking (or rather rolling) siege weapon, and unfortunately he acts like it.

2 Mitsuri Kanroji’s Whip Sword (Demon Slayer)

Demon Slayer's Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji fighting with her blade.

Kanroji, like most members of the Demon Slayers Corps, fights with a Nichirin Sword. However, what makes her weapon unique – and is demonstrated in some incredibly animated fight scenes – is its shape and flexibility. Technically classified as a whip-katana, Kanroji’s weapon required extensive crafting expertise to make. It behaves much like a whip, but is still sharp enough to cut through a variety of tough materials, including demons, and is composed of the essential Nichirin ore. The whip-sword’s design and length also allow her to launch long-ranged attacks and cut her opponents from multiple angles, turning fights into a deadly, whirling dance. In a wild twist, this ‘impossible’ weapon is actually based on the real-life urumi – a coiled blade that is wielded like a whip.

1 Mirai’s Blood (Beyond the Boundary)


Mirai Kuriyama is one of the main characters from the series Beyond the Boundary and is descended from Spirit World Warriors. Spirit World Warriors have the ability to manipulate blood, and Mirai’s hemokinesis abilities are only limited by the amount of blood that she has in her body. Mirai often uses her power to forge a blood sword, however this is just the edge of her potential. Her blood can also be turned corrosive, and can even be injected into enemies to attack them internally. It’s a twisted world where being attacked by a sword made of the wielder’s blood is the least gross option for what their powers can do.

The anime above have created amazing weapons, often by infusing everyday objects with special energy. There’s particular joy in seeing huge, overblown fight scenes fought with everyday objects like a hammer and nails or soap bubbles. As cool as traditional, ornate weapons can be, the anime weapons above are cool precisely because they break all the rules of what a ‘weapon’ can be, offering fans something truly new.

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