4 easy ways to get instant COD points are what we will discuss in this article. I’ve never met a gamer who hasn’t played COD. Yes, throughout the years it had its ups and downs, but it still is one of the strongest games out there, isn’t it?

Well, if you’d like to go shopping in-game, you’d obviously need COD points. That’s what you’ll get in the next few minutes. Let’s get started then! 

1. Buy COD points or accounts

There couldn’t be a simpler, easier, or faster way to instantly get COD points. Buying them directly. Yes, it costs money but then everything on the planet that you wish to be done is simpler, easier, and faster, isn’t it?

The question now is, where exactly can you buy COD points. Well, I personally use Eldorado. It’s a website that lets us buy game items for a plethora of games. It sells not just COD points but also accounts, in-game items, and items that can help you boost your gameplay. 

You can even get COD accounts with pre-loaded points if you’re okay with changing your account. 

The reason I started using Eldorado was its transparency and escrow system. So, it’s a P2P platform. Independent sellers here sell items to buyers like you and me.

For each seller, you get access to their total orders, feedback, and other details.

This helps you easily find sellers who are trustworthy and have sold more than newer sellers.

Moreover, Eldorado acts as an escrow. It holds your funds with itself till you get your items! This ensures the seller can’t just run away with your funds unless you confirm receiving your items.

Yes, you can go with tons of other platforms but you’ve got to be cautious. Scroll to the bottom of this piece for a few safety tips. 

2. Season Pass /Battle Pass 

This is how you get COD points for free. COD Battle Pass has two levels, a free level and a paid level. You progress the levels by playing the game.  If you’ve purchased the paid tier you get the benefits in the free + paid tier. If you haven’t paid, you get only the free tier benefits. 

So, you do not get as many COD points as you get by buying the points directly. Rather, you get some coins, and other in-game benefits such as items and cards. 

These benefits often include weapon skins, costumes, calling cards, etc. Do note that it’s not guaranteed that each Battle pass will include COD points.

3. In-game events 

One of the reasons COD is one of the best selling games ever is its freshness. The team keeps pouring in new content every few weeks. One such content is its in-game events. 

These may be challenges or events that pop up from time to time in the game. Completing these offers various rewards, and yes, sometimes, those rewards may be COD points.

Again, it isn’t fixed when these events or challenges show up but when they do, these give you COD points fast. 

4. Exchange accounts 

Okay, this is a very raw, rudimentary, and yet effective way to instantly get COD points. Exchanging your account with someone else’s. No money is involved (or maybe a bit of it is involved).

So, if you’ve got premium items/costumes/skins on your account that you’re okay parting with and someone else has got a COD point account, that’s a barter right there, isn’t it?

Of course, it’ll take time to find the right partner but will instantly get you COD points once you find someone willing to exchange. 

The safety tips 

I promised earlier I’ll make it safe for you so here I am.

Well, buying COD points or accounts is definitely the fastest way to get COD points. However, it comes with inherent risks. Following the tips mentioned here should keep things smooth for you:

  • Choose your shop wisely: the industry is full of scams. I’ve lost quite a bit of money before I found Eldorado. Hence, do your own research and establish without doubt that the COD point shop is legitimate.  
  • Do not log in using your COD credentials: Most trustworthy shops wouldn’t ask you for your COD login details. You may still need to create an account for the purchase but without having to share the password for your COD account. 
  • Prefer Cryptocurrency payments: Paying fiat reveals a lot about you. On whichever platform you pay, it’s best to always use Cryptocurrency if the option is available.
  • Nothing is “free”: You may come across websites that claim to offer you free COD points in exchange for completing reviews, surveys, or sharing links. In 99% of the cases, they’re fake and may lead to issues like you getting hacked.
  • Use Escrow: When purchasing from third parties, only go with platforms that allow escrow. Meaning, the website must act as a mediator between the buyer and the seller. This ensures no one party can scam the other. 

Final words

That’s it, folks. If I’ve to run it down, I’ll say the fastest mode is buying them directly or buying accounts.

While Battle Pass offers COD points too, it needs grinding. But as far as legitimate ways to get those points go, it’s one of the best.

In-game events too offer COD points pretty fast but their irregularity is what makes it a less desirable option.

Go on then, either buy COD points or obtain them in some other way and share this piece with your other COD friends eh? 


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