Why does your digital signage media player matter more than you think? I’ll tell you why. 

Sure, you can go with just about any random media player. But then, you’ll probably be missing out on business-changing features. 

No, this isn’t a review piece. And no I wouldn’t be shoving some company down your throats. 

The aim of this piece is to simply share with you what you should look for when picking your digital signage media player and what you may be missing out on.

Let’s get started then? 

What is a digital signage media player?

Yes, if you’re reading this you probably know what it is. However, there are two ways the phrase can be interpreted and hence allow me to clarify.

So, a digital signage media player may either mean the actual hardware device, or the software that facilitates digital signage.

For the scope of this article, I’m focusing on the software. Digital signage media player such as the one from DisplayNow do not need any new hardware. You can turn any compatible TV or streaming stick that supports HDMI into a digital sign within a matter of minutes. 

Remotely controlling the display, scheduled content and everything else is possible as well, simply from the software. 

What are the benefits of a digital signage media player?

At the very surface level, a digital signage gets you more eyeballs than a traditional sign or a billboard. Any business is all about exposure and eyeballs, isn’t it? The more people looking your way, the better.

Then, you get to control multiple screens, remotely. You can even change their content at will. Maybe you want different prices/information for different outlets? You can display targeted information to targeted audiences and it takes just a few seconds to change! 

And these are just a few of the many benefits that digital signage can get you. Now then, how do you pick the right “player”? That’s what the next sections are for. 

Why Your Digital Signage Media Player Matters More Than You Think

Yeah I know, your physical, traditional signs are doing just fine. Why would you bother with digital signage? Is it even worth it? 

Now, I know you think it matters, why else would you click on this article and be reading it right now. But, let me tell you why it matters more than how much you think it does. 


The overall user-interface totally depends on the media player, doesn’t it? Doesn’t matter how feature-rich it is, if it’s not easy to use or understand, it’s of no use. Most of its features will never be used hence nullifying those features anyway. 

Hence, you need to pick a player that doesn’t require a ton of experience or technical skills to operate. 

Remote control 

A good digital signage media player lets you control your screens remotely. What this means is you don’t need to be physically near your sign, or any specific hardware to change the information on it. This not only saves time but also gives you massive control. 

Of course digital signage is possible even without remote controlled screens and this is why “your” media player needs to be chosen right. 

Types of supported content 

Your digital signage media player decides what type of content you can or can’t display on your screens. 

Now, a good media player will let you display not just photos or videos but also powerpoint slides, weather, or any information from the internet.  

Investment and ROI

Each digital signage media player has its own pricing system. Hence, your total investment and the ROI of course is decided by each specific player, isn’t it? 

Now, I’ve always advocated for going with media players that offer a free trial. If not a free trial, at least a refund policy should exist. This helps you understand the tool better without risking a bad investment or having to switch media players frequently. 

Video quality 

Again, considering how digital signage is primarily a “visual” marketing and information broadcasting tactic, the “quality” of the displayed content matters, doesn’t it?

Some media players only allow 480P content while others may allow full HD or even 4K. This again proves why your digital signage media player choice matters more than you think. 

Hardware Support 

If your media player is only compatible with a few selective devices, that means more investments for you, doesn’t it?

While choosing the right media player, something that’s compatible with more common screens saves you money. Some signage media players are compatible with any screen that supports HDMI, those are the simplest to setup. 

I’ll recommend going with media players that are compatible with Amazon TV, Google TV, or streaming sticks (FireStick/ Google Stick).

Storage and offline access

If you’ll be displaying media, you’ll be using photos, videos, slides and other such content. The more storage your media player offers, the better, isn’t it? 

Then there’s internet access. A few years back, internet access was mandatory for digital signage. It still is for most companies I’ve seen.

However, now companies such as DisplayNow and a few others exist that keep your sign running even if there’s no internet access whatsoever. 

Conclusion-Why Your Digital Signage Media Player Matters More Than You Think

I hope you’ve got a clear idea why your digital signage media player matters, haven’t you? Sure, there are dozens of media players out there and I wouldn’t tell you which to go with. That should be your decision. However, when picking your media player, ensure you get most of the features I’ve discussed throughout this piece. 

Go on then, your business wouldn’t market itself eh? Get yourself some digital signs! 


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