Target Is Selling $35 Chic, 'Comfortable' Heels That Look So Much Like a Designer Style Almost 14x the Price


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There are always new variations of mule heels ready for you to wear to the club, brunch or a fancy party. And Target is one retailer that is popping them out faster than we can even keep track of. Their newest mule heel is maybe one of their trendiest yet and looks a lot like a pair of heels from a designer brand 14 times the price.

The newest mule that’s caught our eye at Target is A New Day’s Women’s Cami Mule Heels. They have a memory foam insole and cost $34.99, with a classic mule heel design—the block heel is 2.75 inches high—so you can easily slide in and out of them. But they’re unique in its clear strap and gold bubble heel. 

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Women’s Cami Mule Heels with Memory Foam Insole – A New Day — Clear, $34.99 at Target

target a new day cami mule heels clear


Shop it at Target

While the insole is nude, the heel has a light gold, metallic sheen and has the shape of two or so balls or bubbles. It’s a very striking shoe, to say the least. It also has an open square-toe front and textured bottoms so you don’t slip around too much.

These mule heels are pretty new and only have two 5-star ratings with only one of them leaving a review. But even so, it’s pretty positive.

“Gorgeous shoe!” the customer wrote. “Amazing designer dupe. Super comfortable and TTS [true to size]. Perfect heel height for walking.”

The designer they’re most likely referring to is Cult Gaia and their Gigi Sandal. It has a slightly shorter heel, measuring 2.5 inches, but the silhouette and design are nearly identical.

Gigi Sandal — Clear, $398 at Cult Gaia, $498 at Vitkac

target a new day cami mule heels cult gaia

Cult Gaia

Shop it at Cult Gaia

The bubble heel is a little thicker and there are two full balls instead of the bottom one blending into the rubber heel. But otherwise, Target’s mule heels look the same as Cult Gaia’s, which cost $398 on their site and $498 at Vitkac.

If you’re looking for a unique and conversation-starting mule heel, Target’s new Women’s Cami Mule Heels are definitely ones you want to try. Looking chic for less is truly Target’s MO at this point. 

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