Omegle alternatives in 2024: If you’re here after Omegle shut down, you’ve reached the right page. 

I’ve shared the best Omegle alternatives on this list and described their pros and cons. Yes, this list isn’t biassed or sponsored in any way. Each platform here has been listed after I’ve used it for quite some time.

All of these are 100% free. Sure, some do offer optional paid plans but that’s truly “optional”. Let’s get started then? 

Why was Omegle shut down? (Not what you think).

Omegle’s founder said Omegle is shutting down due to “financial constraints”, “attacks” and “misuse” of the platform. (Source: 

The reality is $22 million more expensive than that. Yes, Omegle was FORCED to shut down. It was forced to shut down as part of an agreement between Omegle and “A.M” who was sexually abused on the platform.  The victim says she was forced to record nudes by a stranger when she was 11. 

I personally do not believe “shutting down” Omegle solves anything. The crime, however heinous, will unfortunately find other ways to live on. 

Of course, I hope none of the Omegle alternatives listed below are used for anything that’s even remotely similar to what A.M must have endured.

How to stay safe on new Omegle alternatives 

After what happened with Omegle and its users, I believe safety is a major concern, you agree, don’t you? 

Well, it’s not rocket-science but following a few tips helps you stay safe and protected. 

  • No signup: Prioritise “no-account/registration” platforms. 
  • Hide personal information: Never disclose your real name, address, name of family members, contact numbers on these chats.
  • Use filters/masks when possible: It’s best to not fully reveal your face in the first few seconds. Some alternatives to Omegle listed below offer A.I masks you can use.
  • No negative content: Try not to insult, trigger or disregard someone or someone’s beliefs. Keep it light. 
  • No impersonation: Keeping yourself hidden doesn’t mean you should upload pictures of someone else. You can use the best A.I generators to generate people and high-quality display pictures though. 
  • Age: Some platforms do allow below 18 usage, however, if you’re below 18, we’d recommend adult supervision. 
  • Hide location/age: If a platform lets you hide your location, use the feature. 

That’s about it, let’s get started? 

Best Omegle alternatives 2024

Omegle’s core concept was pretty simple. Anonymous, no signup, voice and video chat with strangers.  It did have a few things you could configure (e.g. a “topic” you like). But that’s about it. Its simplicity was one of its primary USPs.

Hence, throughout this piece, we’ve tried to include Omegle replacements that are as close to the original Omegle but with more features and security.

Best Omegle alternatives 2024

  • ChatSpin
  • Chathub
  • Emerald Chat 
  • Chatroulette
  • Camsurf 

1. ChatSpin


Primary features:

  • 100% free, no registration
  • Male/female/couple/LGBTQ+ filters
  • AI face masks
  • Country & language filters
  • Automated language translator
  • Automated intro messages
  • Attach social media profiles
  • Android and iOS apps 

ChatSpin is a “free random video chat app”, literally. That’s their tagline. It’s one of the most feature and control-rich alternatives to Omegle. 

For starters, it doesn’t require registrations. You simply need to select if you’re a male or a female. You can also choose other options such as LGBTQ+ or “couple”. Once that’s done, you’re in.

I love its filters. You can choose if you wish to talk to male, female, couples or people from the LGBTQ+ community.  You can also choose the country you want to be connected to.

It also has face masks that move with your face in case you wish to hide your identity. Similarly, you get to hide your location if you’d not reveal that either.

You can also add your interests to find others who’re into the same things. You can also attach your Instagram, OnlyFans, Snapchat, TikTok IDs etc. You can also customize an “intro message” that’s automatically sent when you’re connected to a new person. 

It has a very decent user-base too, I’m always connected to a person within seconds. Arguably, one of the most active Omegle replacements on this list.

If you upgrade your account you also get a “verified” badge that boosts your credibility. It even has an automated translator. Simply choose your language and messages in any other languages are automatically translated to this language. Optionally, you can also upload a thumbnail for chats.

Nearly all the features I’ve discussed so far are free! Impressive, right? It even has an Android as well as iOS app, most other options here on this list don’t. 

2. Chathub 


Primary features:

  • No registration required
  • Normal and adult rooms, separately. 
  • Choose gender, language, country you want to match with.
  • Camera and audio requirements can be set. 

There are multiple reasons why I’ve included this at first. First, you get to select if you’re male or a female. Of course, it can be faked as easily as there’s no formal “registration” as such.

It then also lets you select a language for these strangers. This ensures you only get connected to people who speak your language. You can even filter the exact “country” you wish to be connected to. 

You can also choose if you wish to be connected to a male, female or a “couple”. Again, this isn’t “verified” so catfishers may fake identity.

It also prevents “double matching” so you don’t match with the same person multiple times. It then has two rooms you can choose from. The “Main” room for everything else, and an “adult” room for flirting. 

When being matched, you get to choose who you match with. You can choose to match “only with people with face on camera” or “only with those who have audio”.

You also get a chat box on the right that you can use to text-chat with the other person. 

3. Emerald Chat 


Primary features:

  • Mandatory registration. 
  • Text/video and group chats.
  • Interest tags
  • Rating (Karma) system. 

The company’s tagline literally says -” Emerald Chat is the new Omegle”, well, that a good reason why it’s here. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately as it boosts security), Emerald Chat doesn’t work unless you sign in. And, you can sign in only using a Google account. There is a separate option to sign in but I’ve never seen it work.

It offers 3 primary chat options. You can 1-1 video chat, 1-1 text chat or you can enter a group chat. 

It lets you add “interest” tags, e.g. you can add “time travel”, “quantum physics” or any other interests so you’re matched with others who have the same interests. It’s optional. 

It also has a “karma” system. Users are rated by other users based on their behaviour. This helps identify scammers, flashers, catfishers and any negative entities on the platform. 

There is also a “gender” filter. Unfortunately, it’s locked. The “unlock” button doesn’t work for some reason. 

I do hate the fact that when a stranger disconnects, you’ll manually have to click the “next” button unlike Omegle. Not a major inconvenience though. 

4. Chatroulette 


Primary features:

  • Mandatory registration 
  • Quid tokens used for actions
  • Tags & interests can be entered.
  • Country filter. 
  • Add friends to find them in the future. 
  • Uses selfies. 

Chatroulette has a slightly different interface and overall features than Omegle or other options on this list.

For starters, it uses selfies and accounts. Major differences, aren’t they? It’s not as anonymous as the other options, that’s established. 

Then it has a “quid” system. Think of these as money/tokens for the platform. They’re free to earn, you get these for chatting and on other occasions (you’re chosen by someone). These are spent when you search for users on the platform or when you start a new chat. 

It also has a “top users” feature. These are the most in-demand users. You can connect to these if you spend Quids. 

It also has a mandatory registration policy. You can register using Gmail/ Apple ID and Facebook.

It does have “tags” as well. You can enter keywords to find others interested around the same topics. You can also select the countries you want to match with. 

You can add friends as well, simply talking to a person for 30 seconds adds them as your friend. 

5. CamSurf 


Primary features:

  • Free/no registration required 
  • Gender filters*
  • Country & language filters*
  • Automated language translator*
  • Automated intro messages*
  • Attach social media profiles*
  • Android and iOS apps 

*Paid features.

CamSurf has one of the simplest interfaces. You land on the site and click “start”. That’s it. You enter the chats instantly. 

You can either use your camera/mic or use the chat box for a text-only chat. Yes, the other party is free to enable/disable their camera even on a text chat.

You do get to filter for male/female/couples or LGBTQ+ in case you don’t want to match with “everyone”. Similarly, you can also choose from multiple “countries” if you’ve got specific requirements in mind.

It does have a “hide your location” feature but that’s only for premium users. Similarly, there’s also a “show verified badge” feature but again, premium only.

It also lets you add your own social channels on the profile but that too isn’t for free users. And yes, Intro messages too are available and paid.

It’s basically like an identical platform to Chatspin but with everything behind a paywall. 

Conclusion- Best Omegle alternatives 

Those were the best replacements for Omegle for 2024 folks. I’m confident most of you have probably already left us and are chatting with strangers. Mission accomplished if that’s true. 

If you’re still here, I’ve a bonus tip for you. Employ a VPN. It’s not mandatory. But using it will hide your IP address from other users and even the platform. It’s like the most secure way of chatting with strangers. Of course, it may be an overkill but the current world almost demands an overkill, doesn’t it

That’s about it folks. Go on, spend some time playing around these Omegle alternatives then. 


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