Stranger Things Season 5 Pre-Vis Is Nightmare Fuel As SAG-AFTRA Strike Continues


  • The ongoing strike in Hollywood has caused major delays in the production of Stranger Things season 5, with no end in sight.
  • The show’s troubled production history, including previous gaps between seasons and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, may lead to issues with the aging of the young cast.
  • Scheduling conflicts may arise for the show’s breakout stars, as they juggle other high-profile projects alongside their commitments to Stranger Things. Fans hope for a quick resolution to the strike and a return to production.


The Stranger Things writers room has teased viewers with a horrific season 5 pre-vis clip as the SAG-AFTRA strike is set to hit its 100th day on October 21. Originally set to begin filming in May 2023, production on Stranger Things season 5 ground to a halt with the Writers Guild of America strike officially commencing the same month. While the WGA would finally reach an agreement with studios in late September, members of SAG-AFTRA are still yet to arrive at their own successful conclusion to their ongoing industrial disputes.

With studios still failing to reach an agreement with their actors, the official Twitter account for the Stranger Things writers room has teased fans may soon be left with nothing but a pre-vis version of the highly anticipated season 5.

Captioned McCockle’s Farm, the rough CGI render shows Nancy, Jonathan, and Dustin in a car falling through the Upside Down. The writers jokingly quipped, “One more week without a deal. One more week closer to this.

Will Stranger Things Ongoing Delays Cause More Problems For Season 5?

Eleven and Mike from Stranger ThingsDespite becoming one of Netflix’s most popular and critically acclaimed original series, the often-troubled production history of Stranger Things has caused the show several issues long before the ongoing strike action began to sweep through Hollywood. With season 1 originally premiering in 2016, the show’s young cast appeared to rapidly age between subsequent seasons given the gap between show’s uneven release dates. Already widely commented on by the time 2019’s season 3 rolled around, the issue became even more problematic when COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the filming schedule for season 4.
With still no way to predict exactly when production can resume on Stranger Things season 5, and most of the younger cast members of the show already in their early 20s, it seems possible these criticisms will once again arise for the final season. While the Duffer brothers have previously hinted at a time jump after the Stranger Things season 4 finale, depending on how much longer the ongoing strike action goes on, even this narrative leap may not be sufficient.
Furthermore, with the show’s breakout stars like Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard already proving themselves busy with other high-profile projects outside their commitments to Stranger Things, there may be some considerable scheduling issues for them to overcome when the strikes do finally come to an end. With this in mind, no doubt fans of Stranger Things will be hoping for a swift and successful resolution to SAG-ATRA’s efforts and a prompt return to production.
Source: Stranger Writers/TwitteR.

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