8 Burning Questions Lupin Season 4 Needs To Answer

  • Warning! SPOILERS about Lupin season 3 ahead.



    • Lupin season 3 ended with a surprising cliffhanger, raising questions that will need to be answered in season 4.
    • Assane’s betrayal and imprisonment suggest that someone close to him may have been working against him.
    • The motivations and actions of various characters, such as Benjamin, Mariama, and Juliette, will need to be explained in season 4.

    Netflix’s Lupin season 3 ended on a surprising cliffhanger after Assane’s purportedly last heist aimed to tie up all loose ends, leading to various questions ensuing that Lupin season 4 will have to answer. Lupin season 2’s ending bringing Hubert Pellegrini to justice finally avenged Assane’s father Babakar, with Assane posthumously restoring Babakar’s reputation by sharing with the world how Hubert employed Babakar only to let him take the fall for a robbery that never happened before killing him. However, Lupin season 3 soon brought Assane back to Paris, after his successful disappearance only intensified the public’s interest in him, resulting in his family being hounded by journalists and detectives.

    Lupin season 3’s final heist was supposed to let his family move on by letting his highly public but fake death stop everybody from being interested in him, but Keller’s abduction of Assane’s estranged mother complicated things. While Assane eventually managed to protect his family and be reunited with his mother, surrendering himself to the police was what he thought was needed so they could truly be free. Still, Lupin season 3’s ending unveiled Assane might have been led to believe that because someone close to him betrayed him, making even more questions arise that Lupin season 4 needs to answer.

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    What Chaos Will Hubert’s Return Cause For Assane’s Story?

    Hervé Pierre as Hubert Pellegrini in Lupin season 3While Lupin season 4 has yet to be greenlit by Netflix, season 3’s ending was full of allusions about Assane’s story being far from over. Indeed, the message Assane received from Hubert, his neighbor in prison, quoted the Lupin book La Cagliostro’s Revenge. It hinted that someone close to him already betrayed him, causing him to lose his clarity and lead him to jail. It’s unknown whether Assane being in jail next to Hubert was exactly what Hubert wanted all along, but it will surely be beneficial for the Pellegrini patriarch, as Assane being in jail could potentially be revenge enough for him.
    Assane revealed to everybody Hubert’s insurance scam in Lupin season 2, along with Babakar’s murder to cover it. Hubert not only suffered because he was arrested and thrown in jail but also because his reputation took a big hit. Assane also reveals that Hubert’s funneling of the funds for his daughter Juliette’s foundation to his own banking account damaged his reputation more, essentially making sure that even out of prison, not many of his old circle would have trusted Hubert. This potentially poses risks for Assane in Lupin season 4. His being Hubert’s neighbor in prison looks less like a coincidence and more like Hubert’s plan all along.WhoBetrayed Assane?
    Omar Sy as Assane Diop in Lupin season 3Lupin season 3, episode 7 referenced La Cagliostro’s Revenge while showing the faces of Assane’s estranged mother Mariama, his longest friend Benjamin, and his past playmate Juliette Pellegrini, hinting at all of them being the likely traitor. However, Juliette was never part of his inner circle, and she also wasn’t part of Lupin season 3 until its cliffhanger ending. Indeed, Mariama’s surprise return and Assane’s temporary betrayal of Benjamin could hint at the two being the likely culprits, but Lupin season 4 will have to explain why and when their treachery happened.

    What Really Happened To Benjamin In Prison?

    Antoine Gouy as Benjamin Ferel in Lupin season 3While not being able to exit the maze surely impacted Benjamin, as it meant Assane had betrayed him, he was still unharmed when he spoke to Youssef Guedira. However, when Claire goes to visit Benjamin, his face is covered in cuts and bruises, hinting at something having happened in prison, especially as he motivated the wounds as him having fallen down the stairs. Lupin season 4 will have to explain if whatever happened to Benjamin in prison actually prompted his betrayal of Assane. All of Benjamin’s interactions with Claire and his reunion with her, Mariama, and Raoul hid a good dose of heaviness.

    Why Did Keller Choose To Snatch Mariama Instead Of Claire & Raoul?

    Naky Sy Savane as Mariama Diop and Ludivine Sagnier as Claire in Lupin season 3Assane’s mother was never a part of the equation in Lupin seasons 1 and 2, and her return only happened after Assane’s fake funeral in Lupin season 3. Mariama never contacted Assane before, and she didn’t even contact Claire and Raoul when she reached Paris, despite being at the funeral with them. Indeed, Mariama virtually appeared simultaneously as Manon, who was executing Jean-Luc Keller’s plan when she first appeared in 2021.

    At this point, Assane didn’t know much about Mariama, as they hadn’t talked for 25 years. Claire and Raoul’s abduction makes much more sense for Keller, as he wanted to hit Assane where it hurt the most. Choosing Mariama instead of Claire and Raoul hints at her potentially helping and taking part in Keller’s plan to make Assane pay, and Lupin season 4 will have to explain that if she were to be revealed as the traitor.

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    What Really Happened After Hubert’s Arrest & Why Didn’t He Use His Power To Escape?

    Hervé Pierre as Hubert Pellegrini and Soufiane Guerrab as Youssef Guedira in Lupin season 2Lupin seasons 1 and 2 portrayed Hubert Pellegrini as a wealthy man with immense resources, who could easily have the police cover up his crimes or find assassins to do his bidding. However, Lupin season 2’s ending only showed his being arrested after Pellegrini’s wife betrayed him and not how he eventually landed in jail. Someone with Hubert’s resources might have been able to escape jail, so Lupin season 3 ending with him there hints this is because Hubert has something to achieve from there. This raises questions about his involvement in Assane’s ordeal, which is something Lupin season 4 will have to shed light on.

    Why Did Mariama Only Resurface After Assane’s Death?

    Naky Sy Savane as Mariama Diop in Lupin season 3Mariama’s reunion with Assane revealed she wanted to reach Assane and Babakar in France but couldn’t because her boss stopped paying her fair wages, leading to her stealing what she was owed and landing in prison. However, she never contacted Assane before his staged death, and yet she knew where to go for his funeral. She didn’t seem to have just arrived in Paris, and Assane had already revealed his heist to get the black pearl publicly, meaning that she could have contacted him if she wanted to. This all points to her resurfacing possibly being linked to Hubert, which is another plot point Lupin season 4 needs to explain.

    Why Would Juliette Help Hubert After Lupin Season 2?

    Clotilde Hesme as Juliette Pellegrini in Lupin season 3While various Lupin characters appeared in season 3, Juliette wasn’t among them. Indeed, her involvement with Assane ended after he unveiled her father Hubert as the thief who tried stealing from her, sending him to jail for Babakar’s murder. However, the final quote from La Cagliostro’s Revenge was read by Assane as the images showed Mariama, Benjamin, and Juliette. While Juliette could have easily worked with Hubert to avenge his father due to Assane smearing his reputation, she was always sympathetic to Assane, making her betrayal of him sound out of character. Indeed, were Juliette to be the person who betrayed Assane, Lupin season 4 will have to explain why.

    Was Someone Else Behind Keller’s Blackmailing Of Assane?

    Steve Tientcheu as Jean-Luc Keller and Hervé Pierre as Hubert Pellegrini in Lupin season 3After Babakar’s death, Assane surely had his fair share of trouble, so Keller’s reappearance from his past made sense in Lupin season 3. However, his plan was very well plotted in 2021, while Keller’s plan in 1998 to have Bruno and Assane rob a high-end jewelry wasn’t. Indeed, Keller managed to corner Assane and have him do his bidding, showing he either became cleverer or that he was helped. Whether the strategic help came from Mariama who was also his hostage or Hubert who already proved his strategic ability, Lupin season 4 will have to explain it, as too many mysteries arise from Lupin season 3’s ending.

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