Big Brother 25’s New HOH Could Win The Game Easily (They Have To Be Careful) (SPOILERS)


  • The new Head of Household in Big Brother has the potential to win the game, but needs to be careful with the competition.
  • Jag’s Invisible HOH and other twists have shaken up the game, giving Jag the opportunity to save himself.
  • Jag made history by winning back-to-back HOH titles, despite the usual rule against it, but needs to be cautious with the upcoming double eviction.



Big Brother 25’s new Head Of Household has the potential to win the game, as long as they’re careful with the rest of the competition. After a week of Big Brother’s comic-verse twists turned the BB house upside down, Big Brother houseguest Cory Wurtenberger was evicted in a unanimous vote during the most recent live episode. Although he felt he was aligned with Jag Bains, when Jag won the Invisible HOH competition and found out some damning information about Cory and his showmance-partner-turned-girlfriend America Lopez, the showmance was put on the nomination block. After a double blindside, Cory was evicted. Jag was left to compete in the next HOH competition.

Big Brother has a history of twisting the game in ways that majorly shift the overall outcome, and Jag’s Invisible HOH along with the BB Power Of Multiplicity changing the game surrounding the Vetos were both huge shakeups. While Jag was allowed to keep the fact that he was the Invisible HOH a secret, he chose to reveal his position in the game to everyone in the house rather than keeping it to himself. This may have caused Jag a bit of turmoil, but with the ability to play in this week’s HOH competition, Jag had the necessary means to save himself.

Jag Won The HOH Competition After Being Invisible HOH Last Week

Big Brother 25's Jag Bains, smiling and resting his head against his hand

Jag became the first person to hold back-to-back HOH titles when he won the most recent competition on Thursday night. After Cory’s live eviction, the houseguests played in an individually timed competition that pushed Jag to the top of the pack once again. Although he won the Invisible HOH competition, he’s now the reigning Head Of Household for the second week in a row, making Big Brother history. With Jag in power again, things are about to get tricky for several of the houseguests who are concerned about going up on the nomination block.

Big Brother Has Never Had Back To Back HOH Reigns Due To The Rules

Jag Bains Ruins His Chance To Win Big Brother 25 With The “Worst Move” Ever

While Big Brother has always had a rule against back-to-back HOH reigns, it appears they have gotten somewhat more relaxed in their current season. Typically, Heads Of Household are not allowed to hold back-to-back titles, being kept out of competing for HOH the week after their reign. Since Jag’s first HOH was technically invisible, despite him telling everyone in the house about his power, he didn’t get any of the perks that come with being HOH. With BB deciding to break the rules in order to give Jag another week of power, the series is bringing another first into the mix.

Jag Needs To Be Careful With The Double Eviction Coming Up

Though Jag has power this week, he needs to be careful about what move he chooses to make with the season’s second live double eviction coming up next Thursday. Jag will not be eligible to play in the live double eviction Head Of Household competition, which means the houseguests will likely have a better chance at taking Jag or his ally Matt Klotz out of the game. For Jag, being careful throughout this week of power may be the key to keeping his Big Brother game alive.

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