8 CMovies Alternatives in 2023 (Cmovies New Domain)

You’ll get the best CMovies alternatives in this list. You can stream and download movies for free in 2024, without registration or any form of payment.

Most of these websites like CMovies will offer you access to the most recent releases, in the highest possible quality. Of course, there may be exceptions in terms of available content or quality.Let’s not waste time and get you streaming movies right away eh?

Urgent security tips before accessing CMovies alternatives

On most of these free movie streaming sites or any sites you find anywhere similar to these, you have 4 major threats/issues at all times.

Ads (hidden ads launching new tabs/windows), viruses, blocked sites, and legal safety.

All of these sites are 100% free. They make money through ads. What’s frustrating is, that these ads are hidden. Each click you make to search for a movie, play a movie, or do anything else will launch dozens of new windows/tabs. That’s frustrating.

Also, because these ads are hidden you never know what your next click will launch. Worst case scenario? A virus/malware can be deployed. The more common problem though is you being led to fake/phishing/scam sites where you may lose access to your account/bank details and so on.

Even without any “threat”, the fact that you’ve to close a new window/tab after each click is just frustrating, isn’t it?

Then, some of these websites are banned in some countries/regions. You cannot access them even though they are live for everyone else.

And finally, the legality of the content. We have no idea which of these sites are legitimate and which are pushing pirated content. You don’t either. You need to protect your identity and actions in case it truly is pirated content you found, right?

To solve all these above problems, you need a good VPN. NordVPN is the best VPN for streaming in my personal opinion.

It’s the cheapest VPN I’ve seen that has an independently verified “no logs” policy. It also has some of the most advanced ad/virus blocking and identity protection features.

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The 8 Best CMovies Alternatives To Watch Movies Online Free

1. BMovies

Website: https://bmovies.vip/


You arrive on BMovies and type the name of the movie you want to watch in the search bar. Not sure what you’d like to watch? Simply use the top bar, and click on a genre/country/ or release-year.

It has one of the best interfaces on this entire list! There’s a slider that automatically slides and shows you content you may be interested in.

Or, you can pick one from its “suggestions” section. Similarly, it also has a “latest movies” and “latest TV series” section.

Almost everything that’s in the theaters or released (very) recently is generally available. The movie thumbnails give you the release year, quality, run-time, etc.

The video player offers tons of control. It not only offers in-built subtitles in dozens of languages but also complete quality control. Talking of quality, most movies here are 1080P but you can downgrade if you want to.

One of its biggest selling points is its multiple servers like 123movies. You get about 5 servers to pick from meaning you’re watching your movie no matter what!

It even has a “continue watching” feature that remembers what you were watching, yes, no account/signup is required as long as you’re using the same browser.

Yes, you’ll need NordVPN as well because the ads do exist but hey they exist everywhere, don’t they?

2. Moviesjoy

Website: https://moviesjoy.plus/


If you can ignore (or block using a VPN) the ads on this one, it’s actually one of the best Cmovies alternatives out there.

You can find your movie easily using the search bar on the homepage or by simply choosing a genre/country/IMDb score from the top bar.

The movie thumbnails will tell you the quality of the movie, its release as well as run-time. If you need more information, you can always click on the thumbnail to reach the movie page. Here you’ll find cast, production house, IMDb rating, and a short synopsis.

It doesn’t have dozens of streaming servers but 2 servers are generally available, hey, that’s still a backup isn’t it? The video player is impressive too, you’ll get in-built subtitles in dozens of languages and there’s quality control as well. On a limited bandwidth or low-resolution device? Simply lower the quality to your liking.

By default, most content is HD but of course, a few exceptions exist, especially for very new movies.

3. Vumoo

Website: https://vumoo.to/


You can use Vumoo to watch movies just like you used CMovies. On the homepage, you see two filters- Movies and TV Series. You click on what you want to watch to gain complete access.

A slider on the homepage keeps sliding in a few movies that you can select from. Of course, if you scroll down, hundreds of other movie thumbnails are displayed.

Unfortunately, there’s no categorization why these specific movie thumbnails are displayed. Some are very old while some are newer, and they’re from different language/production houses as well.

The thumbnails aren’t very informative either. There’s no information on them and you must click on them to reach the movie pages.

The video players aren’t very advanced either, you only get in-built subtitles and just in English. There are no quality-control options for you to upgrade/downgrade the quality.

Finally, it often only has a single server for streaming. This means you can’t stream if the primary server is down for some reason.

4. YesMovies

Website: https://ww.yesmovies.ag/

YesMovies greets you with a top bar that lets you filter for your movies using genre, country, type (movie/TV series), etc. On the homepage, you can also simply choose from its “suggestions” or “latest movies” or “latest series” if you don’t have anything specific in mind.

Most of the content is extremely fresh. The movie page is what you expect it to be, filled with details about the movies such as cast, production-house, IMDb rating, and so on.

It’s pretty good with servers too, most movies have more than 2 servers which is more backup than you actually need.

In-built Subtitles are available even though they’re mostly just in English. It does let you control the quality of the movies so you don’t have any more bandwidth than you absolutely have to. And yes most of the movies do offer 1080P in terms of quality.

5. Watch Free

Website: https://watch-free.tv/

Watch Free is a site that lets you stream movies for free just like CMovies did. The homepage has a slider that keeps showing you some of the most recent movies. The rest of the homepage has pretty big movie thumbnails for some of the latest releases.

You can also search for specific movies using the search bar.

The thumbnails do not list the exact movie quality but they tell you if it’s HD or CAM which is enough hint, isn’t it? The thumbnails also include the run-time and release-year so you know you aren’t clicking on the wrong movie.

The movie pages have a ton of details about the movie and genre-tags. You can click on these genre tags to instantly find movies with the same tag.

The only downside is that most content is single-server. If that fails you’ll have to try some other alternative to CMovies on this list.

The video-player is impressive though. You’ll get in-built subtitles in multiple languages as well as quality-control options.

6. Look Movie

Website: https://www.lookmovie2.to/

LookMovie looks and feels like a proper OTT platform, a very well-maintained interface is what’s offered on the homepage. You see a slider that keeps sliding in new movies you can pick directly. Yes, it has some of the most recent releases already available.

Of course, you can also choose from tons of different categories/genres from the top bar. It even lets you select a release year or rating so you can search more specifically.

The thumbnails give us the rating as well as the quality of the movie. The movie page doesn’t have a lot of information about the movie but seriously do you care?

It’s a single-server so there are no backup servers in case the primary fails. Most movies also do not have any in-built subtitles. Quality control is possible and you can upgrade/downgrade as you need.

7. FlixTor

Website: https://flixtor.to/

There’s one specific reason why I love FlixTor. On the homepage, it has 3 unique filters.

“Most popular today”, “now playing in theaters” and “recommendations for you”. The first and second filters make it immensely easy to find what I’m looking for. I can easily find what the world is loving right now or find the most recent releases in a single click.

Of course, there’s a search bar that I can use to directly find what I’m looking for as well. What I don’t like is the fact that the movie thumbnails do not display the available “quality”. So I’ve to manually play each movie to know if the quality is watchable.

Fortunately though, nearly everything (yes even the very new movies/shows) are 1080P or 720P at the least. Oh it also offers complete quality over control.

It also doesn’t have multiple servers which is a pain if and when the primary server fails.

Nearly everything on the site can be downloaded as well as long as you’re a VIP member. Yeah of course ads exist but you already know how to solve that, don’t you?

8. CMovies

Website: https://cmovies.so/

Why is a literal Cmovies new domain so low on this list? For a couple reasons.

First, I’ve no verification this is the real/same team that owned the actual CMovies site. Secondly, the content on here isn’t as fresh as you’ll find on some of the other CMovies alternatives I’ve listed above. Third, I did encounter quite a few dead links and servers.

But, if you need to stream movies for free it 100% lets you do that, period.

The interface too is professional, complete with sliders, and sections such as suggestions/latest movies/latest series, etc.

The search filters are pretty impressive. You get to filter for genre, country, release year and much more.

The movie thumbnails also are descriptive and tell you the quality of the movies without you having to play them. The movie pages however are disappointing as they too have a lot of blank fields in terms of duration/IMDb rating etc. Hey, it doesn’t matter but the other options here cover these bases.

Movies do have about 3 servers each although as stated above you may have to change servers to find which is working.

Frequently Asked Questions about sites like CMovies

Allow me to answer some of the most basic questions you may have about CMovies.

Is CMovies safe?

Yes & no. You can never be 100% assured of safety on these independent movie streaming websites. They’ve tons of ads and links to third parties that safety cannot be guaranteed. Of course, you can use a VPN and/or an ad-blocker to patch those security issues.

Why can’t I access these websites like CMovies?

Some of the options listed above may be banned in your country/region. Simply employ a VPN to change your IP address and unblock all restrictions.

What happened to CMovies?

CMovies didn’t have a valid content license as a result it had to seize operations in many regions across the globe.

CMovies alternatives: Final words

I’m sure you have enough CMovie sites by now, don’t you? You can stream movies 100% free on any of these without signing up or registering. In some cases, you can even download content.

Do note that this list isn’t a “ranked” list. As such, any option listed here is just as good as any other option listed above or below it.

The only pain you may experience is the ads and popups. But those can be fixed with a good VPN like NordVPN or an ad-blocker.

You’re still here? Go on, spend some time on these sites, and see which are the best CMovies alternatives for you then.

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