8 Best Afdah Alternatives For Watching Movies/Shows Online

Here are the best Afdah alternatives on the web in 2024. If you wish to stream movies online, for free, without downloading, this list is your best bet.

Each of these websites lets you do what Afdah did, stream movies. We’ve curated this list keeping in mind a few key factors- freshness of the content (newer movies), available servers for streaming, interface, quality of the movies, etc.

These are 100% free. None require any payment or signing up. Sure, they all throw thousands of ads at you but we’ve listed a solution for those in the next section.

Every Afdah alternative listed here is functional and working as of October 2023. Dive in then?

How to access the best Afdah alternatives safely?

Yes, despite seeming harmless, safety still is a pretty serious concern on most of these websites.

The primary threat to you is the viruses/malware that may be downloaded onto your system. “How” you ask? These websites have dozens of hidden links. Most will launch harmless ads but you never know what a link contains because you don’t see it! You can be redirected to phishing websites and lose access to your accounts.

Talking of ads, yes these websites have tons of ads and the worst part is they’re hidden. Meaning, without your knowledge multiple new tabs and windows are launched whenever you click anywhere. That’s massively frustrating.

Then, many of these websites are blocked due to copyright issues and other legalities. As a result, you may not be able to access them. (Keep reading, all these problems have a single solution).

Finally, you should protect your identity when accessing these sites as some of these may be promoting piracy and letting you stream unlicensed/pirated content.

To solve all of that, all you need to do is get a good VPN. I’ll recommend NordVPN.

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Of course, you can choose any other best VPN for streaming as well but NordVPN is the most feature-rich and “independently verified” VPN that makes sure all ads/viruses are blocked, all sites unlocked, and your identity/activities can’t be traced back to you.

The 8 Best Afdah Alternatives to Stream Movies/TV Shows

1. UpMovies (formerly 5movies)

Website: https://upmovies.to/


This is the best Afdah alternative in my opinion, I will tell you why.

5movies recently rebranded themselves as “Upmovies”. The interface got a revamp too. In fact, they probably have one of the best interfaces on this list.

The homepage has a double-slider thing. On one side, the slider keeps showing movies along with short synopsis. The other half of the slider lists a few movies but without the synopsis.

You can search for your movie using the search bar at the top or using one of the many filters. Some of these filters include genres, countries, release years, anime, cartoons, Asian drama, etc.

The movie thumbnails also tell us the quality of the movie and if you hover on them you’ll get a synopsis, release date, country, etc.

The movie’s recency is equally impressive. Every movie that was released within the last week or so can be found here.

No other alternative to Afdah offers as many streaming servers as UpMovies does, up to 40! There’s no way your movie won’t play, it’s just impossible.

The only downside? You may not easily find a server that offers quality control or subtitles.

2. PrimeWire

Website: https://primewire.mx/


PrimeWire checks most boxes when it comes to a good Afdah alternative. For starters, finding your movies isn’t hard. Simply use the search-bar if you know exactly what you need.

You can also choose from its long list of genres from the left-sidebar. Then, of course, all of the home screen shows you “trending movies”, followed by “latest movies” and “latest shows”.

There’s even a “coming soon” list so you know what content to expect in the future.

As for the video player, it doesn’t disappoint either. You get at least 2 servers for most content and then there’s quality-control. While most movies are 1080P by default, you do get to downgrade it if you need to.

It also offers in-built captions (subtitles) in about a dozen languages for most of the content. As for content recency, everything that’s still in the theaters can often be found here.

The one “glitch” however is that most movies display “2020” as the release-year on movie thumbnails although if you click on them the actual movie page displays the correct year.

Yes, ads exist (it managed to display ads even with Brave browser, very stubborn eh?)

3. FlixTor

Website: https://flixtor.to/home


There are a few things I love about FlixTor. For starters, I love its interface. It’s one of the more professional interfaces on this list. In fact for “TV Shows” you get a list of episodes instead of just random uploads as individual videos. You can even enable an “autoplay episodes” button.

However, content recency is one of the other major reasons why I love the site. Some of the newest releases can often by found here, and in very impressive video quality.

What I don’t like is the fact that movie thumbnails do not include “video quality”. Playing the movie/show is the only way to know the quality of the video.

Furthermore, nearly every movie/show has in-built subtitles often in multiple languages. Unfortunately, you can not control the quality of the movies, it’s set at whatever it’s set at. In my personal experience though, most content is about 480P or 720P. You can also download movies off FlixTor.

4. BMovies

Website: https://bmovies.vip/

You can search for the movie you want using the search-bar on the site. I prefer to simply use it’s top-bar to search for a genre, country or release-year to stream movies for free online.

Movie thumbnails are interactive. They tell me the movie-quality and that’s what matters most as far as thumbnail information goes. Hovering over the thumbnails also gives me a synopsis of the movie, its run-time, IMDb rating etc.

Yes, most of the content is HD. The video-player ticks both the most important boxes I search for in a video player- in-built subtitles in multiple languages as well as quality-control. For those who have a slower connection or metered bandwidth, the quality-control option is just a life-saver, isn’t it?

BMovies is one of the top Afdah alternatives which means the content recency will be impressive. You’ll find everything that came out in recent times.

5. MoviesJoy

Website: https://moviesjoy.plus/

A top bar lets you easily find the movie you’re looking for. You can click on a genre/country/ IMDb rating to easily find what suits you best.

Of course, you can use the search bar if you know exactly what you’re looking for. The movie thumbnails give you the quality of the movie without you having to play the movies.

The release year as well as run-time are displayed along with the the thumbnail. MoviesJoy ensures you click on the right movie and not a sequel/prequel or movie with a similar name.

The content recency isn’t a problem. Everything in the movie theaters can be found here. It’s not a single-server alternative to Afdah and hence most content will have more than one server for you to choose from.

Movies of all qualities are available. Some are 1080P but you’ll also find 480P or lower. Quality control is offered on the video player. In-built subtitles too are available although they’re mostly in English.

6. CMovies

Website: https://cmovies.so/

This may be a CMovie alternative but it most certainly qualifies as an Afdah alternative as well, as far as streaming movies for free goes.

The interface is better than what most other sites here have to offer. The movie thumbnails leave no room for complaints. They give me the video quality, IMDb rating, release year, run-time as well as a synopsis for the movie.

It makes finding movies easy with its homepage sections dedicated to the latest movies, latest shows, and top IMDb as well as a filter for countries.

I’ll be honest though. The content recency isn’t impressive. You’ll find more newer movies on the other options listed here than what CMovies offers.

Most available content guarantees availability though as you generally get 6+ servers to stream from. Unfortunately, you may not get subtitles or quality control though.

7. Watch Free TV

Website: https://watch-free.tv/

Don’t expect an interface as good as UpMovies or BMovies on this one but if your goal is streaming movies, you’ve got it.

The movie thumbnails will tell you the quality of the movie, release year, and rating. Enough to get started, right?

The movie page does share extra details such as duration, country, release date, synopsis, etc.

Most of the available content offers 1080P print. The video player does offer quality control in case you need to downgrade your quality. In-built subtitles too are often available in English and a few other languages.

It doesn’t offer more than one server which may be a downer for some of you but I’ve never seen the primary server fail me.

There aren’t many search filters though. You can either use the search bar at the top or scroll through the available collection.

8. LookMovie

Website: https://www.lookmovie2.to/

LookMovie gives you a more professional interface than most options on this list. The movie thumbnails also are bigger than what most sites use.

Yes, the movie thumbnails are informative. You’ll know the quality, rating, and release year of the movie without clicking anywhere or playing anything.

Year, rating, genre, and other filters let you search for the movie you’re looking for. Yes, the search box exists as well.

The video player is nothing to be very excited about. It has no in-built subtitles or quality-control options.

It also doesn’t have multiple servers but that’s not a problem that would prevent you from streaming your movies in most cases.

Well, at least, you’ll find the most recent titles here as the most recent content is almost always available.

Frequently asked questions about Afdah alternatives

Allow me to answer some questions you may have when searching for Afdah new domain.

Why is Afdah blocked?

Afdah has probably been blocked in your region due to copyright and licensing issues. This can easily be circumvented by using NordVPN.

What’s the new Afdah site?

There’s no official confirmation about the new Afdah site. Do not blindly trust any website that may have “Afdah” in its name/URL. They may very well be scams. It’s better to simply use one of these best Afdah alternatives. These sites let you watch and stream movies for free without claiming to be Afdah.

Why is Afdah not working?

Afdah may be blocked in your region. Either your ISP is blocking it, or Afdah may have blocked your region from its end due to legal requests. In any case, NordVPN solves any of these problems.

Best Afdah Alternatives- Conclusion

So that’s it folks. You should’ve found enough alternatives to Afdah movie site by now, haven’t you?

If you ask me which of these is the best alternative, I don’t have an answer for you. Each of these sites offers almost equal features/movies. Of course, the ones at the top are probably better choices in terms of user interface, print quality, etc.

A major suggestion however I can make is for you to use a VPN. This prevents more than just one threat/issue as I’ve mentioned in the earlier sections of this piece.

Go on then, these Afdah alternatives won’t binge themselves now, would they.

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