What Shoes To Pack on your Next Alaskan Cruise


Alaska is a popular cruise destination that leaves travelers in awe of its lush landscapes and diverse wildlife. When it comes to packing for such a trip, it is important to bring all the necessary footwear to ensure a great time. Alaska can have such a diverse climate that can be cold, wet, and rugged. Below are functional and comfortable shoe options to consider when packing for your next Alaskan cruise.


Hiking boots are a must when choosing the perfect shoe to pack. When visiting Alaska, some of the most popular activities include hiking and exploration. Pick a hiking boot that is waterproof with good traction for uneven terrain. Select a boot that also provides support and structure so your feet and ankles are comfortable and protected. The uneven trails and rocks could lead to a stumble, and you don’t want to be stranded because of your poor selection of hiking shoes. It is also important to break in new hiking boots when preparing to use them. Wearing them on local hikes will help you avoid any blisters or sores from forming during your trip.

hiking boots

Waterproof sneakers are great shoes for walking around town or enjoying shorter hikes. You want to pack sneakers that will protect your feet from the rain and be comfortable to sightsee all day. These will also come in handy during your time on the cruise ship.

comfortable sneakers

Warm winter boots are a necessity when visiting Alaska in the winter season. From November to March, winter temperatures can range from 0°F to -30°F. Pack a very warm winter boot that will be able to shield your feet from freezing temperatures.

winter boots

Rain boots will ensure you are best equipped against the rainy climate. Since rain is so common, the best way to defend your feet is with a comfortable and durable pair of rain boots. They will not only provide protection from the rain but wind and mud as well.

rain boots

A slip-on shoe should not be missed when packing for an Alaskan cruise. These will be great for the days of travel on the cruise. You might need to slip shoes on in a hurry to catch morning coffee or need a shoe to wear to hit the pool deck. Cheap slip-on shoes can also be worn in the shower to protect your feet and can be easily discarded when you return.

slip-on shoes

Overall, it is essential to pack shoes that are both versatile in rainy weather and unexpected terrain when traveling on a cruise to Alaska. But don’t forget about the footwear needed on the ship as well. Between the freezing temperatures and yearly steady downpours, it is imperative to take their climate into consideration when packing. Don’t make the mistake of not packing the correct shoes or overpacking too many that you will not end up wearing. Research the weather beforehand and get an idea of what the terrain will look like during your excursions to select the proper footwear.


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