Trader Joe's Finally Brought Back a Fan-Favorite Seasonal Item, and Shoppers are Rushing to Grab As Many as They Can


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Trader Joe’s has been receiving a lot of attention online as of late, partly due to the fact that the popular neighborhood grocery chain has begun stocking Harry and David Comice Pears once again. These days, news travels faster than light and all it took was a simple post to Reddit to encourage shoppers to start hitting up their locals in search of the highly sought after, fan-favorite pears.

Harry and David Comice Pears are a special type of pear in terms of their texture. The extremely buttery taste without the graininess found in some other varieties is what makes these delicious fruits stand apart from the rest. Comice pears are in season for several months of the year, and can generally be purchased from September through February.

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Originally spotted by one loyal customer who quickly took to the popular Trader Joe’s subreddit to spread the word, each box available at TJ’s contains anywhere between three and six pears and retails for $9.99 at most locations. While plenty of customers were quick to sing their praises for the sweet and savory fruit, others started to question the seemingly high price point.

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“I don’t really get the obsession, it’s just overpriced fruit in fancy packaging,” said one person. At first glance, it’s hard not to agree with the sentiment, however, Harry and David actually sell a six-count box on their website for a shocking $39.99

One customer responded by adding that they are “quality pears,” reminding shoppers that “on the east coast where it’s freezing right now, well priced quality fruit is a bit hard to come by.”

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Those interested in trying out the juicy pears for themselves can expect a sweet, soft and creamy texture out of each bite paired with extreme juiciness and a buttery taste. And to offer more context as to why the pears are so coveted, one experienced shopper mentions that the best way to eat them is “when they’re so ripe, you can eat them with a spoon.”

The same person goes on to explain how the pears are grown in Oregon where the conditions are “perfect for this variety of pear.” They go on to explain that it’s the same reason as to why Oregon is “excellent for growing grapes for wine.” Not a bad comparison for those who are on the fence with these very popular pears. 

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