'The Circle' Season 6 Spoilers! Myles Reed Gives an Update on His Relationship with QT


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Warning! The interview below contains spoilers for all of Netflix’s The Circle Season 6, which aired in April and May. Please do not continue if you do not wish to be spoiled on who was blocked in those episodes.

It’s appropriate that Myles Reed was voted the “most human” by his fellow players early on in The Circle. Though he gives off a self-proclaimed “[expletive] boy” persona, he has the intelligence of an AI engineer. He built a great social interface early on, forming a flirtation with Quori-Tyler “QT” Bullock that later turned into a tight “Tres Fuegos” alliance alongside Kyle Fuller. On top of that, Myles was, fittingly, given the task to identify the AI player. Unfortunately, this would end up being the height of his power in The Circle. Myles incorrectly blocked Steffi Hill as the AI. And he followed it up by developing a conflict with Cassie Saylor, after he jokingly calling her a “snake in the grass.” Little did Myles know, though, that the biggest snake was to come.

Jordan Staff
 accepted Myles as his first DM, and Myles gave him all the info he knew. Reading Myles as a power player, Jordan then made it his solitary mission to get him out. The new player would spread rumors about Myles and try to convince QT to take him, while Myles was none the wiser. Eventually, word got out that Jordan felt Myles was in line to win The Circle, prompting a fiery fit of rage from “Papi Fuego.” Unfortunately for Myles, despite having QT and Kyle on his side, Jordan’s public callout had worked. “Olivia” (AKA Brandon Baker) had the sole power to block as the superinfluencer. And, despite how the two had worked together previously as “Ride or Dies,” Brandon felt Myles was too much of a locked-in QT vote to keep for the finals.

Read on to hear Myles’s thoughts on his time in the game. And check out Parade.com throughout The Circle Season 6 with the various players and catfishes alike.

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What’s your history with The Circle? How did you end up getting on the show?
I’ll be honest, it was not on the bingo board for 2023. When we did the filming, I just moved. So I worked in self-driving cars; I was doing remote. Moved for a job in LA. I’m not sure if I should disclose the company name. But it’s a big tech firm you probably know; maybe do a few searches on. But I got an AI engineer. And so I just moved out to LA. First thing I do as a single man: Download the dating apps. And I think on my second day, I start getting a bunch of comments on my post, “Check your IG Threads messages.” 

They found me off Bumble. I thought it was a great effort. And everybody watched The Circle during COVID when it first premiered because it was like, “Oh, it’s the only reality show that can work at this time.” So I watched the first two seasons at first. But traveling so much every day, it was hard to get a stable Netflix connection. I guess beyond the dating apps, there’s a different purpose for it than just finding love!

[Laughs.] That seems to be the case! To talk more about your work, you chose to be upfront about being an AI engineer in your bio. And you talked about having these “[expletive] boy” vibes, probably partially due to the fact you were recruited via dating app. Did you debate obscuring your real job to play down your intelligence?
The way I look, people were gonna assume something from me. Let’s just keep it with all the curveballs. I mean, you can lie at any time, but the truth always comes out. And honestly, I didn’t think it would be that much of an advantage. Also people get caught in their lies all the time, unless there’s a huge overlap. Like, I think Kyle going as a basketball trainer versus a basketball player is such a small difference, it works. But what was I gonna go in as? It just doesn’t relate to me. If I’m trying to be authentic. I’m not going to filter my convos. I think you see that in how I speak, even in my texting. Some people might say it’s illiterate to some degree. [Laughs.] But it is what it is. It’s just where I grew up, how I go, my friend group. I just wanted to be myself. If I’m gonna be there in isolation, to also be living a lie, I don’t know how that would do mentally.

Let’s fast-forward to the end of your game. Quite a few people were shocked to find out that you were blocked. But how surprised were you by your own elimination, considering how hard Jordan was going after you?
To be quite honest, I think there’s a point where, when Jordan comes for me and QT,  I realize there’s probably a good shot neither of us are going to win. It’s in everybody’s back of their mind. And I think what I was hoping for was just the connections we formed at least to carry us. But I kind of understand Brandon–Olivia. [Laughs.] It’s very weird to switch the names. We drunk SnapChat each other all the time. We’re all doing shots. We’re all friends and family. Even Steffi! I know that everyone’s thinking we’ve got beef. But me and Steffi just got off the phone. We’re good friends. I like to think, even if you think I’m an asshole, I grow on you.

So I do understand. I talked to Brandon about this. I understand his point. There was another alliance of Jordan, Lauren, and Liv. But he says, “Honestly, you’re giving QT the number one. Kyle’s is going to kind of ride for you. It’s not good for my gameplay.” And, you know, I think I come out here my strategy is a lot different than everybody’s. So I understand it fully. I think there’s a point where everybody’s like, “I have to learn to trust Liv. But, in the back of my mind, can I?” Clearly not, but there’s no there’s no hate there. I think it’s good gameplay. You can’t be mad. Definitely, with prize money, though I’m gonna need a few drinks out here. [Laughs.]

Talk to me about you saying, “My strategy is a lot different than everybody’s.” If you had made it to the finals, were you always going to rate “Tres Fuegos” at the top?
Yeah. The thing is, I was loyal to the team. You’ll see that in all my ratings. If I said I had your back. I had your back.  I think that’s the one thing I can say: I’ve been loyal. I think people would think with the “[expletive] boy,” I’d be the most disloyal person there is. But I try to keep it real. These are people who I’ve built friendships with. They’re all family. And to this day, I still ride “Tres Fuegos.” You’ll see me in Miami with Kyle. Kyle’s brother is sleeping over my house. I went to Kyle’s brother’s birthday. Our squads have interacted. QT, you know that’s my boo! [Laughs.] I’m joking but I do have a little date with QT tonight. But “Tres Fuegos,” at the end of the day, that’s my squad. I’m just the coach. I get to see my players through.

Well let’s talk about some of the opposition to your team. I want to start with the AI twist. As an AI engineer, what was your reaction to the twist?
First of all, the AI twist. I was like, “Damn, I’ve really got to do work on my PTO!” Because I had to use PTO for this. [Laughs.] I’m like, “[expletive], dawg. You really have me doing this AI stuff?” But nobody gets that, even though I’m an AI engineer, my background was more robotics. I did space robots for grad school, trying to find water with planetary rovers. I work with self-driving cars, warehouse robots. I didn’t work with chatbots. Now that I have a little bit, maybe it’d be a little different.

I don’t think they show it in the edits. But the photo of Max–even though I know Max is a real person now popping up on TikTok; I’m actually gonna grab drinks with him this week–and him leaving the group chat that I kind of start to go, “Oh, really saying nothing out here. It’s always just in the middle.” And him leaving the group chat, nobody who’s human would do that. And I think I go in my mind, “There’s like a 30 to 40% chance that it’s Max.” But nobody’s throwing out Max really in this publicly. If I go for Max and I get it wrong, everyone is like, “Yo, why is it taking out Max?” I got the target on the back.

How much were you going back and forth between people before finally choosing to block Steffi?

I think for me what happens is it really comes down to Paul or Steffi. I didn’t really think Kyle. I just thought it was a bad photo. And seeing why he had to choose that photo now…[Laughs.] I mean, it’s so basic. I would have thought his photo was also a little sus, because it’s kind of like the Steffi photo, where there’s nothing really there. It’s just sitting on a dune buggy. But it looks like he’s in Dubai or some [expletive]. But I get why he had to go for it; it was a last-minute pivot. But realistically, it was Paul or Steffi, and if I really thought I had the “cajones” to go Max and if I was going to take that gamble. But I think it came down to that Paul’s coming for me. Can I trust him? Am I going to be loyal when we said we had each other’s back?

With Steffi, you might not know this about the dating scene in LA. But when I first moved here, right when I got scouted, I was still going on some Bumble dates, some Hinge dates, all that. And the first question you get is the horoscope question. I had so much PTSD from it. I was like, “Yo, if I have to do another horoscope conversation, I might just walk off the show right now. I’m not gonna lie.” So I think that was also a factor. But it was Steffi who switched from coming at Paul to Kyle. I was like, “What is this going on here?” So a lot of variation there. But Kyle was never in play for me.

What about the Cassie side of things? You’re not happy when she mocks in the Circle chat that the AI engineer couldn’t find the AI. You respond by painting her as a “snake in the grass,” which makes her upset. In the moment, she seemed to blame you for her low rating and blocking, and called out that you had an alliance that you broke in her goodbye message. What’s your side of how all that transpired?
I was laughing through all this. I thought this was a roast game. I thought like, “Y’all, we’ve gone through some tough times. Let’s have some fun with it.” I was laughing. I’m still mad at Netflix here. I want that portrait of me puking the hearts. I said, “Put that in my bedroom!” I thought all of them were. I thought maybe the one of Lauren was a little mean, because I couldn’t tell if it was two-faced or bad make-up. But I took it all good jest. But, with Cassie, in my mind, I’m like, “You literally told me to come for Steffi. And then you call me out for getting Steffi wrong. The whole squad was about it. Now you’re trying to paint a target on my back.”

And I could have easily blamed it on somebody else. I think nobody would have been suspect of it. But that didn’t sit right with my character. I’m not gonna throw anybody under the bus who did anything wrong there. So I had to own up to it. And she said, “Oh, we can forget about it.” I even offered to apologize to the group chat for her. So when she brings it up in the other group chat, I was just like, “[expletive] it, we ain’t with her anymore.” And I don’t think I had time to focus on my game plan. Because of the “Ride or Die,” we were focused on saving me and Liv. And mainly saving QT was my whole strategy. But I didn’t have time to really talk to him about the Cassie situation. But I felt like she came from my neck out of the woodwork. If we did have a kind of alliance, it wasn’t that deep of one. But we were working together. And just to throw me under the bus, you can’t even think anybody’s gonna think wrong of it. It is funny; the AI engineer didn’t get the AI. But you have to know that’s going to put something in everybody’s mind.

Let’s move from something that made you laugh to the exact opposite. You’re the first chat Jordan has in the game, and little do you know it makes him immediately turn on you and make it his mission to get you out. When you do find out about him targeting you and spreading lies, you clearly are upset, to the point of throwing a chair in frustration. Give me your take on everything that was happening with Jordan.
The thing is he told me, “I only trust you and QT.” So it’s just lies 24/7. I also find out directly he twisted the truth to Lauren. I told him that she got called two-faced and she lost her two friends. There’s a difference. I never called her two-faced; I said she’s been nothing but sweet to me. But that’s what she’s been called. And to say I was calling her that, spreading bad names, of course I’m mad. Because this is somebody I will actively look to protect in this. To be honest, I think Jordan might have done better in his final rating if he didn’t do that. Because I think I would vote for him, and I think he was building up a friendship with everybody. Everybody kind of felt bad with the way he was like a new dog. I don’t know if he would have won, but he would have gotten something.

But I was infuriated that somebody I was trusting and riding for just lied about me. It’s war. At the end of the day, we’re good friends now. I bought the kid bottle service when he came, He’s crashing at my house. I took him to the club. I hooked him up. It’s all jokes now. But you understand it’s a game and he plays the villain role real well, at the end of day. I didn’t really know that there was a villain role, but I think he does. And it’s good TV. But I’m not gonna lie in the moment. You’re living by yourself. These are your connections. It [expletive] with you differently. I viewed him as a friend. So to have a friend you find out is talking [expletive] on your name, it ain’t cool. But stuff has changed. And of course I know the chair flip is in there. But there was some stuff that was out of pocket. I don’t take it back. [Laughs.] But it be what it do. You come from me, I’m gonna pop off.

Well let’s go from your rival to your Circle crush. Talk to me about developing your dynamic with QT. And I know you had agreed to go on a date after you were blocked. What’s been happening with you two since you left The Circle?
So me and QT have definitely gone out. We’ve gone out to the club; gone out to dinner. I think within three days, we went out to dinner at this restaurant in a beautiful spot. I just had to point out all the stops for my girl. We’ve gone on several dates. I think, though, it’s definitely different. There’s an element of “trauma bonding” when you go through these reality shows, they call it. I didn’t know that was a thing. But it’s like, we were isolated in an apartment. And we go through this experience, and nobody else will really understand these conversations, the links between them. You’re staring at a chat for 10 minutes sometimes before the next response comes. So, at first, we went on these dates. And all we wanted to talk about was our experiences coming back. I was overreading group messages like, “Yo, you flaking, or what’s up?” And I’m like, “What do you mean by that?” [Laughs.] It takes you a while to adjust back, which is totally fine. Totally normal.

So me and QT, we went on these dates. And it was a true bond, a real friendship underlying over there. But there’s definitely a little romance there, I’m not gonna lie. We’ve definitely gone on a few more romantic dates. I’ve had to travel a bit, and she’s had to travel a bit for some other stuff. And we were watching, and we were just talking. There’s always in the back of your mind, because we didn’t know the edits, “Was it like fully romance? Or was there also just some strategy in play?” I think kind of seeing us, how we were talking, how we felt, was actually what we’re interpreting. I think it definitely put a few butterflies back. I think there’s a reason we’re meeting up today again. We’re doing a little watch party that her mom’s organized. So I would say maybe keep tuned on that. But that’s my boo thing still to the end of day!

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