The Best CRM For Your Business in 2023


On-Premise CRM

If you are looking for on-premise solutions, you can check out Sugar CRM. It is an open-source CRM capable of managing all aspects of selling activities and will help you organize leads, opportunities, contacts, customers, quotes, and interactions. It also automates certain processes, provides insight with customizable reporting, and is compatible with mobile devices. Sugar CRM has been around for a long time and would likely be my go-to for on-premise solutions. Pricing starts at $85/month with a 3 user minimum.

Microsoft Dynamics offers great features to help you automate processes. If you are a Windows user, the benefit is that it will integrate with your office and Microsoft products and technologies. Although there are certainly benefits to having an on-premise CRM, such as control, you will find cloud solutions are a dime a dozen. Microsoft Dynamics is also available in the cloud, and you could expect to pay around $50 per user per month depending on the features you need. You can learn more about pricing here:

There are obviously many choices when it comes to CRMs. It would be a disservice to discuss each one in this article without having used them. I have personally used the products mentioned in this article and found them very useful in different industries, such as IT, Oil and Gas, and Marketing Agencies. I’m sure there are other industries they would work well for. If there are other CRMs you are interested in not on this list, I would recommend taking advantage of the free trial and using it to conduct business. By doing this, you will get to experience the software in real-time and will be able to gauge what it does or doesn’t do well.

Ultimately, the goal for any CRM is to improve the flow of your business while you focus on generating sales and managing the entire process. Otherwise, what is the point? Excel does a pretty good job at organizing too. The point is a CRM should make your life easier and your business run smoother. If you are looking for more custom solutions, feel free to reach out to me, and I can give you some recommendations.


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