VideoProc AI review- Got a vintage video/image that your grandfather recorded? How about scaling it to 8K and 60FPS? Got a video you’d like to “generate more frames for”? Make it smoother? Or maybe you’re like to “stabilise” your shaky videos? 

Those are just some of the primary features VideoProc AI claims to offer. Of course there’s a lot more (scroll down for details).

Point is, if you’re a video editor, video creator, photographer,  gamer, Youtuber or anyone else who has anything to do with videos, this VideoProc AI review is for you. 

No, you do not have to spend a single penny. VideoPro AI offers a 100% free trial. You only pay if you like it, and need the paid features. 

It’s an A.I-powered video editor that almost does “magical” things. Here are some of its primary features:

  • A.I powered Video/Image resolution enhancers
  • A.I-frame generation for higher FPS
  • Stabilization (using A.I)
  • Video format converter 
  • Audio & Video downloader (from 1000+ sites)
  • Digitize DVDs 
  • Record live streams, gameplays, OTT videos and more.
  • Hardware acceleration for much faster and better results. 
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Free trial. 

If the features interest you, let’s get into the details. 

Why trust this VideoProc AI review? 

How do you know this review is based on my “personal experience”? Or that I didn’t just read the features on the website and am compiling this review here.

For starters, we don’t do that here at Updateland. Secondly, here’s my VideoProc account: 

VideoProc AI review

You don’t see a “Register” option. That’s because it’s a fully-paid tool and I’ve already registered.

This proves to you that everything I discuss in this VideoProc AI review is based upon my personal experience.


So, how “technically advanced” do you have to be to use VideoProc? I’d say none at all. If you know how to use a mouse, you already have everything needed to use VideoProc. 

This is what you’ll see when you first login:

review of VideoProc AI

As is clear, all the 7 primary features are displayed right there. You don’t have to search/hunt for anything. That’s as simple as it gets, don’t you agree? 

There’s the settings button at the top-left (the gear icon) which lets you access the tools’ settings.

As you proceed on this VideoProc AI review, you’ll see some other screens and those interfaces would become clearer to you as well. 

Super Resolution 

As the name suggests, this feature “upgrades” or “enhances” your videos. You can take a video or image and then upgrade it to up to 400%. 

Basically if you’ve a normal video and wish to turn it into a 4K or 8K video, this feature is for you. It’s used best when you wish to watch something on a bigger screen but the original video is of a lower quality.

You don’t even have to “do” anything. Even if you don’t touch the settings at all, simply upload your video and you’d get an upgrade. 

Here’s a video I uploaded (no other changes made) and I’m sure the differences are stark, wouldn’t you agree?

VideoProc super Enhancer

If you’d like to control the upgrade, the settings at the right let you do just that. 

For starters, you can choose the “GPU” you’d like to use. You can use your in-buit GPU, however, if you’ve got a dedicated card it exponentially speeds up the process. Moreover, I noticed it didn’t cause almost any overheating or fan-noises that generally happens when using most other similar tools. 

Do note that unlike most other similar software, VideoProc doesn’t just use GPU acceleration and rather offers full hardware acceleration. This is why it’s about 47x faster than most of its competitors. 

It’s not just for real videos but for Anime as well. In fact, you can choose your type as “Anime” when working with that specific type of content. 

It also lets you choose the denoise level for your videos, you can set it at low/high or none. 

You also get additional quality options such as choosing an audio/video codec, quality level, and GOP.

Bottomline? It works.

AI Frame Interpolation 

If you need more frames on your videos and wish to convert a low FPS video to a high FPS video, this feature does magic.

It’s basically capable of adding about 5x frames to your video. That enables a lot of other things. For starters, your slow motion videos look that much better. 

VideoProc frame interpolation

I’m not entirely sure of the “max” possibility, but I’ve had videos converted up to 460 FPS. Their support assured me higher frame-rates are possible. 

So, is the “A.I” just a marketing keyword or does it actually work? Well, VideoProc actually “generates” new frames for your videos and that I believe is definitely A.I magic, isn’t it?

I’ve found the generated videos to be way more smoother and without any noticeable stutters, both of which are the most common issues with other similar tools. 

VideoPro AI Video review


Do I need to “explain” what this does? I assume not, eh? If you’ve got a shaky video, the VideoProc AI stabilises it, pure and simple.

You get to choose from the two modes- OnePass and TwoPass. Multiple stability presets too are available such as best/fastest/balance/minimum crop etc. The names are pretty self-explanatory, aren’t they? 

Video Converter (and editor)

At the surface, this feature looks like a simple format converter. In reality, it does a lot more.

Anyway, let’s start with the fact that it lets you convert videos from one format to another. 

You can convert videos to nearly any video formats out there. The list lets you choose the format directly, or you can choose from a list based on popularity/device/or music formats.

Some of the available target format options include 4K/MP4/AVI/MKV/MP3/ MOV and a dozen others.

Due to its hardware acceleration capabilities, the entire process is blazing fast. I’ve never seen any noticeable quality-loss either.

Although, I’m more interested in its other superpowers.


So, you can basically: 

  • Merge two videos together
  • Trim parts of a video
  • Split a video into multiple parts
  • Compress large video files into more pocket-sized ones.
  • Generate fisheye videos 
  • Mirror & flip your videos

And a LOT MORE! 

Downloader (video+ audio from any website)

I’m sure most of you on this VideoProc AI review use Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc. 

Unfortunately, you can not download videos off these websites and store them locally on your hard disk. There’s no official download button on these sites. 

Even when you download content off Netflix or Amazon prime, you can not edit/share or watch the videos without logging in to your accounts. 

Well, you can download audios and videos using VideoProc. The official list of supported sites is longer than 1,000, however, some common sites you can download videos from are:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch
  • Instagram
  • And many others. 

Of course it supports “batch downloads”. Meaning you can download entire playlists, seasons or even multiple independent videos at the same time. No “queuing” or waiting for one download to finish before the second can be initiated. 

To download videos, all you need is the video URL. Simply paste the video URL and you can initiate download.

videoproc downloader

You can also choose the exact resolution you wish to download the video in. 

Videoproc Ai review

The tool even has an in-built “subtitle” feature. A single-click on it finds any available subtitles for the video  and lets you download those as well.

Do note that you may need to “re-analyze” certain URLs after pasting. Not 100% of URLs are detected at the first-try. The success rate is about 98%, which let me say is still impressive.

Physical DVDs and ISOs to digital files 

Let’s say you’ve got a DVD, or an ISO file. You wish to convert it to a digital format such as MP4, or something that suits your Android/iOS devices?

That’s exactly what this feature does. Simply load your DVD or select the ISO file, choose your format and done.

You can even choose from pre-loaded presets for many mobile devices, websites (Youtube/Vimeo etc.) or TV/music and many other files.

Record/download live streams/OTT videos 

The final feature I’d like to discuss in this VideoProc AI review is its ability to “record”. Maybe you wish to download Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+ content? (The “downloader” above doesn’t download content from these OTT platforms). 

Simply play the content on your screen, and tap “Screen”.

VideoProc screen recorder

You can also select custom areas on the screen to record while excluding the other parts. Similarly, mic and speaker capture too is controlled by you. 

Maybe you’re a gamer and wish to upload your gameplay to Youtube? You can tap the “screen & webcam” button. This would record your facecam (webcam) as well as screen. Perfect gamer combo, isn’t it?

When recording a webcam, you can even choose to “remove webcam background”! That just makes your videos that much more professional, doesn’t it? 

You can even choose the opacity/smoothness/colour spill reduction and other aspects for your webcam. 

VideoProc AI-Pricing plans 

So, how much does VideoProc AI cost? Well, it has 3 plans:

VideoProc pricing plans

  • 1 year- 3 PCs: $25.95
  • Lifetime- 1 PC: $45.95 (this is the plan I’m on).
  • Lifetime-Family- 5 PCs: $57.95

To top it all up, there’s a 30-day refund policy as well. 

You can use it for free and buy it only when you’re satisfied. We’ve even for got a special offer for you here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Allow me to answer a few questions you may have about VideoProc AI that I suppose you may have by now:

Is VideoProc AI free?

Yes. It’s 100% free to try. No payments needed. All you need is an e-mail ID.

Is VideoProc AI easy to use?

Yes. In most cases, you simply need to choose the feature (e.g. Super Enhancer) > upload your video > click “run”. It’s totally capable of giving you impressive outputs without any additional setting changes.

Is downloading videos using VideoProc AI downloader legal?

Yes. Downloading videos from anywhere is legal as long as you do not share the video with another third-party. In other words, personal consumption is allowed. 

Does VideoProc really uses AI?

With the rise of AI, we see many companies simply inserting “AI” for more exposure. Fortunately, that’s not the case with VideoProc AI. The tool actually has artificial intelligence hardcoded in which primarily influence the “super enhancer”, “stabilisation” and “frame interpolation” features. 

VideoProc AI review- Final verdict 

So, is VideoProc AI worth it? I don’t see why not. It superboosts your resolutions, adds up to 5x frames to your videos, lets you download and record videos from nearly anywhere, and has tons of editing features.

Of course, it has its flaws. Who doesn’t? It’s not perfect, but what is? If we look at what’s being offered at the price, I’d say it outperforms most of its competition. 

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Get off this VideoProc AI review, download it for free, test it out and then form your own opinion?


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