How to improve your business using non-standard ways of using satellite cameras. You may have the most random businesses, a satellite camera can still contribute to it in various ways.

Now that they’re affordable for both a small farmer as well as a millionaire real-estate tycoon, let’s discuss these in detail.
In this article, I’ll share the more common, traditional uses of a satellite camera as well as non-standard and creative ways that may help your business.
Of course, I’ve also included a checklist on how to pick one. Let’s get started then?

What are the most traditional uses of satellite cameras for business?

Using satellite cameras may not be very common but it’s already being done at large scales for various business benefits. Let’s briefly discuss how it’s already being used before we move on to the non-traditional uses.

  • Saves money: At the very basic level, a satellite camera lets you visit places, almost in real-time without having to plan an entire trip that would be way more expensive.
  • Various land-monitoring uses: The satellite of course lets businesses read the land better. Hence, for starters, it can be used to monitor agriculture, check which areas need more attention than others. Similarly they can be used to monitor forestry and manage proper tree density. Then you can use these to monitor the land around an area this may help you understand what lies beneath the surface in case you’re digging for natural resources.
  • Construction and logistics management : With a satellite camera, you can very easily pick good sites for construction, plan better routes for shipments and even create your own routes based on the area.
  • Monitor supply (competitors) and demand (customers): A satellite camera can tell you how dense the population is, where the population generally gathers, who are the current suppliers in the area. You can also monitor any new buildings or competitors coming up and set up your own business at a better location.
  • Track progress: Well, a satellite camera basically gives you an Eagle’s-eye view. Hence, you can use it to track nearly anything. Progress on your construction site, how far your shipment has reached, how much inventory you’ve left and anything else.
  • Competitive edge: Satellite cameras have just begun to get affordable. This means, you’re still early to the scene. Most of your competitors wouldn’t have the benefits you do, which may help push you forward.

What are some non-standard ways of Using Satellite Camera to improve your business?

Okay so everything discussed so far is pretty standard. Most people use a satellite camera for exactly those reasons.
However, there are things you can do that may not be so “standard” but will help improve your business anyway.

  • Identify the most marketable routes: So, your truck or any other vehicle moves with your stock from point A to point B. You’ve got banners and branding on your vehicle for your brand. You can use satellite cameras to identify the most population-rich and best routes that will get you the most eyeballs. Any marketing is marketing, even one stuck in traffic and with proper planning traffic can be avoided as well.
  • Sunlight monitoring: That’s a very non-standard use of satellite cameras but you can use these to monitor the areas that receive maximum sunlight. You can use this either for setting up solar farms, or for putting up creative sun-controlled billboards or a dozen other things.
  • Pre-investment research: Even if you don’t have a business yet, or if you wish to expand your current business, satellite cameras can help you obtain transparent and honest ideas without relying on what builders, dealers or any other third-party promises you.
  • Other business-specific benefits: There are tons of other benefits that will depend on the exact business you’ve got. As an example, a movie producer has many different uses for a satellite camera than a farmer (and yes, these are now affordable even for farmers).

How to choose the best satellite camera for business?

Well, let’s get to the point then? How do you pick a satellite camera for your business? Well, it would largely depend on your business goals as well as financial capabilities.
However, sticking to the following pointers may help you make a good pick.

  • Budget: This is mentioned at the top here because if the budget doesn’t match, no other feature would matter. Hence, always ensure you pick a satellite camera that’s within your budget before looking into the features. It’s okay to be a bit flexible and look at the features even if you may have to extend your budget a bit if the gap isn’t massive.
  • Frequency of capturing the images: This is officially termed “revisit frequency”. Due to their nature, satellite cameras do not keep taking continuous photos of the target. Hence, you need something whose capture frequency matches with your business needs. Do note that your camera’s orbit influences this. A low-orbit satellite camera will send images more frequently but of lower resolution.
  • Resolution: Of course the “quality” of the photo matters, doesn’t it? You should opt for the highest possible resolution that your budget permits. Again, this is influenced by the orbit as well.
  • Coverage area: Not all satellites have an equal coverage. In most cases, more coverage would mean lower resolution. So, you’ve got to pick between the two (resolution vs. area) aspects.

There are a number of other factors you can look at, however these should get you started without adding to your confusion.

Conclusion-How to Improve Your Business or Non-standard Ways of Using Satellite Camera

I hope you’ve got a better understanding of how a satellite camera can contribute to your business then, haven’t you?
Well, the uses I’ve discussed so far aren’t the only ones. You can even be creative with the uses and decide how you wish to use your camera.
More importantly, with the advancements in technology and economy, these are becoming more and more affordable.
All I’ll say is, give it a try. It may do wonders for you and your business considering how you’ll get a competitive edge over your rivals as most probably don’t use it yet!

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