Taylor Swift Fans Are Thirsting Over Steamy Resurfaced Video of Travis Kelce

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Taylor Swift‘s fans are definitely understanding what she sees in Travis Kelce.

Swifties were practically going wild after a resurfaced shirtless clip of the football star began circulating online, showing Kelce, 34, in nothing but a towel around his waist.

The original clip, which is from 2017, was initially posted to ESPN’s YouTube channel to document the tight end’s “spa day,” but now that Swift’s fans have gotten their hands on the footage, they can’t shake it off.

“i just watched this way too many times, on loop,” one user wrote on X in response to the steamy clip, which shows Kelce covered in sweat while showing off his bare chest.

“Big yeti strikes again,” another user added, and we know Swifties go insane for Kelce’s yeti-like energy.

“Taylor i get it,” another tweet to the “Anti-Hero” songstress read, while someone else posted, “I’d sell my soul to trade places with Taylor even for a day. I’m so jealous,” one message on X read.

But it’s not just Kelce that fans are gushing over, as the same can be said for those who are infatuated with Swift, 34, including the Chiefs player himself.

After the singer showed up to his latest game against the New England Patriots, Kelce said he “was trying to keep it cool,” when the crowd went wild for Swift.

“I’ll say this, they showed Taylor at the game, and, I mean, you don’t see an entire home team fanbase go insane for somebody wearing the opposite team’s colors,” Kelce said a few days after the game during his New Heights podcast with brother Jason Kelce. “Just shows you how amazing that girl is.”

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