'Survivor 46' Brings More Reward Drama, Tribal Council Arguments, and an Idol Shocker


It’s truly wild how much history is able to repeat itself on Survivor 46. Once again, a challenge win proved controversial, as one person’s choices of reward left a spurned Liz away from food. Yet again, someone considered turning on their number one ally to give them a chance in the end. And, somehow, a person felt comfortable enough not to play their idol, only (for the fourth time!) to be voted out.

Check out more information about tonight’s episode below and find out who was voted out.

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Who got voted off on Survivor 46 tonight?

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Venus Vafa

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Venus Vafa

True to the celestial body that shares her namesake, Venus felt on her own planet on Survivor 46. The perception of her, as well as worsening social interactions, put her on the outer orbit of Nami early on. And though she survived due to her tribe’s record-setting dominance, she wanted nothing to do with them. So as soon as she got the chance, Venus jumped ship, turning the tables on Soda, Tevin, and Hunter. Unfortunately, the ship Venus jumped into wasn’t much better. Her actions of causing conflict and spreading names had given her a chaotic reputation and not someone easy to work with. But Venus found the last idol in the game, guaranteeing the outcast would make it through. When she saw Maria’s tactics for picking players for reward, Venus thought the non-pizza-goers could serve her a slice of humble pie. Meanwhile, Maria and Q were ready to take out Venus. At Tribal Council, Venus dug into them for their decisions and attitudes towards her and was so confident in Q’s demise that she didn’t play her newly-found idol. But Venus’ previously coy attitude with swing vote Charlie reminded him how unpredictable she can be. And so, stunningly, she was sent out near-unanimously, idol in pocket.

Were any advantages found or played on Survivor 46 tonight?

Yes! Nearly the entire tribe hunted for the idol after Tiffany was voted out with one. Venus found it, yet also was voted out with it in her pocket. It’s unknown if another one will be hidden.

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Who’s left in the game on Survivor 46?

Ben Katzman

Charlie Davis

Kenzie Petty

Liz Wilcox

Maria Shrime Gonzalez

Q Burdette

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