Spooky Trends and Chilling Searches: Halloween Season Unveiled!

  • The spookiest season of the year is upon us, and Americans are getting into the Halloween mood like never before as the leaves turn to fall and the aroma of pumpkin spice fills the air!

Halloween jokes

The best defense against ghosts and ghouls is laughter, and Americans are getting set to laugh till they cry with Halloween comedy! These clever sayings, which range from eerie puns to jack-o’-lantern jokes, will definitely make you feel festive for Halloween.

'When Evil Lurks' and Totally Killer: The Top Trending Horror Movies in the US During the Last Week

‘When Evil Lurks’ and Totally Killer: The Top Trending Horror Movies in the US During the Last Week A spine-tingling movie night is about to begin! The films “Totally Killer” and “When Evil Lurks” have become the favorites of horror movie enthusiasts. These terrifying stories will definitely keep you awake at night. Look them over if you dare!

This past week, the most popular “is…haunted” searches in the US were “Is Fordham University Haunted” and “Is the Biltmore Haunted.

There is a true yearning for the unknown! From historic houses to college campuses, Americans are searching for haunted locations. These terrifying searches highlight our obsession with the paranormal and our thirst for historical knowledge.

Every October in the US, there is a spike in "Where to Buy Dry Ice" and "How to Store Dry Ice.

Are you ready for the best Halloween party ever? You have company! ‘Where to Buy Dry Ice’ and ‘How to Store Dry Ice’ inquiries are increasing dramatically as October approaches. The key to producing spooky fog effects and refreshingly cold drinks is dry ice.

Rice Krispie Treat Brains” and “Cinnamon Roll Brains: The Top Trending “Brains” Food Searches in the US Over the Past Week

The kitchen has been overtaken by zombies! The most sought-after brain food this season is “Rice Krispie Treat Brains” and “Cinnamon Roll Brains.” Prepare to bite into some wonderfully eerie creations!

We’re jumping right into the spookiest and most enjoyable time of the year this Halloween. Celebrate the season with a scream, whether you’re telling jokes, watching scary movies, visiting haunted houses, or making clever goodies! #SpookySearches #HalloweenTrends #HauntedHappenings

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