'SNL' Delivers Spot-on and Hilarious JoJo Siwa Impression


jojo siwa snl skit

Chloe Fineman is nothing if not a master impersonator, and she was pitch perfect on tonight’s Saturday Night Live with an impression of child star JoJo Siwa

Appearing in a segment on Weekend Update during Dua Lipa‘s guest and musical hosting spot, Fineman nailed everything from Siwa’s signature speech (high-energy and frenetic) to her new “bad girl” persona.

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Much internet discussion has been bestowed upon Siwa’s rebrand, with many poking fun at the dancer-turned-singer’s choice of clothing (a KISS-type sparkly ensemble) and a faux pas where she proclaimed to be ushering in a new genre called “gay pop.”

In the skit, Fineman satirized Siwa’s in-your-face personality, dancing chaotically to needle drops of her new song, “Karma,” amid explanations of the rebrand to an increasingly confused and amused Colin Jost. The comedian also joked about how she embodied the first queer girl to ever exist, in addition to claiming to be the first child star to ever rebrand her image as she grew up in the public eye. 

Fineman also honed in on the choice of outfit—a black, sequined one-piece—as what a “figure skater who joined a street gang” would wear. To really drive home the “good girl gone bad” routine, Fineman as Siwa pretended to enjoy cigarettes, hesitating to light one up before Jost told her that smoking wasn’t allowed in the building.

Stand by for Siwa’s response to the sketch, which came across as all in good fun. 

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