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Uncovering the Murderer in Netflix’s Horror Film The Conference

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In the spine-chilling Swedish horror movie The Conference, what begins as a team-building exercise rapidly becomes a nightmare. Everyone is taken aback by the shocking revelation of the killer’s identity.

The killer's mission begins with a series of heinous crimes, the first of which targets the project team, driven by a desire for vengeance against those responsible for his father's land's damage. The film is a gripping vengeance and intrigue narrative that has fans on the edge of their seats.
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The Conference” Unveils a Deadly Team-Building Retreat
A seemingly peaceful team-building retreat takes a dark turn in the frightening Swedish horror thriller “The Conference,” as a masked murderer begins a murderous rampage, targeting unsuspecting guests. As the narrative unfolds, not only is the identity of the killer revealed, but terrible truths concealed inside the team members are also revealed.

The killer’s mission begins with a series of heinous crimes, the first of which targets the project team, driven by a desire for vengeance against those responsible for his father’s land’s damage. The film is a gripping vengeance and intrigue narrative that has fans on the edge of their seats.

The Conference is a Swedish horror thriller that uncovers deadly secrets.

Consider this: an apparently routine team-building event in the heart of Sweden. However, what begins as a typical meeting gradually devolves into a terrifying nightmare. In “The Conference,” a disguised assassin appears with a deadly plan to assassinate every guest, leaving no one unharmed. As the suspenseful narrative unfolds, the killer’s identity will astound you, sending you on a terrifying rollercoaster.

Enter the world of foreign cinema with Netflix’s vast selection of films spanning several genres. In this domain of cinematic marvels, we present “The Conference” (or “Konferensen” in Swedish). This film, directed by Patrik Eklund and based on Mats Strandberg’s novel of the same name, flips the script.

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The Conference Ending Explained: Who The Killer Is In Netflix’s Horror Movie

The Conference: Uncovering Secrets in the midst of a Grisly Retreat

Consider this: a group of municipal employees heading on a team-building retreat on the eve of Kolarängen Mall’s grand opening ceremony. As you progress through “The Conference,” you’ll quickly find that behind the surface of friendliness is a boiling stew of hostility and tensions. And things get much scarier as a mysterious hooded attacker begins killing them one by one.

But “The Conference” is about more than simply the terrifying search. Prepare to be astounded as this thriller reveals not only the identity of the killer but also the layers of some dark secrets kept by a few team members. These secret realities are at the heart of the retreat’s terrible happenings.

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Who The Real Killer Was In Netflix’s The Conference

the conference masked killer
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"Unmasking the Killer: The Conference's Exciting Mystery"

Consider an exhilarating journey through the suspense-filled corridors of “The Conference.” This thrilling thriller teases us with intriguing indications before revealing the true identity of the masked killer, keeping us on the edge of our seats.

As the story continues, we are given a network of indications, some of which lead in an intriguing path and others which aim to trick us. It’s a battle of wits as we strive to discover the murderer’s identity mystery.

The team’s leader, Ingela (played by Maria Sid), recalls an event involving their colleague, Frans, at a pivotal moment. This creates more levels of mystery because Frans was adamantly against the mall project, noting its negative effects on the environment as well as the moral and ethical issues it brought up—given that it may ruin the life of a particular Pålsson, a farm owner. Frans was enraged when Ingela and the project manager, Jonas (played by Adam Lundgren), decided to disregard his concerns and move on with the project.

Ingela said that Frans physically assaulted her and stabbed her in the shoulder, traumatizing her. Frans didn’t accompany the others to the retreat since he was expelled from the squad after that.

Anette (Cecilia Nilsson), one of the workers, said to Jonas that she felt guilty for the killings since she had told Frans where they would be and assumed Frans was the one hiding behind the mask.

The other workers thought Frans was the murderer as well, but Amir (Amed Bozan) and Torbjörn (Claes Hartelius) discovered the true murderer was the farmer Pålsson’s son after spotting a newspaper on the ground.

Plsson owned the land where the Kolarängen Mall was to be erected, and despite his evident opposition to the idea, he lost the land. To make matters worse, Lina (Katia Winter) discovered that the corporation not only demolished Plsson’s farm, but also did not pay him for the property, leaving Plsson with nothing.

This caused Plsson to commit suicide, thus his son had every motive to seek vengeance on everyone involved in the Kolarängen Mall project.

Why Palsson’s Son Killed The Hotel Staff In Revenge

the conference ingela with the hotel magazine
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Plsson’s son particularly targeted individuals whose selfish goals led in the destruction of his father’s farm and the death of his father, but he also slaughtered the whole hotel staff before murdering one of the project’s team members. Plsson’s son is one of the rare slasher killers that kill for a reason, rather than simply killing those who were near to their target victims. The hotel was one of the few businesses in the area that supported the mall’s construction, and Jenny (Lola Zackow), the hotel manager, proudly exhibited a magazine in which hotel employees stated their support. Plsson’s son pursued the group after disposing of the hotel workers.

Jonas’ Twist & Plan In The Conference Explained

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In the early stages of their journey, it was evident that the employees of the team didn’t quite see eye to eye. Tensions ran high, and friction was a constant companion right from the beginning.

The team’s leaders, Ingela and Jonas, along with Jonas’ somewhat unsettling confidant, Kaj (played by Christoffer Nordenrot), swiftly made it clear that their interests leaned more towards personal gain than the collective welfare of the group. Initially, Ingela was cast as the group’s potential antagonist, but it became increasingly apparent that Jonas was the one who consistently occupied that particular role.

This backdrop of conflict and intrigue sets the stage for the unfolding drama in “The Conference,” where loyalties and motives remain shrouded in uncertainty, keeping you engaged in the unfolding narrative.

Throughout the team’s stay at the retreat before the killings, Jonas kept a passive-aggressive demeanor and sought to refute everything Lina said. Lina slipped into this area after a group exercise in which Jonas demonstrated how addicted he was to his laptop to check if he was hiding anything.

Lina discovered emails, contracts, and other documents proving not only that Jonas was responsible for numerous injustices caused by their shopping center project but also that he had a covert alliance with the company’s rival, Backman-Kroon. Jonas also faked Lina’s signature on backdated contracts and told the crew that he had a slew of shops lined up for space in the mall, but it was all a lie.

Jonas had planned a bad project that would bankrupt the entire village, but he would not have been harmed at all. Jonas had a pact with Backman-Kroon that guaranteed him a high-level executive position if the mall project failed, thus he didn’t care about Kolarängen Mall at all, only about himself, to the point of murdering Lina so she wouldn’t divulge his secrets.

Who Survives & Dies In The Conference’s Ending

the conference torbjorn eva nadja
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Even though Pålsson’s son found vengeance, not all the characters in “The Conference” met their demise at the hands of the masked killer. This gripping tale takes a shocking turn as the survivors reveal themselves, with fates intertwined in an intricate web of suspense.

The chilling chain of events begins with Kaj, who tragically becomes the killer’s first victim, meeting a gruesome end in the hot tub. His horrifying demise is witnessed by Anette, who narrowly escapes and seeks refuge in hiding.

The killer’s reign of terror continues as Ingela is hung from the hotel’s flagpole, a horrifying spectacle for all to witness. This shocking act serves as a catalyst for the surviving members of the group. With Ingela’s life hanging in the balance and the killer unveiled, the race against time to preserve their own lives kicks into high gear.

In this heart-pounding narrative, “The Conference” offers a relentless rollercoaster of suspense, where the line between life and death is razor-thin, leaving you breathless and on the edge of your seat as the survivors fight for their very existence.

The gang split off, with Amir, Torbjörn, Nadja (Bahar Pars), and Eva (Eva Melander) going to the hotel desk to hide, while Lina and Jonas escaped into the woods.

The first group defied horror movie conventions by remaining together, until when they attempted to flee with Lina and Jonas, after which only Tobrbjörn and Eva returned to the reception, while Nadja was left injured in the woods and Anette was slain when Jonas departed without her.

Meanwhile, Lina decided to utilize the zip line with Amir to get to the other side of the lake and ask for aid after apparently getting rid of Jonas. Unfortunately, Plsson’s son was several steps ahead of them and had set up a lethal trap, with Amir sacrificing himself.

Just as Eva and Torbjörn were about to die, Nadja emerged and beheaded the killer, while Lina managed to phone for rescue. The Conference ended with Jonas revealing that he had survived and was assaulting Lina again, who tore off his scalp (which was already loose owing to one of the killer’s traps) and left him to die in the lake. Only four characters escaped The Conference’s murders: Lina, Nadja, Torbjörn, and Eva, all of whom questioned and resisted Ingela and Jonas’ ideas at some time.

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