Lays Teases Collab With Pepsi for Bold New Chip Flavor You Never Knew You Needed


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Lay’s just teased a potential new chip flavor in collaboration with Pepsi—and fans are begging the brands to make it a reality. 

On Saturday, May 4, the Lay’s and Pepsi social media accounts gave fans a glimpse at a wild new flavor that could be on the horizon: Pepsi Wild Cherry flavored chips. 

Sharing a photo of what the Lay’s bag design would look like should the “fake” flavor come to life, the brands were presumably testing the waters to see if fans would be interested in the flavor-packed collab if it actually made its way onto shelves. 

“Now we’re really getting wild,” each brand wrote in their respective posts, asking fans to share whether or not they’d try the new bold snack food. 

“1000000% Yes,” one fan wrote on Instagram, while someone else enthusiastically added, “I NEED this.” 

“You have my vote 🎉🥳🎉,” another supporter chimed in.

“Why would you tease us like this,” another excited fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter.)

But there were of course some naysayers, as there is with any bold flavor combo. 

“Absolutely not.” one critic wrote in the Instagram comments.

“Ew no,” commented another, while someone else called the wild cherry flavor a “nasty” combo for a potato chip. 

But whether fans thought the idea sounded tasty or totally gross, plenty of fans online could agree on one thing: they at least wanted to give the chips a try. 

“My curiously would get the best of me,” one fan on X put it. 

“Aw it’s fake? Make it real! 🙌,” someone else begged on Instagram, while another person wanted to know, “How much to make it happen lays?” 

Only time will tell if these brands will really bring the Pepsi Wild Cherry Lay’s Chips to grocery stores near you!

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