Janelle Brown Shows Off Shocking Weight Loss In Hawaii (She’s Glowing After Leaving Kody)


  • Janelle Brown has experienced a significant weight loss and is showcasing her transformation on Instagram after her trip to Hawaii.
  • Her fight with Kody on Sister Wives was a turning point for her, leading her to prioritize her independence and focus on her own health and happiness.
  • Janelle credits her 100-pound weight loss to her determination, diet and exercise, as well as using Plexus products and working with a personal trainer. Her physical and mental health have improved since leaving Kody.


Sister Wives Janelle Brown is finally getting her independence back, showing off some drastic weight loss after a recent trip to Hawaii. Janelle, who’s had a tough time on Sister Wives season 18, has been open about her struggles with her body in the past. Though she’s always been proactive about her health, Janelle has been vocal about her desire to lose weight and has even taken the opportunity to share more about the supplements she uses to do so. After her relationship with Kody got rocky early in Sister Wives season 18, Janelle became dedicated to herself in a way she hadn’t been in the past.

Janelle’s massive fight with Kody on Sister Wives season 18 episode 3 was a huge turning point for the one-time proponent of plural marriage. After their fight, Kody and Janelle tried to patch things up but it became clear that she wasn’t entirely interested in renewing her relationship with her ex-husband moving forward. Janelle’s independence became a priority, which allowed her to put herself first. She’s been focusing on her health and happiness, and it shows in her recent posts online.

Her Face Looks Very Thin In This Instagram Post

In one of Janelle’s recent Instagram posts, she shows off her slimmed-down face as she smiles with a group of people on her Hawaiian getaway. “We have been enjoying just hanging out at this house on the beach. Dinner last night – good food, company and the sound of the ocean in the background,” Janelle shared, grinning for the camera. Janelle’s slimmed-down figure has been a work in progress, as she’s been working on herself and her health for the last year. Janelle has documented her progress on Instagram, sharing with others in the hopes of inspiring others and holding herself accountable.

How Janelle Lost 100 Pounds

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