Grandma Who Makes Family Pay for Christmas Dinner Divides Internet



Apparently it’s Bring Your Own Wallet for the holidays in one grandmother’s house!

Caroline Duddridge routinely requires her family to pay for a seat at her Christmas dinner table, and this year, she’s upping the cost per plate. 

The 63-year-old U.K. grandmother—who usually charges her three daughters £10 [$12.70] each—has raised her prices to £12 [$13.02] each this year, a change she had to make to keep up with “just horrifying” prices as a result of rising inflation and cost of living, she told the BBC Radio 5 Live

Meanwhile, her sons are reportedly expected to cough up about £15 [$19.05] each for the holiday meal, the same price they paid last year, while even her young grandchildren are required to chip in. Those over the age of 5 owe £5 [$6.35], and her 3-year-old grandkids have to pay £2.50 ($3.17).

“I have put the girls’ prices up [this year] by £2 [$2.20] because I did get a bit of stick from people saying I was being sexist—not that I listen to public opinion, particularly,” she told the outlet. 

And while not everyone agrees with her way of hosting holidays, Duddridge insisted that some have even started to follow in her footsteps. 

“There were the usual trolls, but some people thought it was really good idea—they even said they were going to adopt it themselves,” she said, per BBC

But users online weren’t all convinced about Duddridge’s method, with some arguing that she was missing the whole point of the holidays. 

“Should be about giving and not charging,” one Instagram commenter insisted. 

“She’s made it more about the food than her family,” added another. 

But others thought it made sense, especially with how expensive groceries can be nowadays. 

“Why does she have to pay for all the food? I think it’s a good idea,” one supporter commented. 

Some users were confused as to why the grandmother is expected to host holidays if she is struggling financially, as one commenter pointed out, “If you can’t afford to host Christmas, don’t host Christmas.” 

“The solution would be the family helping her and everyone bringing a dish they cooked or can cook there with ingredients they purchased,” someone else suggested. 

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