Everything to Know About Pauly Shore's Richard Simmons Biopic


Pauly Shore played Richard Simmons in the short film The Court Jester, and he’s currently planning on playing the fitness guru again in a feature film—despite Simmons’ own objections.

Simmons tweeted in late April 2024, “I just read that a man that I don’t know is writing my bio pic starring Pauly Shore. I do not approve this movie. I am in talks with major studios to create my own biopic with some help. Wait for this movie.”

The news didn’t sit well with Shore, who posted a screenshot of Simmons’ tweet to Instagram with a lengthy caption about how he was “up all night crying” over it.

“Richard, how do you not approve of this movie? I mean, really, who’s better to play you in a movie than ME? Leonardo DiCaprio‘s not gonna play you. Brad Pitt‘s not gonna play you,” he wrote in part. “I’m perfect. Everyone already thinks I’m you. We’re the same. Beautiful, inside and out. Hellll yea!”

Oof. In any case, Shore’s film is reportedly in development with Warner Bros., while no other substantial news has emerged on Simmons’ own take on his life. Here’s what to know about Pauly Shore’s Richard Simmons biopic.

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What is the release date for Pauly Shore’s Richard Simmons biopic?

No release date has yet been announced for Shore’s film, which is still in development.

Who is writing Pauly Shore’s Richard Simmons biopic?

Jordan Allen-Dutton is slated to pen the script for Shore’s biopic of Simmons. Allen-Dutton is a comedy writer and producer, with credits including Adult Swim staple Robot Chicken, Lip Sync Battle and Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood.

Who’s playing Richard Simmons in the movie?

Pauly Shore as Richard Simmons

pauly shore richard simmons movie the court jester

Pauly Shore as Richard Simmons in “The Court Jester”

Blue Eyed Jack Productions

Pauly Shore—not Pitt, nor DiCaprio—will star as Richard Simmons in the upcoming biopic, as he did in The Court Jester. No further casting has been announced.

Shore expressed dismay at Simmons’ disapproval of his film in part because Simmons hadn’t heard the pitch for the movie yet.

“I know you, Richard. We used to hang out back in the day,” he wrote in part. “I’d always see you at The Comedy Store. You’re my old buddy. Richard, you’re going to love our movie. We’re going to make the most beautiful cinematic masterpiece that’s going to honor you in a way that you’ll drop to your knees and cry with joy and happiness.”

He added, “I also heard the good news that you’re in talks with studios to do a biopic about yourself. That’s amazing! The more movies about you, the better! You deserve it. There should be hundreds made. But as you know, many biopics are made without the subject agreeing to be part of it: Elvis, Stephen Hawking, Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs and many, many more. Some of them turned out good, some of them turned out bad. Mine is going to turn out amaze-balls.”

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How long is The Court Jester movie with Pauly Shore?

The Court Jester is a short film, clocking in at nine minutes and 52 seconds (credits included).

What is the new Richard Simmons movie?

Shore’s upcoming Simmons biopic doesn’t yet have a title.

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