Doritos Brings Back 2 Summer-Inspired Flavors Perfect for Weekend BBQs


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Many Doritos fans will be thrilled to learn that the chip brand is preparing to bring back two favorite summertime flavors just in time for the season.

The returning chips have ties to a couple of the condiments commonly used during Memorial Day and Fourth of July barbecues, as well as during summertime cookouts celebrating family reunions or casual gatherings among friends.

The flavors in question were first brought to the U.S. for a limited time in 2022 but briefly returned last summer.

Stores across the U.S. are now preparing to welcome back the Doritos Ketchup and Doritos Spicy Mustard flavors, according to Snackgator. The food blogger shared the news in a Sat., May 4 Instagram post that noted the returning chips will be available soon, but only for the summer.

Doritos Ketchup was the most popular of the brand’s flavors in Canada at the time it first became available in the U.S., Food & Wine reported at the time. The Doritos Ketchup flavor that was sold in the U.S. was “based off” the Canadian chips and described by the brand as having “a tangy and subtly sweet taste.”

Meanwhile, the Doritos Spicy Mustard flavor took more inspiration from Chinese hot mustard than the traditional condiment often used at American cookouts, according to Food & Wine. The magazine quoted the company as describing the second flavor as having “the iconic tang of mustard meets the bold and spicy flavors Doritos fans know and love.”

Fans of the popular chip brand appeared to be equally excited about both flavors’ anticipated return.

“Ketchup chips all day! Let’s go!🔥🔥🔥,” one fan wrote as another left a comment on Snackgator’s post that simply declared the Ketchup flavor was “good.”

“Spicy mustard was IT for me ❤️,” one Instagram user said. Another excited fan called the spicy flavor “MY BELOVED.”

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