Cheers, Hearties! 'When Calls the Heart' Is Officially Returning for Season 12


Hearties, get ready to party! Hallmark Media has announced their longest-running original series, When Calls the Heart, will for a twelfth season! While the network canceled Ride (which found a new home at The CW and hopes for a Season 2 renewal) and renewed The Way Home for a third season, the network knows what a gold mine they have with this show.

“When Calls the Heart continues to exceed our expectations and the number of fans and viewers continue to grow every year,” said Lisa Hamilton Daly, Executive Vice President, Programming. “Bringing Season 12 to life is a huge milestone and is a true testament to the cast and crew’s hard work and dedication throughout the last decade. We cannot wait for Hope Valley’s next chapter full of exciting characters and storytelling!”

Erin Krakow, the actress who plays Elizabeth Thornton and serves as n executive producer, is “overjoyed” too.

“Our fantastic writers, cast, and crew couldn’t be more excited to begin filming this next season,” Krakow said. “We are proud to tell stories that warm hearts in homes around the world and so grateful to Hallmark for being such champions of that positivity. Having the Hearties’ support over the past decade has been a true testament to what this show is all about: community and love. We cannot wait for our fans to see what Hope Valley has in store!”

Fans of the show will get to travel back to the tiny Canadian burg for a record twelfth season. Here’s what we know about Season 12 of When Calls the Heart.

Has When Calls the Heart been renewed for Season 12?

Yes! Hallmark Media announced in May 2024 that When Calls the Heart has been renewed for Season 12.

Has production begun on season 12 of When Calls the Heart?

Actors will head back to Jamestown and the MacInnes Farm in July 2024 to begin filming Season 12 of When Calls the Heart.

What are the storylines for Season 12 of When Calls the Heart?

***Spoiler warning***
If you haven’t watched Season 11, STOP READING and return after you have watched all of Season 11.

We’ll see if the burgeoning romance between Nathan (Kevin McGarry) and Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) continues. We’ll likely see more of the trials and tribulations that Governor Bouchard (Chris McNally) encounters during his term as governor. How will the merging of Hope Valley and Benson Hills develop? Will one of the town names reign supreme or will it be a mashup of the two names or perhaps an entirely new name?

We’ll most definitely see more of Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and Lee (Kavan Smith) Coulter parenting their little Goldie, who turned the ripe old age of one in Season 11. Will any of their businesses (hotel, lumber mill, newspaper publication) suffer as they put family first?

Will Joseph (Viv Leacock) reconcile with his estranged brother, Jacob? Will Rosemary and Bill (Jack Wagner) discover who really shot Lucas on election night? Will Mike Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum) propose to Mei (Amanda Wong) or will their romance fizzle?

We wonder if Faith (Andrea Brooks) will legally adopt Lily (Chloe McKinnon)? And what of Henry (Martin Cummins)? Will he return to visit Abigail (Lori Loughlin) as he works for Lucas? Or will he live a lonely single life in Hope Valley?

When Calls the Heart cast for Season 12

when calls the heart 11006 13

Erin Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton)

Elizabeth continues to navigate single parenthood to Toddler Jack (Hyland Goodrich) after her husband’s tragic death. Plus, she now has a published book under her belt.This season she forges a new path forward and sports a new haircut!

Follow Erin on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram @erinkrakow.

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when calls the heart 11006 9

Kevin McGarry (Nathan Grant)

Hope Valley’s Mountie, Nathan Grant, has charge of his niece, Allie (Jaeda Lily Miller), who is a precocious teen ready to stir up trouble. The very single Nathan is open to love, but who will it be with?

Follow Kevin on X @kevin_mcgarry and on Instagram @kevin_mcgarry_w.

Fun fact: McGarry recently got engaged IRL to Kayla Wallace, who plays Fiona on the show.

when calls the heart 11005 14

Chris McNally (Lucas Bouchard)

The saloon owner is a world traveler but seems to have a few secrets in his past. Lucas loves Elizabeth and Little Jack but his run for governor may have been the final nail in the coffin for their engagement.

You may recognize McNally from Altered Carbon or A Winter Princess.

Follow Chris on X @ChrisMcNally_ and on Instagram @chrismcnally.

Fun fact: McNally found his own Hallmark romance IRL with actress Julie Gonzalo. The two most recently starred together in 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost.

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when calls the heart 11004 20

Jack Wagner (Bill Avery)

A former lawman and forensic investigator, Avery is now a judge for the town of Hope Valley. In the beginning, Avery seemed to not always be on the right side of the law but he has since mended his ways.

Easily recognizable, Wagner has been on shows including Melrose Place and General Hospital.

Follow Jack on X @jackwagnerhpk and on Instagram @jackwagnerofficial.

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when calls the heart 11005 3

Amanda Wong (Mei Suo)

Mei rode into town looking to escape a man who wished to possess her like a prized piece of furniture. There was clearly a mutual attraction between her and Nathan in Season 9, but that seemed to fizzle out by the beginning of Season 10. She was then paired off with Mike Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum) but also possibly in a love triangle with Harry (Brendan McRae). By season 11, it looked like Hickam was the only game in town (we’re not sure what happened to Harry) so the courtship continued between the two.

Follow Amanda on X @amndawong.

when calls the heart 11001 13

Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith (Rosemary and Lee Coulter)

Rosemary LeVeaux was hated by fans when it appeared that she might be out to break Elizabeth and Jack (Daniel Lissing) apart, but after she fell in love and married Lee Coulter, fans fell for her amusingly not-so-humble airs.

Lee rode into town on a motorcycle and instantly took a shine to Rosemary and eventually married her. The successful businessman runs the town’s lumberyard as well as the newspaper with his wife.

The Coulters struggled with starting a family for several seasons but finally became parents to Marigold “Goldie” Elizabeth Coulter in Season 10!

Follow Kavan Smith on X @kavanjsmith and on Instagram @kavansmith and follow Pascale Hutton on X @HuttonPascale and on Instagram @phutton.

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when calls the heart 11006 7

Ben Rosenbaum (Mike Hickam)

Hickam is Hope Valley’s Everyman. He had a thing for Fiona (Kayla Wallace) in previous seasons and in Season 10 seemed to have a crush on Mei Suo (Amanda Wong). He kind of bumbled his way around the first few seasons but now he’s proven himself to be a hard worker and smart businessman.

Follow Ben on X @b3nros3 and on Instagram @ben_rosenbaum.

when calls the heart 11005 12

Martin Cummins (Henry Gowan)

When Henry Gowan was first introduced to viewers, he was essentially the villain on the show seemingly opting for profit over worker safety. Yet over the course of the past ten seasons, Gowan has taken a journey of redemption. The person who hates him most is probably himself these days. His unrequited love for Abigail Stanton (Lori Louhglin) seems to have only strengthened over the last few seasons, much to the delight of #Henrigail shippers everywhere.

Cummins has been part of the cast of When Calls the Heart since season one. He was also a series regular on Riverdale. He has also appeared on Garage Sale Mysteries, Eureka, and UnREAL.

Follow Martin on Instagram @martincummins_.

when calls the heart 11002 20

Hrothgar Matthews and Loretta Walsh (Ned and Florence Yost)

At the beginning of the series, Florence was left a widow (as were many others) after the mine collapsed. She and Ned married in Season 8 after having known each other for years.

Matthews isn’t on social media, but you can follow Loretta Walsh on X and Instagram @loretta_walsh.

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when calls the heart 11007 1

Andrea Brooks (Dr. Faith Carter)

After Dr. Shepherd went to Boston to study with a famed doctor, Faith took over the infirmary and now serves as Hope Valley’s local physician. Early in Season 10, it appeared she and Nathan tried dating, but things didn’t work out between the two. Will there be romance for the doc this season? We’ll have to tune in to find out!

Follow Andrea on X and Instagram @AndreaKBrooks.

Fun fact: Brooks was pregnant with her second child during the filming of Season 10!

when calls the heart 11002 21

when calls the heart canfields 2

Courtesy of Hallmark Media

Viv Leacock, Natasha Burnett, Vienna Leacock, Elias Leacock (The Canfields – Minnie and Joseph, Angela and Cooper)

The Canfields came into town looking for a fresh start and bought an old property of Henry’s to lay down their roots. Their daughter, Angela, is a piano prodigy. She is also blind. Joseph, the Canfield patriarch, was originally looking to buy the gas station in town, but he’s also a handyman and preacher. His wife, Minnie, works at Abigail’s cafe.

Not only are Angela and Cooper siblings on the show, the actors are real-life siblings and the real-life children of Viv Leacock.

Follow Viv on X and Instagram @vivleacock.

Follow Natasha on X @natashaburnett and on Instagram @natasha.burnett.

Follow siblings Vienna and Elias on Instagram @vienna.leacock and @eliasleonleacock, respectively.

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when calls the heart 11007 2

Johannah Newmarch (Molly Sullivan)

Molly is one of the town’s widows whose husband died in the mine collapse in Season 1. She’s best friends with Florence (Loretta Walsh) and a bit of a gossip hound. Molly’s daughter, Rosaleen (Mamie Laverock) returned to visit last season, having spent several years away as a nanny.

Follow Johannah on X @jonewmarch and on Instagram @johannahnewmarch.

when calls the heart 11004 8

Hyland Goodrich (Jack Thornton Jr.)

Goodrich took over in Season 9 as young Jack from Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor, the twins who were originally cast to play Baby Jack. The twins spent three seasons playing Elizabeth and Jack’s son. This is Hyland’s first role.

when calls the heart 11001 17

Christian Michael Cooper, Ava Grace Cooper, Kadence Roach, Jaeda Lily Miller, Jaiven Natt, Gracyn Shinyei, Billy Christos, Jr., Remy Marthaller, Sofia Hodsoni (The kids of Hope Valley)

We’ve watched the kids of Hope Valley grow over the years. Several of the young actors have been with the show since the very start. Several siblings on the show, including Vienna and Elias Leacock and Christian and Ava Cooper, are also siblings in real life though they play unrelated characters on the show.

Where is Fiona/Kayla Wallace?

The character of Fiona, played by actress Kayla Wallace, was written out of season 11. Fiona’s absence was explained in the beginning of the season. She had traveled to Nashville to visit her sisters and help with the Women’s Movement and decided to stay to continue with the efforts.

Wallace, was cast in Landman, one of Taylor Sheridan’s shows he’s producing for Paramount+. Landman stars Billy Bob Thorton, Jon Hamm, Demi Moore, and Andy Garcia. Wallace will play Rebecca Savage, a very capable and intimidating attorney sent to Texas to clean up a mess.

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When will Season 12 of When Calls the Heart premiere?

No date has been announced yet, but season 12 of When Calls the Heart will likely premiere in spring of 2025.

Is there a sneak peek of Season 12 of When Calls the Heart?

Production has yet to begin on season 12 of When Calls the Heart, so not yet! As soon as we have one, we’ll definitely share it with you. Check back here for updates!

How many episodes are there of When Calls the Heart?

For the current 11 seasons, there are 119 episodes of When Calls the Heart which includes five extended-length Christmas specials. Season 12 will have 12 episodes.

Will there be a season 13 of When Calls the Heart?

No word yet if the show has been picked up for a thirteenth season, but if Hearties have anything to say about there will be a 13th, 14th and more!

Where is When Calls the Heart filmed?

When Calls the Heart is filmed just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. The town of Hope Valley is located on the Jamestown Movie Set (built on the family-owned MacInnes Farm) where most of the show is filmed.

Fun fact: The sets that have two levels (row house, guest rooms in the saloon, etc.) don’t actually have room upstairs to film so those spaces are created elsewhere.

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What is the When Calls the Heart spinoff series?

The popular series has also spawned its own original spinoff, When Hope Calls which can be streamed on Hallmark Movies Now. The spinoff series follows Lillian (Morgan Kohan) and Grace (Jocelyn Hudon), two sisters who were separated as children after the death of their parents. Lillian was adopted soon after they were orphaned while Grace remained in the foster care system until she aged out. The two reunite as adults and open an orphanage of their own. The spinoff series was revived for Season 2 by Great American Family which premiered a When Hope Calls Christmas movie in the months after the season 2 announcement.

No word yet on when the rest of Season 2 of When Hope Calls will begin filming and if any and all cast are returning. Kohan currently leads the cast of Sullivan’s Crossing which had its second season premiere in April 2024 on The CW. Greg Hovanessian, who played Chuck Stewart on the show, starred on the spinoff Walker Independence and more recently had a recurring role on FBI International. Both Hudon and Ryan-James Hatanaka (who played Mountie Gabriel Kinslow) are both working on other projects as well. Hatanaka was most recently upped to series regular for season two of Criminal Minds: Evolution and Hudon recently joined Chicago Fire in a recurring role and starred in Hallmark Channel’s Romance with a Twist and Falling in Love in Niagra.

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Where to stream Seasons 1-11 of When Calls the Heart

All seasons of When Calls the Heart are available to stream with a subscription on Hallmark Movies Now.

You can also watch previous seasons of When Calls the Heart by purchasing seasons or individual episodes on iTunes, Prime Video and other streaming services. DVDs of previous seasons are also available to purchase.

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