Burger King Launches New Dessert Honoring Its 70th Birthday


Burger King is turning 70 this June, and in honor of the milestone birthday, the company is celebrating with a festive new dessert and a week of worthwhile deals.

The beloved burger joint will be adding a birthday cake-inspired treat to its menus in just a few days, beginning Monday, May 13–and no, it’s not an ice cream dish or a new frozen drink.

BK fans soon won’t have to choose between having cake or pie as they can grab a piece of its Birthday Pie Slice, which offers the best of both worlds, starting as soon as next week at participating restaurants for a limited time. 

According to an official description provided in a press release, the sweet treat “features a creamy birthday cake flavored pie-filling in a cookie crumb crust topped with rainbow-colored sprinkles, cake bites, and whipped topping.”

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Burger King

As for the deals, there will be a new one every single day. Beginning later this month, customers can score free Whopper Jr.’s, Croissan’wiches, cheeseburgers, and so much more, as long as they’re a member of the burger joint’s loyalty rewards program

The full schedule of upcoming promotions is listed below: 

  • Tuesday, May 28: In honor of National Hamburger Day, enjoy a free hamburger with a purchase of $0.70 or more.
  • Wednesday, May 29: Kick-start the day and enjoy a free Croissan’wich with a purchase of $0.70 or more.
  • Thursday, May 30: Enjoy a free medium soft drink with a purchase of $0.70 or more.
  • Friday, May 31: Enjoy the flame-grilled goodness of a free cheeseburger with a purchase of $0.70 or more.
  • Saturday, June 1: The day BK officially turns 70! Celebrate the brand with a free Birthday Pie Slice with a purchase of $0.70 or more.
  • Sunday, June 2: Get a free Original Crispy Chicken Sandwich with a purchase of $0.70 or more.
  • Monday, June 3: Grab a free Whopper Jr. with a purchase of $0.70 or more.

Fans are, unsurprisingly, very excited about the Birthday Pie Slice, as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive reactions on Instagram.

“Oooh!! I want it. About time for a new pie,” one declared.

“OMG .Burger King got me a cake for my bday ! They shouldn’t have !” another joked. 

“my birthday is June 6 and this will be my birthday cake,” a third confessed.

While Burger King didn’t explicitly say when exactly the dessert would disappear, a rep from the company suggested the idea was inspired by the likes of its loyal customers, so hopefully, it’ll be around long enough for everyone to try it. 

“Since 1954, Burger King has prided itself on two things – flame-grilling and letting Guests ‘Have It Your Way’. And, while a lot has changed over the last 70 years, we’ve always remained committed to our Guests, including the past few years as we have been reclaiming our flame with initiatives such as remodeling and modernizing our restaurants, investing in state-of-the-art technology, menu innovations and more,” Pat O’Toole, the chief marketing officer of Burger King North America, said in a statement. “As we look to celebrate our milestone birthday this June, we are proud of the legacy this brand has built and on which we stand, and are beyond grateful for our royal Guests who have made it all possible.”

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