Best AI Websites You Shouldn’t Miss

Best AI Websites You Shouldn’t Miss

Today’s blog post will teach you about the greatest AI websites in 2024.

Artificial intelligence is taking over, and this collection of AI websites will assist you in taking control of AI.

We created this list with the intention of including relevant AI technologies. There are also “fun” websites, however the majority of these sites will help you achieve something more significant than “fun.”

You might be from any career or walk of life, and your life will undoubtedly improve once you’ve gone through this list.

There are AI website builders, AI virality tools, picture generators, and even AI attorneys, among other things.

Table: Top AI Websites in 2024

WebsiteDescriptionURLMain FeaturesCost
ChatGPTAI for Text and Research AI, task automation, debugging code, game creation, translations, explanations, assignment completion, and moreFree to start
IMGCreatorAI Image Creator generation, clothing modification, background transformation, 3D rendering, generative fill, and moreFree
MidjourneyCreator of AI Images picture generation, image refinement, user-submitted image enhancements, morphing images, text-based image descriptions, and moreFree
KickResumeResume Builder and AI Interview Practice resume generation, editing, mock AI interviews, AI career counseling, proofreading, customizable templates, and moreFree (Premium options available)
SynthesiaVideo Editing and Production video narration, avatar customization, multimedia integration, branded avatars, script generation, and morePaid
Opus ClipViral Video Creation and Automated Captions clip extraction, virality score, active speaker detection, emotion recognition, dynamic text subtitles, and moreFree
LongevityAI Website Builder website creation, customization, widgets, real-time statistics, AI assistance, and moreFree
AI LawyerLegal Assistance Chatbot advice, document summarization, legal document drafting, document comparison, premium plans for extended features, and moreFree (Premium options available)
StafflyAI-Powered Restaurant Staffing matching, shift management, shift forecasting, dual-rating system, employment opportunities, and moreFree (Fees for hires and additional services)
ForefrontAI-Powered Data Analysis and Assistance models, real-time data queries, file analysis, chart comprehension, image recognition, transcription, personalized AI assistants, and moreFree (with limitations)
AI Websites

Best Artificial Intelligence Websites in 2024

1. ChatGPT (AI for text and research)

2. IMGCreator (Artificial Intelligence Image Creator)

3. Midjourney (Creator of AI Images)

4. KickResume (resume builder and AI interview practice)

5. Synthesia (Video editing and production)

6. Opus Clip (Extract small, viral snippets from lengthier films, create automatic subtitles, and so forth.)

7. Longevity (AI website builder)

AI Attorney

9. Staffly (artificial intelligence-powered restaurant staffing)

10. Forefront (chat with files/ ChatGPT/ data analyzer, video transcription, and more)

Finally, the Best AI Websites

1. ChatGPT (Text and research AI)


I’m beginning here simply because ChatGPT is what made the whole “AI storm” thing widespread. It’s essentially an AI with whom you may converse and receive human-like replies. It may also be programmed to do a variety of tasks for you. Consider it the real-life Jarvis from Iron Man.

It is most typically used to obtain answers to inquiries without the user having to look for them manually on several websites. However, you can just ask it to “Write me a paragraph on Article 32 of the American Constitution” and it will do it.

You may also use it to build lists, such as “give me 10 unique child names” or “give me the names of X least visited places.”

There is, however, much (much) more you can do. It may be used to debug code or to create a full-fledged game! Simply state, “Write me a Python tic-tac-toe game.”

Translations, explanations, determining questions (or answers) from a paragraph, collecting data from text, and, most importantly, assignment completion.

In reality, ChatGPT is “programmable.” For example, you might tell it, “Pretend you’re William Shakespeare and write me a poem in your style, but in 2023 slang.”

2. IMGCreator (AI Image creator)


You have IMGCreator if you require 100% free highly powerful artificial intelligence website to make photos.

It can obviously produce graphics from text inputs. It can also create pictures from photographs. But it is also capable of much more.

To begin with, it can swap/change anything and is highly realistic. The majority of changes are imperceptible to the human eye. It can, for example, modify “dresses.”

Upload a photograph, mask (select) the outfit, and enter your prompt, for example, “I’m wearing an Indian saree.” Joe Biden would be perplexed if you forced him to wear a Saree!

You may also modify your appearance! Upload image> choose face> enter prompt, for example, “Taylor Swift” Within seconds, you may have her hugging you in the most lifelike shot!

Of course, you can alter complete backdrops and transform a photograph taken in your room into a photograph taken in Rome!

You may create highly professional, sophisticated, and appealing backdrops for your items if you are a product photographer!

Oh, maybe you need a new model/brand ambassador for free, forever? Simply specify how you want him/her to seem, and it will build a bespoke individual that does not exist!

Yes, that is one of IMGCreator’s abilities. It is not a “command-based” system. Most objects are selected with a single click.

It also offers “generative fill,” which allows you to upload a picture and continuously expanding it with realistic and appropriate information as if it had always existed alongside the image.

Maybe you draw? Upload your sketch, and the program will turn it into a 3D picture.

What’s the best part? It’s completely free! Simply signing in and performing numerous additional actions earns you free credits.

3. Midjourney (AI Image creator)


Midjourney is widely regarded as one of the greatest AI picture generators. Simply input what you want to make, and it will do it.

You’ll get four photos for each prompt. If you’re certain that these are the photographs you want to use, you can enlarge them. You may also make many “variations” of one of these four produced images until you get your desired result.

Midjourney also allows you to submit your own photographs and apply AI magic on them. For example, you may post your image with the suggestion “fighting Thanos alongside Captain America, hyper-realistic, cinematic.” There’s a good possibility you’ll be blown away.

It even includes a /describe command, which allows you to submit an image and have Midjourney explain it. MJ will then provide you with text suggestions that it believes are the most similar to the submitted image. You may then enter those word prompts to produce photos that are similar but not identical to the ones you submitted.

Morphing pictures is one of the most innovative ways to utilize Midjourney. “Taylor Swift as Wonder Woman” is an example. There is no limit to what your imagination may create.

Midjourney, on the other hand, has a minor learning curve. To utilize the tool, you’d also need to join up for Discord.

4. KickResume (Resume Builder and mock AI interviews)


Assume you need a new job or a new CV for any reason. KickResume can assist you with that.

The chatbot greets you. It will request your name and work title. Once input, a whole CV including a bio, objective, interests, talents, strengths, and so on is quickly produced. Yes, it is AI-based since these information are tailored to your job title based on your first inputs.

Of course, everything is editable. Simply pick the part you want to change. You may, of course, include areas such as credentials, strengths, certificates, and so on. There are also dozens of pre-designed themes to choose from only a few clicks.

It also includes AI analysis. It examines your

There’s even a job interview with an AI. Simply type the position you want to apply for. The AI then creates a slew of potential questions for you to answer. These are the most fundamental interview questions. Of course, answers are also provided.

The third reason it’s on this list of valuable AI websites is because it includes an AI career counselor. You will be able to begin your present or desired career. It then generates a plethora of books and other resources to assist you in furthering your profession.

There are a few non-AI aspects that can help you get the most reliable CV possible. This includes proofreading and augmentation (such as improved readability and more interesting copywriting).

Finally, it provides a unique URL for you to share straight immediately. Anyone with a browser may access your resume without ever downloading anything!

Yes, Kickresume is completely free. Although not all of its capabilities are free, you may produce and download AI resumes for free.

5. Synthesia (Video production and editor)


When it comes to video production, Synthesia leads the list of best AI websites. The core principle is simple: you enter a script, select an avatar (model) from over 140 options, and the avatar narrates your script.

You may also include presentations, logos, statistics, charts, music, and other files. All of this is included into your film to make it as realistic as possible. PowerPoint presentations can even be imported.

Custom avatars contribute to the “wow” factor. You may personalize your avatar by using your camera to create one that looks like you!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could add your own voice to the avatars? That is also an option! It features a function for replicating voices.

Perhaps you don’t want to add your own original avatar but still want something distinctively yours. There are “branded avatars” available. These will be unique to you and your business!

What if you don’t have a script? It doesn’t make a difference. It contains a feature similar to ChatGPT that allows an AI to generate your script based on some simple instructions.

There are also pre-made video templates. These templates determine how the avatar interacts as well as the general tone of the video. It also features Pexels, Icons8, and Shutterstock integration.

Oh, and if you pay extra, you can get a branded sharing page. This implies that you are not required to download your videos.

Synthesia is not free, however you may test it out on the demo website.

6. Opus Clip (Extract short, viral clips from longer videos, automated captions, etc.)


If you’re looking to develop a socially media channel or a YouTube channel, Opus Clip is for you.

At first glance, it appears to be capable of finding and extracting the most viral sections/hooks from a larger video. This allows you to create YouTube clips and Instagram reels in seconds! It also gets more views in general because all of the fun/information is delivered with viewers without them having to watch for hours.

There’s also a “virality score” built in. The AI assigns you a score that indicates the likelihood of your video becoming viral.

You also have complete control over the clips. If you don’t want to include the complete video, you can specify time periods from which the segments should be collected.

Its AI creation is a fun yet highly useful function. The AI can recognize emotions/moments/feelings in the video and automatically creates and inserts an emoji at the appropriate time.

Another function known as “Active speaker detection” focuses on the speaker’s “face” and ensures it is constantly in the center. Yes, this improves retention time.

Have you ever wondered how those wonderful, dynamic text subtitles/captions are added to videos? Opus Clip accomplishes this in seconds without requiring you to input a single word.

The best part? It is completely free and will remain so in perpetuity! You receive 60 minutes of free credits and 1080P movies for life. Yes, there are watermarks, but hey, it’s free!

7. Durable (AI website builder)


Create a website in SECONDS. All you need is a keyword to describe your business. For example, consider cryptocurrency. Then, give your site a name.

An full website is developed for you in less than 5 seconds! Here’s what I got when I searched for “cryptocurrency”:

Each website will include a plethora of parts and features such as banners, contact forms, blog sections, FAQs, testimonials, price tables, and so on.

You may also add pages like privacy policies, terms and conditions, about us, galleries, contact us, and so on.

It is relatively simple to edit any of these sections/pages. There is a “edit” button that allows you to quickly update the text, subject, buttons, and links. Control over alignment, colors, background pictures, and anything else is available.

It also features a plethora of “widgets” from which to pick. Cookie consent bar, messenger chat, Whatsapp button, Telegram button, and so forth are examples of these.

Each website may be previewed instantaneously, and a live link that is valid for 24 hours is produced. Of course, after you pay for it, you receive a permanent link.

The dashboard displays detailed statistics such as the number of visits, the number of live visitors, and other data. 

It even has an A.I. built in that can assist you with a variety of tasks. You may instruct it to “create a marketing strategy for me,” “publicize my website,” “change my business address,” and so on.

8. AI Lawyer 


I’m sure you’ve heard that AI is on its way to take over the legal profession. It’s a chatbot that specializes in “law” at its most basic level. You may ask it any legal or legal-related issue, and it will almost always give you correct, actionable responses.

Some of the questions it can answer are “How can I immigrate to the United States?” “How do I get a divorce?” and so forth.

You may also provide it with documents/paragraphs to make things easier. Yes, all of that 100-page legal gibberish can be condensed so that you and I can grasp it as readily as possible.

If you’re a lawyer, you may then utilize it for research. It will identify references and other facts that you may utilize to strengthen your argument.

It can even draft legal papers, which are legally binding. This eliminates the need to wait in line for a lawyer’s appointment or even pay them.

Perhaps you have a legal draft already? AI Lawyer can also examine it and provide you with a summary so you can make any necessary changes.

Oh, and it can even assist you compare two papers to see what’s different about them. Allows you to detect minute modifications that may be done to it without your knowledge!

Although you may begin for free, some features are only accessible on premium programs. Paid plans aren’t particularly costly; they cost approximately $2.99 each week, which is less than the cost of a lawyer!

9. Staffly (AI-powered restaurant staffing)


Staffly is on this list of AI websites because it uses artificial intelligence to help you staff your restaurants. There isn’t much going on right now, but its particular specialty makes it something that some of you could find useful.

As a result, it identifies and assists you in hiring the best people for your business. The dual-rating method guarantees that both parties may rate each other, which benefits other platform users.

AI can also assist you with shift management, and there is even AI-powered shift forecasting. So you know ahead of time which areas require reorganization and greater attention.

Oh, and if you have at least one year of job experience, you can join up as a worker. Yes, it only accepts applicants with at least one year of experience.

You do not have to spend anything to sign up. It is free until you obtain something from the site, at which point a payment is required.

10. Forefront (Chat with files/ ChatGPT/ data analyzer, transcribe video, and more)


ForeFront provides something for everyone. To begin, it offers you access to a few AI models, such as ChatGPT, Claude 2, Claude Assistant, and others. 

You might begin by utilizing it to ask questions and receive answers. For example, “create a marketing plan for my new list of top AI websites.”

Yes, these models are internet-connected, so the data is real-time and up to date.

Then there’s the “Chat with files” function. You can upload files and ask inquiries regarding the files’ contents. For example, I could submit a PDF and the query could be “How much money was lost in Q3 of 2022?” If the solution is in the PDF, Forefront will find it for you.

It can even comprehend charts and statistics. For example, you might upload an Excel document and ask it to “give me the top 10 stores with the lowest sales volume” or anything else you want.

Oh, and it can recognize photos. Upload a picture and ask any questions about it. For example, “Who painted this?” “What is wrong with the image?” “What can I add to make it look more realistic?”

Do you need a video/music file transcribed? Blink, done!

It also allows you to have your own “AI assistants.” These assistants can be personalized and tuned to the user’s preferences.

Most importantly? It will always be free! Yes, there are limits with the free version.

Final words: Best AI Websites 

I hope I was able to provide you with the greatest AI websites on our list. We have picture generators, video generators, AI staffing, AI website builders, and so much more; surely you’ve discovered something you like, don’t you?

Oh, and this is by no means a “absolute” list. There are dozens of more AI-related websites available. These, however, are the industry leaders in their respective industries. If you come back in a week, I guarantee you’ll find more AI websites that are truly useful to you (yeah, bookmark us perhaps?).

But that’s all for now; now check out these greatest AI websites and discover which ones provide the most value to your life.

What are the finest artificial intelligence (AI) websites in 2024?

A1: The following are some of the greatest AI websites to visit in 2024:

1. ChatGPT (artificial intelligence for text and research)

2. Artificial Intelligence Image Creator (IMGCreator)

3. Midjourney (AI Image Creator)

4. KickResume (AI interview practice and resume builder)

5. Synthesia (Video production and editing)

6. Opus Clip (Extract viral clips from longer films, generate automated subtitles, and more.)

7. Durability (AI website builder)

8th. AI Lawyer

9. Staffly (restaurant staffing powered by artificial intelligence)

10. Forefront (file chat/ ChatGPT/ data analyser, video transcription, and more)

What services does ChatGPT provide as an AI website?

A2: ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) website that focuses in writing and research. It enables you to have natural language conversations with AI and accomplish activities like answering queries, debugging code, creating games, and more. It is extremely adaptable and configurable, allowing it to tackle a wide range of jobs.

What can I do with the AI Image Creator, IMGCreator?

A3: IMGCreator is an AI Image Creator that can generate pictures from text inputs, edit photographs (for example, by changing clothes), build convincing backdrops, and even convert drawings into 3D images. It provides sophisticated picture alteration tools for free, with possibilities to earn credits.

What distinguishes Midjourney as an AI Image Creator?

Midjourney is well-known for its AI image generating skills. You may use prompts to produce photos that you can then tweak to your satisfaction. Users can also contribute their own photographs for AI upgrades such as dramatic effects. The “/describe” command provides text-based image descriptions and is a useful tool for image morphing.

How can KickResume assist in resume creation and job interviews?                     

A5: KickResume is a flexible AI website for creating resumes and conducting mock AI interviews. It creates full CVs based on your inputs, which you may then update and tweak. It provides AI-assisted job interviews, career coaching, and tools to help you advance in your career, all for free.

What are the key features of Synthesia for video editing and production?

A6: Synthesia is a video editing and producing company. It supports video narration with scripts, avatar customisation, multimedia integration, and even voice duplication. It allows you to easily produce quality videos, but it is not free.

How can Opus Clip assist in video content creation?

A7: Opus Clip helps in creating viral video content by extracting short, engaging clips from longer videos. It offers features like active speaker detection, dynamic text subtitles, and easy clip customization. The best part is that it’s entirely free with generous features.

What does Longevity offer as an AI website builder?

A8: Longevity is an AI website builder that can create websites in seconds based on a keyword and site name. It offers customization, widgets, real-time statistics, and AI assistance for various tasks, making website creation straightforward and free.

How does AI Attorney assist users with legal matters?

A9: AI Attorney is a legal chatbot that provides legal advice, document summarization, legal document drafting, and even document comparison. It’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional legal services, with both free and premium options.

What are the benefits of using Staffly, the AI-powered restaurant staffing platform?

A10: Staffly uses AI to match the best candidates for restaurant staffing. It offers dual-rating, shift management, shift forecasting, and employment opportunities. It’s free to sign up, with fees only applicable when making hires or accessing additional services.

What can users expect from Forefront, the AI-powered data analysis platform?

A11: Forefront offers access to AI models, real-time data queries, file analysis, chart comprehension, image recognition, transcription, and personalized AI assistants. It’s a versatile tool with free features, ideal for data-related tasks.

Are there more AI websites beyond this list?

A12: Yes, this list represents some of the best AI websites in 2024, but there are many more AI-related websites available. The AI landscape is continually evolving, so it’s a good idea to stay updated and explore new options that may emerge in the future.

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