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You just found the best AI business plan generator. If you wish to generate a complete business plan, in seconds, simply by entering your business’ name, keep reading.

Each of these tools are 100% free. No payment whatsoever. Most will generate the entire plan for you, while some may require more manual inputs. Those that need more manual inputs also offer you more control though.

Point being, you’ll find something that fits your skills and requirements here, no matter what those are. I’ve even included a custom template you can use with ANY AI text generator to generate the perfect business plan. 

Let’s get started with the basics then? 

What elements should a good business plan have? 

You may use the best AI business plan generators to generate the best business plans, but there’s still some manual work involved.

You need to ensure that the generated plans comprise everything your plan should have, don’t you? 

There are two reasons why that is so. First, AI generators are still new. They may at times have incorrect or confusing information. Secondly, you can add points and data that the AI generator may not have access to.

Of course, every business plan is different depending on the business. However, thye do often have a few key points that are common:

  • Summary/overview: This should be a brief compilation of the company’s projected  future. Every goal/objective should be mentioned so the “why” of the business is clear right away.
  • Description: You explain your products, why they’re supposed to sell, describe your competitors etc. 
  • Marketing plan: The modes of marketing you plan to use and the expected exposure for each tactic. 
  • Market analysis: This is where you talk more about the “market” and not about you. The size of the market, potential growth, key trends etc. 
  • Brand story: This is the non-technical and more emotional side of things. Define why your brand exists, the story behind its birth, the story of the founders and so on. 
  • The “money” part: You can name it anything but your plan must talk about the “money” side of things, eh? Basically, this is where you project the initial costs involved, projected revenue potential, time required to break even and so on .

1. Copy AI 


Primary features:

  • Dedicated business plan generator prompts
  • Automated workflows
  • Advanced APIs 
  • Pre-designed prompt templates 
  • Brand voice 
  • Free forever. 

Copy AI generates almost everything and it actually has a dedicated “Business Plan” generator page. This is also evident if you pay attention to the link above. 

It has these automated workflows which get things done for you. Once you sign up (it’s free and you get 200 bonus credits), simply go to “workflows” and choose “Create brand strategy”. 

You then simply enter the core of your business in a few words. E.g. I typed “A gay dating app” and here’s what I got:

Best AI Business Plan Generators

What separates Copy AI from all other options on this list is its Workflows, APIs, prompt templates etc. 

The prompt templates basically have “categories” you can choose from. E.g. If I choose “PR/communications” it gives me templates for “event invite”, “pitch a journalist”, “Product release” etc. Similar templates exist for a dozen other things. 

In other words, when you’re done with your business plan there’s a lot more you can do with Copy AI that you can not do with most other similar tools. 

You can get started with Copy AI right away, it’s 100% free forever. Paid plans are a tad-bit expensive and start at about $36.00/month but I guess that’s the price you pay for the best ai business plan generator, eh?

2. WordKraft 


WordKraft AI business planner

  • Dedicated business plan generators.
  • 78 pre-designed templates 
  • Smartchat
  • Keyword research
  • AI image generator. 

If you look at the URL above, you’ll see it directly takes you to a business plan page. I personally love the control it gives me over the template.

I simply need to enter the core business idea. Then, it lets me cover the key points I’d like to include. This is where the “control” part comes in, you can add your own keywords/elements to the generator and for each individual element. 

In fact, you can even add completely new elements if you want to. 

It does let you add a “tone of voice”. You can choose from formal, bold, informative, witty, adventurous, persuasive and so on.

There’s also a creative meter you can control. You can allow it to be high/medium or low. 

WordKraft also has tons of other features such as AI image generator, a keyword research feature and Smartchat. Smartchat is basically an AI that claims being able to do almost anything for you. In reality, I’ve found it’s more or less similar to any other text AI.

3. ChatGPT


  • Free forever
  • Needs more manual inputs
  • Simpler to use
  • Offers more control and customization 

Many of you must have been wondering “Can ChatGPT write a business plan”? Yes. It would almost be shameful if the current generative text AI couldn’t do that, eh?

There’s a twist though.

ChatGPT relies heavily on “your prompts”. Meaning, you can’t simply choose “generate business plan” to get it done.

There are multiple ways you can generate a business plan using ChatGPT. The easiest option is to take it step-by-step. E.g. tell ChatGPT to “write a (use advanced prompts) market analysis for (your business idea). Then you can get it to write the brand story, marketing plan and everything else. 

There are two sides to this coin. While it’s surely slightly more complicated and time-consuming than automated generators, you get more control with ChatGPT. You can literally ask it to improve each section manually. Maybe “Make the marketing plan simpler to understand” or “witty and funny”. 

Of course, ChatGPT is free (at least its free plan). However, getting GPT 4 will let ChatGPT use more current market trends and data that may benefit your business plan.

4. AutoWriterPro


  • Dedicated business plan templates 
  • Each plan element has its own sub-templates 
  • 100% free

I’ll prioritise any AI business plan generator that has a dedicated feature for “business plan” generation on this list. That’s exactly what AutoWriterPro offers.

On the dashboard, you simply need to choose “Auto Templates Pro” to access all its templates. 

There, you’ll see “business planning”, “business administration” and “finance planning” templates among others. Each of these have their own set of sub-templates. 

E.g. the “business planning” template offers market analysis, business analysis, business proposals and other similar generations.

ai business plan

That isn’t all either! Once you choose one of these sub-templates (e.g. market analysis),  you get even more specific templates to choose from.

Yes, you won’t get a single template here that generates the entire business plan. However, it does offer these templates that you can use to generate individual elements of your business plan. 

Yes, it’s free. 

5. Simplified 


  • 100+ pre-designed templates
  • Independant AI chat feature
  • Brandbook
  • Forever free 

Simplified has about a dozen AI tools. While it doesn’t directly have a business plan generator, it sure can be used to create free business plan. 

For that, you’ll need to sign up and then use its “AI Writer”. Now, it has over 100 pre-trained AI templates. Unfortunately, you won’t find any for “Business plan”. However, you can use its other templates such as “Sales pitch”, “company bio” 

The generator does offer a few advanced features. For starters, you can choose the number of results you want and the output language (dozens available). On top of that you can also choose a “creativity level”. It can be deterministic, creative, imaginative etc. 

You can also skip the templates altogether and simply use its AI Chat feature directly. Here you can manually ask Simplified to create individual elements of your business plan. 

It does have a “Brandbook”. You can upload your logos, colours and fonts that will help branding your creations easily.

The tool is largely free. You get 2000 chat and 5 image generation credits for free. Of course there’s a paid plan that costs $6.00/month. 

6. Writecream


  • Entire plan generated using multiple tools 
  • Multiple AI tools 
  • Free to try 

Writecream again is a collection of AI tools that help you create a business plan using AI. It doesn’t have a dedicated business plan generator but the overall tools totally help you do that.

For starters, you can use its “product/brand description” template, followed by “pitch an angel” template. Its “feature to benefit” feature helps you better pitch/market your products.

There’s also a “ChatGenie”. You can just ask it to create different elements of your business plan. 

Writecream has tons of other features such as Facebook Ad copy, plagiarism checker, Email personalization etc. There’s an AI image generator as well. 

It’s free to try and you get 20 free AI credits simply by signing up using an e-mail. 

Bonus: Business plan template for any and all AI text generators.

Did you know you can use any text-based AI to get AI generated business plan even though they don’t officially have templates for it?

Yes. As long as the AI is capable of generating text, it can generate a business plan for you. 

All you’ve to do is use this template and ask the AI to generate each element individually. Simply edit the parts within the (brackets) to suit your business. 

Introduce (your business idea). E.g. Introduce a gay dating app. 

Write me a story-based description that includes its history, ownership and team. 

Give me market analysis for the business idea. 

Give me some marketing ideas I can use to market my product. 

Explain the financial projections that may include financial plan, income and expenses.

Give me an implementation plan that includes milestones and timelines. 

I’m sure you get the idea, don’t you? Do note that this isn’t an absolute-template. You can edit it in as many ways as you want to fit your business ideas. 

Final words- best AI business plan generator 

That’s it folks. I hope you’ve got the best free AI business plan generator by now. Of course, there’s no one “best” tool that suits all your requirements and businesses. Which is why I’ve included many different types of tools that should cater to a wide range of requirements. 

You can always use the template I’ve shared to use any other generative text AI to get your templates done as well.

And yes, this isn’t an “absolute” list. No list is an absolute list. You can always find other options but these are the ones I’ve personally tried and tested. They’re also safer and less likely to lead you to scams and wasted time. 

Go on then, give these a try and see which turns out to be the best 

AI business plan generator for you. 


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