55 Things To Do for Your Birthday That Celebrate You in the Best Way Possible


When it’s almost time for you to make a wish and blow out the candles on your cake to ring in another birthday, make sure you have some special plans so you can celebrate. After all, seeing how birthdays only happen once a year, it’s important to not let them slip by like any other day. Instead, you should romanticize it and do something to make that specific day stand apart, whether that be in a small way or a drastic way.

If coming up with birthday ideas is not your forte, don’t let that keep you from celebrating—that’s where we come in. We rounded up 55 things to do for your birthday. Some are simple and easy activities that allow you to focus on yourself, a few are out of the box and exciting, while others are elaborate and a couple might take a little planning beforehand. That way, you have a variety of birthday options to choose from.

Finding a way to enjoy that moment in time and do something for yourself will make all the difference in the world. Because no matter how old you get or how often you may say that you don’t want your birthday to be a big deal to those around you, inside you know that that’s not true. You want to feel special. And with our list, you can easily achieve that.

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55 Things to Do for Your Birthday

1. Book a B-Day Staycation

A little staycation where you can focus on yourself is a great way to practice self-care. It’ll give you time to relax, escape the stress of your normal routine, and enjoy some peace and quiet, which is just what the doctor ordered for your birthday. So take a day off work and spend it at your home enjoying some R&R.

2. Buy Yourself Flowers

There’s something about getting a fresh bouquet of flowers that makes you feel loved… so gift yourself some. They are the best kind of present to give yourself on your B-Day.

3. Chassé over to the Ballet

No matter what time of the year it is, there are dance productions every season. This is why you should slip into a nice dress and see a ballet with some of your best friends on your birthday.

4. Treat Yourself to an Extravagant Birthday Meal

things to do for your birthday meal

Dave Lastovskiy/Unsplash

Dress up and go to a fancy restaurant where you can treat yourself to an amazing meal. It’s an act of self-love that everyone should do from time to time.

5. Conquer a Fear

Go outside of your typical routine and try an activity that would normally scare you for your B-Day. Once you accomplish it, you’ll be so proud of yourself for stepping outside of your comfort zone. It’ll prove that you can do anything you set your mind to.

6. Splurge on That Accessory You’ve Been Eyeing

Whether it’s a ring, a bag or a necklace you’ve been obsessed with over the last year, now’s the perfect time to purchase it, especially if you haven’t gotten yourself something nice in a long time.

7. Embrace an Aquatic Afternoon

Swim into your best birthday yet by spending it under the sea surrounded by beautiful fish at an aquarium. You’ll be surprised by how tranquil and magical it can be to spend time there—even as an adult.

8. Visit a Vineyard

Spoil yourself with some wine and cheese plates as a way to celebrate ringing in another year. It’s not only relaxing, but the views will be spectacular.

9. Head to the Beach

What’s more magical than spending the afternoon in the sun with sand between your toes as you’re looking at the ocean? That’s why it makes the best birthday spot!

10. Watch the Sunrise

There’s something so special about getting up early and starting your day off by watching the sun come up over the horizon. It’s a must-do activity that will help you start your birthday on a bright note.

11. Hit Up a Karaoke Bar

You can’t go wrong by singing your heart out alongside your friends for your birthday. It’ll be fun, cheap and something you’ll never forget.

12. Hire a Private Chef

You don’t have to leave your home if you do this! It’ll allow you to enjoy a fine dining experience from the comfort of your house.

13. Go to the Theater

Enjoy a night out with a performance! No matter if you get a ticket to see a local show or one on Broadway, this is a great birthday idea.

14. Get a Manicure

Sometimes doing something as small as getting your nails done can make you feel so good about yourself. That’s why you should treat yourself to a mani for your B-Day.

15. Buy a Birthday Outfit

Seeing yourself in a couple of new looks will instantly boost your confidence and make you feel fabulous. What’s a better birthday gift to yourself than that? It’ll remind you that you’re beautiful and to love your body because it’s perfect as is.

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16. Have a TV Marathon

things to do for your birthday tv marathon

No Revisions/Unsplash

There are no rules that say you have to go out for your birthday. If a night at home is what you’ve been craving, pop some popcorn, buy some candy and invite a couple of friends over to binge your favorite show with you.

17. Have a PJ Party

Take the pressure off of getting dressed up and ask some of your friends to come over for a pajama-themed birthday party. You can even have breakfast foods and a pancake tower cake.

18. Get Your Game On

If you’ve been dying to attend a sporting event, look a little in advance for tickets to a game around your birthday. You’ll have a ball if you do!

19. Get Crafty

Are you struggling to come up with a birthday idea this year? Head to a paint-and-sip class! You can go alone or get a group together. Either way, you’ll have fun and end up leaving with a new piece of art.

20. Schedule a Birthday Portrait Session

Sure, you’ve probably had professional pictures taken with your family, for work or for your wedding, but that doesn’t mean those are the only times you can. In fact, having a birthday photo shoot will be a way for you to always remember that day and be something you can even turn into a tradition.

21. Get a New ‘Do

New hair, who’s this?! Changing up your hair color, your hair length or your hair texture is a fabulous way to give yourself some self-love and make yourself feel like the queen you truly are on your birthday.

22. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Sometimes you feel best after doing something selfless. Volunteering some time to care for shelter animals is a great birthday idea if you’re an animal lover.

23. Fly Up, Up and Away

Want to go big for your B-Day? Schedule a hot air balloon ride! Just make sure you go to bed early the night before because this activity has you waking up before the sun does.

24. Have a Tea Party

Get dolled up and sip on some tea with a handful of your closest friends. It’s a sophisticated and elegant way to celebrate your birthday!

25. Visit a Psychic

Seeing how you just completed another journey around the sun, it’s time to see what’s in your future with a birthday reading! It’ll be a magical way to start your new year.

26. Enjoy Nature

Looking for a free birthday idea? Go on a hike! It can not only be enjoyable, but it can be enchanting and therapeutic as well.

27. Have an Adult Slumber Party

Just because you’re a grown-up doesn’t mean you can’t still do things you loved doing as a child, like sleepovers with your best friends. Your birthday is actually the perfect excuse for you to round up your squad and invite them to come spend the night at your place.

28. Give a Room in Your Home A Facelift

Instead of going somewhere for your birthday, take some time and finally give a space in your home that makeover you’ve always wanted. From adding wallpaper, to changing the paint color, to incorporating some new throw pillows or accessories, there are so many ways you can upgrade a space and make it dreamy.

29. Have a Spa Day

Self-love involves self-care activities, like having a spa day. You can do so by setting up an appointment for yourself, or you can go to a store and buy some candles, a bubble bath bomb and other products so you can create a spa day for yourself at home.

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30. Strike Out in a Good Way

things to do for your birthday bowling

Brittani Burns/Unsplash

Head to a bowling alley for a night of fun and a little competition. It’s an easy, yet fun birthday activity for people of all ages.

31. Create a Photo Book

Print out your Instagram pics from this past year and spend the night scrapbooking them. It gives you the chance to look back on the year you had and look ahead to the next one.

32. Giddy Up on Horseback

Channel your inner Beyoncé and give your birthday a country spin by going horseback riding. The best part is, you don’t have to be an expert to go.

33. Spend the Amount of Cash That You’re Turning

Give yourself a shopping challenge for your birthday by setting a spending limit of the age you’re turning and buy yourself a gift with that amount.

34. Hit the Road

No matter if it’s a 20-minute drive to somewhere or a 7-hour adventure, going on a road trip of sorts is a great way to spend your birthday.

35. Attend a Cake-Making Class

Birthday cake is a must, so why not learn how to make a picture-worthy one? Not only will it teach you a new skill, but no matter how it ends up looking, you’ll know it’ll taste delicious.

36. Go Whale Watching

If you live near the ocean, research whale-watching outings near you. They’re usually not that pricey, and while you’re not guaranteed to see this magnificent creature, chances are you’ll at least see some dolphins.

37. Schedule an Animal Experience

Make your birthday one you’ll always remember by getting up close and personal with an animal at your local zoo. From feeding giraffes to red pandas, there are so many animal encounters that zoos have to choose from.

38. Have a Lazy Day

Seeing how you’re always having to be on, give yourself a break on your birthday. Sleep in, stay in your pajamas, don’t do your hair and makeup, don’t do any household chores. Just relax.

39. Hire a Cleaning Crew

Give yourself the gift of not having to clean your house. With so many home cleaning options online nowadays, it’s super easy to find one that fits what you’re looking for in your price range.

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40. Visit the Happiest Place on Earth

things to do for your birthday disney world

Brian McGowan/Unsplash

Going to Disney World is never a bad idea for your b-day, no matter how old you are. Don’t forget to get your birthday pin while you’re at the park and to take a picture in front of the castle.

41. Camp Out

Instead of booking a hotel for the night, camp out. It’ll still let you be in a new environment and hopefully, give you the chance to regroup while you’re out in nature.

42. Take a Dance Lesson

From salsa to jazz, there are countless dance classes you can sign up for. You can take one lesson, or commit to going your entire birthday month. Either way, it’s a fun way to exercise and get your body moving.

43. Get Your Ears Pierced

Feeling impulsive on your birthday? Then, consider getting an ear piercing. It can be a stylish way to commemorate your special day.

44. Start a Journal

It’s the beginning of a new era in your life, so start documenting it. It’s something you’ll love looking back on and if this has been something you’ve been thinking of doing, your birthday is the perfect time to finally bring pen to paper.

45. Stargaze

Celebrate your birthday at night under the stars! It will be an enchanting way to say goodbye to the last year and hello to the new one.

46. Put on Some Ice Skates

Even if you have a summer birthday, you can have a winter wonderland birthday at an ice skating rink. It’s an especially fun birthday idea if you bring along some friends.

47. Buy Yourself Chocolate

Life’s all about balance, which includes what you eat. That’s why it’s OK to indulge in some of your favorite candy and buy yourself some chocolate. Having a sweet treat will give you a chance to slow down and enjoy something that gives you joy on your birthday.

48. Enjoy a B-Day Bike Ride

How nice would it be to take a leisurely bike ride with some friends as a birthday activity? It’ll offer stunning views and fresh air, plus it’s a good way to make memories and spend time with some of your favorite people.

49. Have a Picnic

From a picnic in the park to a picnic in your backyard, this is a sweet birthday idea and an easy way to spend quality time with loved ones on your special day.

50. Have a ‘Yes’ Day

If you’re a mom, having a “yes” day is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. No matter what you ask your kids to do, they have to say “yes.”

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51. Visit a Flower Field

things to do for your birthday sunflower field

Antonino Visalli/Unsplash

Can you imagine a dreamier aesthetic for your b-day? From going to a sunflower maze in the fall to a tulip field in the spring, or a botanical garden in the summer…there are tons of ways you can turn this birthday idea into a reality.

52. Book a Luxurious Hotel Stay

There’s something so dreamy about staying at a hotel in your city. It’s like a little reality escape from your everyday life and the perfect way to celebrate yourself. The best part is, you can go for a night by yourself or bring some friends! Don’t forget to order room service!

53. Hit Up a Waterpark

Slide into a new year by embracing your inner child and going to a waterpark. It’ll be non-stop excitement!

54. Try Out a New Hairstyle

If you don’t want to commit to a new haircut, attempt a different style for the day instead. From curling it to experimenting with waves, or adding a giant bow, it’s a great way to make your B-Day different from every other day.

55. Go to a Movie

Lights, camera, action! This simple activity is a good way to escape into another world for a couple of hours. It’ll give your mind time to relax and let you enjoy something away from your home.

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