50 Cheery, Heartfelt Ways to Sign a Christmas Card


Making a Christmas card that satisfies everyone in your family is hard enough as it is. Thankfully, we now have digital programs for building holiday cards that are fun and intuitive. But still, picking the right photo, color correcting, picking a design, writing out a genuine, thoughtful message or Christmas wish, and addressing all of these envelopes can all take a lot of effort. Then, when you’re almost all done, you still have to pick a proper sign-off! Will this suffering never end?

While sending and receiving holiday cards reminds us of the loved ones we haven’t seen in a while, or friends who we’ve lost touch with, deciding how to sign a Christmas card is actually a lot more complicated than it seems. How can you sound cordial but not creepy, caring but not fanatical, brief but not rude? And, wait—you have to take into account all of the different people who will be receiving this card. The same sign-off may not be appropriate for separate categories of people. How do you sign a card for a family member versus a coworker? How do you sign a card without saying “love” or “from”?

To make your card-sending slightly easier, we’ve taken the liberty of brainstorming the most tactful sign-offs for Christmas cards. The relationships that we have with different groups of people call for different types of sign-offs. We’ve taken the liberty to compile our list in order to reflect different types of warmth for different types of people.

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How to Sign a Christmas Card

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How to Sign a Christmas Card for Family and Friends

  • Sending our love this holiday season,
  • Cherishing our holiday memories,
  • Love always,
  • Remembering Christmases past, 
  • Gratefully yours,
  • Keeping you in our hearts,
  • Missing you now more than ever,
  • Keeping you in our hearts,
  • Lots of love,
  • Forever thankful,

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How to Sign a Christmas Card for Colleagues, Neighbors and Other Acquaintances

  • Sending you warmth this holiday season,
  • Wishing you well,
  • Best wishes,
  • Happiest of Holidays,
  • Merry Christmas,
  • ‘Tis the season,
  • Season’s greetings,
  • Cheers to a lovely holiday,
  • Joyfully yours,
  •  Cheers to you,
  •  May this yuletide be merry,

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Religious Ways to Sign a Christmas Card

  • God bless you, every one,
  • With prayers,
  • Praying for you this holiday season,
  • Remembering the reason for the season,
  • Keeping Christ in Christmas,
  • Counting our blessings,
  • Wishing you a holy night,
  • Faithfully yours,
  • Let your heart be light,
  •  Cheerfully in Christ,

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Funny Ways to Sign a Christmas Card

  • Maybe next year we’ll all make the nice list,
  • Wield your mistletoe well,
  • Keep sleigh-ing it,
  • Treat yo ‘elf this holiday season,
  • Have a tree-mendous holiday,
  • Don’t hit the eggnog too hard this year,
  • Mistle-toasting to you,
  • Merry whatever,

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How to Sign a Christmas Card Without Saying Love

  • From me and mine to you and yours,
  • Sending you our best,
  • Yours most sincerely,
  • Holding you dear,
  • Wishing you a joyful holiday,
  • Feliz Navidad,
  • Peace and joy,
  • With light and laughter,
  • Our best to you,
  • Goodwill and happiness to you,
  • Keep warm and cozy,

Next up, learn the Christmas card etiquette you should keep in mind this holiday season.


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