100 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas Because Handmade Gifts For Mom Come From the Heart


Where would we be without the beautiful souls that took care of you growing up or even into adulthood? Moms, grandmas, godmothers or mother figures that stepped up for you when you needed them most. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” If you have an angel mother, grandmother, godmother, or beloved woman in your life that you want to say “thank you” to this Mother’s Day, you can do that with a beautiful and expensive gift or you can say it from the heart with family-friendly DIY Mother’s Day gifts.

After all, moms don’t want fancy things. Sure, they like them, but that’s not the point; it’s the thought that counts anyway. And all parents know there’s nothing more thoughtful than a handmade craft. It says, “I love you and I want to thank you.”

So, if you want to get crafty this Mother’s Day—which is this Sunday, May 12!—and are looking for some fun and easy Mother’s Day craft ideas (that all ages can join in on!), here are 100 of the best DIY Mother’s Day craft ideas.

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And if Mom is the biggest DIY-er in the fam, then give her the gift of endless DIY projects with a Cricut Joy. She can make everything from cards and gift tags to ornaments, labels and more!

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100 DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

DIY Keychain

diy keychain


The cutest keychain ever!

DIY Keychain from @momtogether

Thumbody Loves You

thumbody loves you


All you need is a thumb and some paints.

Thumbody Loves You from @mylittlekeepsake

Flower Cards

flower cards


Top your gift with a handmade card.

Flower Cards from @bekindandmakeart

Lavender Bath Tea

lavender bath tea

Elements Bath and Body

Treat yo’self? Treat yo’mom.

Lavender Bath Tea from Elements Bath and Body

Personalized Mug

personalized mug


Break out the Sharpies!

Personalized Mug from @princesspinkygirl

Sun Catcher

sun catcher


I <3 You, Mom.

Sun Catcher from @readtomeactivities

Succulent Bird House

succulent bird house


A home for plants and birds.

Succulent Bird House from @afloral

Paper Flowers

paper flowers


All it takes is a little skill with the scissors.

Paper Flowers from @homeschoolingideas

Succulent Planter

succulent planter


Feeling crafty? Let’s get to cutting.

Succulent Planter from @thedecormama

In Case of Emergency

in case of emergency


For the mom who has a sweet tooth.

Candy Dish from @munro_crafting

Acrostic Poem Canvas

acrostic poem canvas

Craft Project Ideas

What’s in a name?

Acrostic Poem Canvas from Craft Project Ideas

Scrub and Oven Mitt

scrub and oven mitt


Any one of these would make a cute DIY gift on their own or all together!

Scrub, Card, and Oven Mitt from @bambinadiaries



The La LaLaLand Design Shoppe

Personalize a koozie so Mom’s beverage always stays cold.

Mother’s Day Koozie from The La LaLaLand Design Shoppe

Baby Flower Faces

baby flower faces


Just when you thought your baby’s face couldn’t get any cuter. Stick it on a stem!

Baby Flower Faces from @nesssdoll_

Popsicle Stick Planter

popsicle stick planter


Not into macrame? Make your own hanging planter with popsicle sticks.

Popsicle Stick Hanging Planter from @kidscrea.nl

Essential Oil Infused Bath Salts

essential oil infused bath salts


Give Mom the gift of a spa day.

Essential Oil Infused Bath Salts from @sofia.oilyjourney

Handprint Bouquet

handprint bouquet

Craft Project Ideas

These flowers will never die.

Handprint Bouquet from Craft Project Ideas

Dried Flower Candle

dried flower candle


Repurpose dried flowers by adhering them to candles.

Dried Flower Candles from @lisa_burningham

Baby Rejoice Wreath

baby rejoice wreath


Rejoice, Mom!

Baby Rejoice Wreath from @mallory.erin.makes

DIY Cleaning Supply Basket

diy cleaning supply basket


Nothing beats a themed gift basket.

DIY Cleaning Supply Basket from @lisa_burningham

Handprint Mold

handprint mold


It’ll make a beautiful addition to Mom’s garden.

Handprint Mold from @mummy.mea

Queen of the Day Card

queen of the day card

Craft Project Ideas

After all, she is the queen.

Queen of the Day Card from Craft Project Ideas

Dry Erase Calendar

dry erase calendar


Help Mom keep all the kids’ activities organized with this DIY calendar.

Dry Erase Calendar from @lisa_burningham

DIY Window Box Planter

diy window

Glass Doctor

For the mom with a green thumb. 

To make this flower box:

  • Measure the inside width of the window. Using a carpenter’s square, mark one board to length. 
  • Then, mark two more boards to this length plus 1 1/2 inches. 
  • Cut all boards with a saw. Measure and cut side pieces equal to the width of the boards. 
  • Use simple butt joints to construct the pieces into a box. 
  • Line up the bottom edge of the front of the box flush along the edge of the bottom piece. 
  • Mark and drill 1/16-inch holes in the face of the front board at each end and at every 4 inches along the joint line, about 3/8-inch from the edge. 
  • Put the board in place, mark the screw holes on the bottom board and drill starter holes into the edge of the board at the marks. Repeat for back and side pieces. 
  • Add glue to the front edge of the bottom board and set the front board flush into place. Fortify the joint with 1 1/4-inch stainless-steel or brass flathead wood screws through the predrilled holes.

DIY Window Box from Brad Roberson, president of Glass Doctor, a Neighborly company

Pom Animal Card

pom animal card

Craft Project Ideas

For the mom that’s an animal lover.

Pom Animal Card from Craft Project Ideas

Butterfly Glitter Painting

butterfly glitter painting

Craft Project Ideas

Forget about the fridge; Mom will hang this masterpiece in her bedroom!

Butterfly Glitter Painting from Craft Project Ideas

Recipe Holder

recipe holder

Craft Project Ideas

Is your mom an amazing cook? Gift her a place to keep all her recipes.

Recipe Holder from Craft Project Ideas

Fork Tulips

fork tulips


Who knew forks could be used as paintbrushes?!

Fork Tulips from @bambinadiaries

DIY Wreath

diy wreath


This other Rejoice! variation makes for some beautiful home decor Mom will keep up year-round.

DIY Wreath from @mallory.erin.makes

3D Box Card

3d box card


Make your Mother’s Day card 3D so it stands out… literally!

3D Box Card from @scrappytailscrafts

Mother’s Day Mugs

mothers day mugs

Tia Mowry via YouTube &lpar;c&sol;o Kin&rpar;

Complete with a DIY video tutorial!

Mother’s Day Mugs from Tia Mowry

Cut by Hand Paper Tulips

cut by hand paper tulips

Farren Celeste

Mom will treasure these forever.

Cut by Hand Paper Tulips from Farren Celeste

Recipe Book

recipe book

Carolina's Creations – Handmade via YouTube

For all Mom’s favorite recipes.

Recipe Book from Carolina’s Creations – Handmade

Fuzzy Mother’s Day Card

fuzzy mothers day card

Craft Project Ideas

Because cards are better with texture.

Fuzzy Mother’s Day Card from Craft Project Ideas

Paper Ranunculus Bouquet

paper ranunculus bouquet

Farren Celeste

Paper flowers last forever.

Paper Ranunculus Bouquet from Farren Celeste

Birdhouse Plant Markers

birdhouse plant markers


Take Mom’s plants up a notch.

Birdhouse Plant Markers from @kraze4paper

Hand Flower

hand flower


Got paint?

Hand Flower from @hvpooly

Breakfast in Bed Sign

breakfast in bed sign


Pancakes, anyone?

Breakfast in Bed Sign from Cricut

Mom-osa Bar

mom osa bar

Party City

Start off Mom’s special day with some relaxing bubbly and balloons! A DIY mimosa bar is an easy yet impressive refreshment option. Arrange a few juices and fruit garnishes so Mom can mix and match her favorite flavors.

DIY Mom-osa Bar from Party City

Flower Bouquet

flower bouquet


Roses are red, violets are blue, Mom, no matter what, I love you.

Paper Rose Bouquet from Cricut

Foil Veneer Earrings

foil veneer earrings



Foil Veneer Earrings from Cricut

Mom’s Flower Box

moms flower

Craft Project Ideas

Break out the glue gun!

Mom’s Flower Box from Craft Project Ideas

Plant Mom Tote Bag

plant mom tote bag


For chid-moms and plant-moms.

Plant Mom Tote Bag from Cricut

Birdhouse Card

birdhouse card


The most thoughtful card of all time.

Birdhouse Card from @essyjae

Mama Bear Mother’s Day Card

mama bear mothers day card


Mama Bear mode switched on.

Mama Bear Card from Cricut

Wine Tag/Door Hanger

wine tagdoor hanger

Art With Crystal

Buy Mom a bottle of wine and have the kids color in this tag with markers!

Wine Tag/Door Hanger from Art With Crystal

Painted Planters

painted planters


Planters with a face 🙂

Painted Planters from @my.kuoraft.studio

Heart Piñata

heart piata


What would you hide inside?

Heart Piñata from Isoscella

Mother’s Day Cards

mothers day cards


Check out tons of different designs!

Mother’s Day Cards from Cricut

Love You to the Moon and Back

love you to the moon and back


To the moon!

Love You to the Moon and Back from @preschoolactivities

Tissue Paper Garden

tissue paper garden

Party City

If you had a petal for every kindness Mom ever showed you, you’d forever walk in a garden.

Tissue Paper Garden from Party City

Balloon Notes

balloon notes

Party City

Write little notes of your favorite things about Mom, from her smile to the thoughtful gestures she thinks you don’t notice to all the ways she keeps your family going. Tie a note to each balloon ribbon and watch your love soar.

Balloon Notes from Party City

Paper Dahlia Flowers

paper dahlia flowers

Farren Celeste

This bouquet will never wilt.

Paper Dahlia Flowers from Farren Celeste

DIY Coloring Card

diy coloring card

Crystal Salamon

Need some DIY help? Download this coloring card and fill it in with markers

DIY Coloring Card from Crystal Salamon

Hand Painted Makeup Holder

hand painted makeup holder


All glam mamas need something cute to hold their makeup in.

Hand Painted Makeup Holder from @crappy2happy

Dollar Tree Candle Craft

dollar tree candle craft


Wrap a fake candle in tissue paper to make it look more elegant.

Dollar Tree Candle Craft from @homemakershabitat

Die-Cut Leather Earrings

die cut leather earrings


She’ll wear this every day!

Die-cut leather Earrings from @carrierhoades

Grow or Glow Printable

grow or glow printable

Homemaker's Habitat

Put a tag on it!

Grow or Glow Printable from Homemaker’s Habitat

DIY Felt Eyeglasses Case

diy felt eyeglasses case

Homemaker's Habitat

Mom’s glasses will never get lost again.

DIY Felt Eyeglasses Case from Homemaker’s Habitat

DIY Accordion Photo Album

diy accordion photo album

Crafting Cheerfully

The most beautiful photo albums are handmade.

DIY Accordion Photo Album from Crafting Cheerfully

Dear Mom I Love You Wreath

dear mom i love you wreath


Succulents make beautiful wreath decorations.

Dear Mom I Love You Wreath from @formstack

Framed Scrabble Pieces

framed scrabble pieces


A picture frame Mom can keep out year round.

Framed Scrabble Pieces from @mymy_cracra

Summer Vibes Earrings

summer vibes earrings

My My Cra Cra

Spice up Mom’s closet with these fun and flirty accessories.

Summer Vibes Earrings from My My Cra Cra

DIY Broach

diy broach

My My Cra Cra

Add a little flair to Mom’s wardrobe.

DIY Broach from My My Cra Cra

Rainbow Sticks Craft

rainbow sticks craft

Craft Project Ideas

Mom is the pot of gold at the end.

Rainbow Sticks Craft from Craft Project Ideas

Glitter Card

glitter card

My My Cra Cra


Glitter Card from My My Cra Cra

DIY Concrete Planter

diy concrete planter

My My Cra Cra

Make this concrete planter from scratch with a craft cement mix kit.

DIY Concrete Planter from My My Cra Cra

Giant Daisy Artwork

giant daisy artwork


You know where this is going — right on the refrigerator!

Giant Daisy Artwork from @startcreativestudio

Glass Bottles + Holder

glass bottles holder

My My Cra Cra

Foil the bottles and fasten a centerpiece holder to boot!

Glass Bottles + Holder from My My Cra Cra

DIY Driftwood Photo Holder

diy driftwood photo holder

My My Cra Cra

Live by the beach? Transform some old driftwood into a gorgeous photo holder.

DIY Driftwood Photo Holder from My My Cra Cra

Wooden and Brass Jewelry Holder

wooden and brass jewelry holder

My My Cra Cra

Moms need somewhere to store their jewelry, right

Wooden and Brass Jewelry Holder from My My Cra Cra

Cookie Mix in a Jar

cookie mix in a jar

It's Playtime Ingles

Say no to store-bought, pre-made cookies.

Cookie Mix in a Jar from It’s Playtime Ingles

Mother’s Day Medallion

mothers day medallion

Crafting Cheerfully

Mother’s Day Medallion from Crafting Cheerfully

Paint Splatter Ring Dish

paint splatter ring dish


For all her rings and other fancy things.

Paint Splatter Ring Dish from Isoscella

Wood Bee Hotel

wood bee hotel


Is your mom a nature lover? DIY this Wood Bee Hotel for all Mom’s pollinators.

Wood Bee Hotel from Isoscella

Succulent Gift Bag

succulent gift bag


Fill this cactus gift bag with a real succulent that Mom can plant.

Succulent Gift Bag from @the_miss_education

DIY Hedgehog House

diy hedgehog house


Hedgehog in Mom’s garden? Give him a cute lil home. (Also works for other garden critters!)

DIY Hedgehog House from Isoscella

I Whaley Love You Sign

i whaley love you sign

Craft Project Ideas

For moms who love a good pun.

I Whaley Love You Sign from Craft Project Ideas

Greenhouse Gift Box

greenhouse gift

Crafting Cheerfully

Put whatever you want inside: a succulent, a cupcake, a cookie, a gift card!

Greenhouse Gift Box from Crafting Cheerfully

Paper Purse Card

paper purse card

Crafting Cheerfully

It’s not Gucci, but it’ll do.

Paper Purse Card from Crafting Cheerfully

Shrinky Dinks Keychain

shrinky dinks keychain


Write a poem for Mom and turn it into a keychain!

Shrinky Dinks Keychain from @the_miss_education

Sun Catcher

sun catcher


This DIY is perfect for young children getting ready for Mother’s Day.

Sun Catcher from @itsplaytimeingles

Tree of Love

tree of love

Craft Project Ideas

Trace your hand and cut out some hearts in Mom’s favorite color.

Tree of Love from Craft Project Ideas

Calligraphy Heart

calligraphy heart


Try your hand (literally!) at calligraphy this Mother’s Day.

Calligraphy Heart from @jjpaperieco

DIY Sculpd Pottery Kit

diy sculpd kit


Make mom whatever you want with this DIY pottery kit (no kiln required!).

Pottery Kit from Sculpd

Fracture Floating Storyboard Shelf and Photo Prints

fracture floating storyboard shelf and photo prints


Fracture turns memories into forever moments by printing your photos onto gorgeous glass frames. Just pick your favorite pic (that’s a DIY, right?!) and don’t forget to add the Storyboard Shelf to your cart for a beautiful display at Mom’s house.

Storyboard Shelf and Photo Prints from Fracture

DIY Clay Hand Dish

diy mothers day hand dish

A Beautiful Mess

A DIY dish for your mother’s trinkets, jewelry and more made from clay and your own hand. Definitely like an upgraded middle school art project. 

Idea from Mandi Johnson @ A Beautiful Mess

DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

diy coffee filter flowers mothers day

Raising Veggie Lovers

Repurpose those coffee filters!

Idea from Raising Veggie Lovers

DIY Scrabble Card

diy scrabble mothers day card


Spell out just how much you love your mother.

Idea/card from FarmhousePrettyCo

Hand-Painted Canvas

diy love canvas mothers day

Explore Kid Talk

Got a young child? Have them paint over the words “LOVE,” which you can put nicely onto a canvas. It comes out looking so clean and it’s a great project to get their hands a little messy. 

Idea from Rachel @ Explore Kid Talk

Another Lavender Salt Bath

lavender salt bath mothers day

Country Hill Cottage

Make bath time more fun. 

How-to courtesy of Country Hill Cottage.

Cupcake Liner Bouquet

diy cupcake wrapper flower mothers day

Hunny I'm Home DIY

Like the coffee filter flowers, use cupcake liners to create a gorgeous flower bouquet for mom (or paste them onto the front of a homemade card). And take any extras to make mom delicious cupcakes, too!

Craft from Hunny I’m Home DIY

DIY Mason Jar Gift; Mommy Survival Kit

mason jar diy mothers day

Polka Dot Chair

Mason jars are a great start to a DIY project because odds are you have at least one lying around and they’re super versatile. You can either make a Mommy Survival Kit full of the best things your mom loves (chapstick, pain meds and more). Or you can be very sentimental and have you and your kids put a ton of love letters and positive notes inside. The ideas are endless. 

Idea by Polka Dot Chair.

Flower Market Diamond Art Club Portrait

flower diamond artwork mothers day

Diamond Art Club

DIY your mom a beautiful piece of artwork from the heart using an applicator and “diamonds.” It takes paint-by-numbers to a new level. 

Flower Market from Diamond Art Club

Pear Paper Plate Mother’s Day Card

pear plate craft mothers day

Craft Create Cook

Use those old paper plates you might have in your house and put them to good use. It’s a sweet way to say “I love you” this Mother’s Day. 

Idea from Craft Create Cook

DIY Framed Pressed Flowers Frame

diy pressed flower frame mothers day

All Things Target

Whether you get the floating frame from Target or elsewhere, making a DIY shadowbox/picture frame is super unique and very aesthetically cute. 

Idea from All Things Target

Framed Flower Shadow Box

framed flower shadowbox mothers day


If you don’t have the wear with all to create your own flower shadow box, go the non-pressed flower route and buy a custom flower shadow box off Etsy. 

Flower shadow box from CreationsByJazmin.

DIY Teacup Candle

diy teacup candle mothers day


Making candles can be fun but also a bit messy and tricky. If you have the time and patience to do it, though, this teacup candle can be the cutest gift you can make mom this Mother’s Day. 

Idea from BlanketStitch

DIY Photo Frame Vase

diy photo frame vase mothers day

Home Stories A to Z

Whether you want to give this homemade vase a peek-a-boo effect or you want to put a fun picture of you as a kid (or your own kids), this project looks so good and your mother will love it. 

Idea from Home Stories A to Z

Shrinky Dink Handprint Keychain

diy mothers day gifts shrinky dink keychains

TenGemsDIY YouTube

Mom will keep this rainbow handprint forever.

Shrinky Dink Handprint Mold from TenGemsDIY on YouTube

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