Who Went Home On House Of Villains Episode 2? (SPOILERS)


  • House Of Villains introduced an all-star cast of reality TV villains, including New York, Jax Taylor, and Jonny Fairplay, creating a mix of drama and intrigue.
  • In the first episode, the cast learned they would eliminate one member each week, changing the gameplay dynamics for the entire cast.
  • After the nomination ceremony, Jax, Corinne, and Shake were put on the Hit List, with Jax being the target. The first elimination will be revealed in the next episode.


House Of Villains kicked off the competition in its most recent episode, making it clear that the cast would leave no stone unturned when it came to trying to spare themselves from elimination, but who went home? The House Of Villains cast consists of some of the most iconic reality TV villains of all time, including Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor, and Survivor’s Jonny Fairplay. The cast has an extensive list of accomplishments when it comes to villainy and putting them all together has already made for a fascinating mix of drama with only two episodes having aired.

The first episode of House Of Villains gave viewers a look at the all-star cast and the premise of the game. Introducing the villains who would be competing, it was explained that they would eliminate one of their own each week, but there would be chances for them to save themselves from getting ejected from House Of Villains. While only one would be eliminated, the fact that several of the cast members would be facing elimination would change the style of gameplay entirely for the entirety of the cast.

Who Was Up For Elimination On House Of Villains?

House Of Villains Season 1 Cast

After the first nomination ceremony, Omarosa Manigault Newman nominated 3 of her fellow House Of Villains cast mates on the Hit List. She chose to nominate Jax, Corinne Olympios of The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise, and Love Is Blind villain Shake Chatterjee. While some of the House Of Villains cast were happy about the nominations, others were shaken up about the idea of losing someone they’d want to work with. New York, for example, said she would be sad to see Corinne leave the show so early after the women had begun to bond.

Who Won The Redemption Challenge During House Of Villains Episode 2?

The Redemption Challenge was a golf-cart race that House Of Villains named “Blind Trust”, giving each of the nominated villains the opportunity to choose one of their fellow cast mates as a trusted partner. This, obviously, was meant to backfire as the villains were typically trying to usurp each other during the competition. Shake chose Johnny Bananas, who proved to actually be helpful in the competition, while Corinne chose Bobby Lytes and Jax chose Jonny, both of whom were more interested in sabotage. Shake ended up winning the Redemption Challenge, guaranteeing himself safety.

With Jax Taylor And Corinne Olympios In Danger, Who Went Home?

Promo shot of the House Of Villains season 1 stars

At the end of House Of Villains season 1 episode 2, Jax and Corinne were still in danger for elimination. One of the two would be eliminated from the game, and Jax seemed like the target for the majority of the house. Jax, who had already run his mouth about his net worth and made some of the other cast members question why he was in the game in the first place, tried to ensure he would be able to stick around but ultimately, it was not revealed who the first person eliminated from House Of Villains season 1. The elimination will be revealed on the upcoming episode.

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