Who Does Brandon Pick on 'Farmer Wants a Wife' Season 2?


Brandon Rogers wore his heart on his sleeve throughout the second season of Farmer Wants a Wife, from the moment he picked Reba for his first solo date to the moment he said goodbye to her mortal enemy, Joy. So it was no surprise that the 29-year-old potato farmer’s final decision was a tear-filled one. But at least some of those tears were happy. 

Scroll down to find out who he picked. 

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Who does Brandon pick on Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2?


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After consulting with his father (and fellow crier), Keith, Brandon went off to make the biggest decision of his life (at least according to Jennifer Nettles). “I have this real, big, intense decision to make,” he said. “But it’s not easy. I am tied to the farm, and I absolutely want to find somebody to share this lifestyle with.”

His biggest concern about Grace, who he otherwise praised for being steady, patient and calm (like Reba on Opposite Day), was whether that lifestyle was the right fit for her. She grew up 20 minutes outside of Milwaukee; he lives four hours from an airport in a one-stoplight town with no restaurants in sight. 

Ever the honest communicator, Brandon shared his worry with Grace. “You thrive on going out, being in a city area,” he said. At this point, it seemed like he wasn’t going to pick her (hence her stink face), but then the tides turned. 

“I feel like we do have a lot of upside in there, or a lot of good things as well, and I really feel like we have established a really good emotional connection. So I would like to see where that emotional connection would take us.”

Grace thanked him for grounding her and jumped at the chance to join him in the “middle of nowhere” (to borrow Brandon’s words). “I don’t want to lose you and I would love to see where this goes,” she said. 

Will it work out? That remains to be seen. But they sure looked happy. 

Who does Brandon eliminate in the Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 finale?


Occupation: College counselor
Location: Elkhart, IA

who does brandon pick on farmer wants a wife


There was a lot about Emerson that Brandon liked. She was smart, fun, from a small town and didn’t have any desire to live in a city. But as was apparent in last week’s episode, when Brandon seemed to be going through the motions while meeting Emerson’s family, something was off. 

“I haven’t been able to connect super deeply emotionally,” he admitted to her. “I just see that this is where my journey [with you] ends.”

Emerson was disappointed but not exactly heartbroken. The only tears shed this segment belonged to Brandon … and his dad. 


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