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What Is There To Do On Carnival Cruises?

Carnival Cruise


Carnival Cruise line is the perfect journey to your destination. Since a majority of your time on a cruise is spent on the ship, Carnival has curated a full list of fun activities, events, and entertainment that is sure to capture the spirits of all who board. Activities are diverse enough to be able to be enjoyed by the whole family. As its name insinuates, it will truly feel like a carnival of entertainment and fun. From water slides to pool deck dance parties to mini-golf: time will fly like never before. When booking your next cruise, be sure to check out all that Carnival Cruise has to offer to make sure you pick the ship that will carry you off into your next adventure. Below is some popular activist that you can enjoy on almost all carnival boats! 


1. Water Park & Slide

One of the most popular attractions on the outer deck is the water park and slides that can be found on almost all Carnival Cruise boats. The boats have a range of water slides for thrill seekers to leisure riders, there is a slide for you to enjoy! Some honorable mentions are the Twister Waterslide, the Drainpipe, and the Power Drencher. All of these include a high-speed experience with twists and turns that will leave you screaming with joy. An adult-only pool can also be the perfect location for anyone looking for a quiet, childless afternoon. Between fast slides, countless pools, and hot tubs, the pool deck is the best place to spend your afternoon. It makes an even better nighttime location due to the on-deck movie screenings. So grab a drink, jump into that hot tub, and let the stress of life roll away. 


2. Mini-golf 

Another fun activity that can be found aboard is mini-golf. The course is often found on the top deck of the ship, optimal for the best view of the ocean. The course is challenging for adults and kids making this the perfect family activity. Each course has about 9 or 18 holes with obstacles such as windmills, ramps, and tunnels that add an even bigger level of excitement. The theme of each course adds to the overall whimsical design for everyone to enjoy. Play under the sun, play under the stars, it will be unforgettable fun for all. 

3. Shows and Entertainment 

Carnival has an incredible lineup for the most talented entertainers for a week of laughs. You can enjoy living Broadway-style shows and live music. All products are must-sees due to the high performance and stunning special effects that will leave you breathless. 

Be sure to check out the comedy club found on some ships with friends to grab drinks and laugh like never before. Every night you will be able to find some type of stunning entertainment or show. 

4. Sports and Fitness

Prioritizing your health and wellness on vacation is a must. Going on vacation should not mean breaking your routine if you don’t want to. All Carnival guests have access to many different forms of activity to keep them in their routine. The ship usually has basketball courts, volleyball courts, and even a jogging track. There is also a gym located on board for those who want to keep their gym routines. Fitness classes are also available to guests. 

5. Casino

Feeling lucky? The casino is a popular location on Carnival Cruise and can be found on almost every ship. There are a variety of games including, poker, blackjack, and slot machines. Watch out for tournament announcements and other fun events. It is also open 24/7 so you can enjoy your favorite game of blackjack anytime. Rewards and ship perks can be won through the Carnival Players Club which offers special benefits and promotions to frequent visitors. You can earn complimentary drinks, free slot play, and free cruises for the best players. 

6. Spa and Relaxation

Unwind with a trip to the Carnival Cruise spa. This luxurious and relaxing experience allows passengers to destress from all that life brings. It can likely be found on the upper deck of the ship and is open to all guests to enjoy. They offer a range of services and treatments that will rejuvenate your mind and body. Enjoy massages, facials, and body wraps all with varying styles to effectively relax your muscles and allow you to truly enjoy your vacation with newfound peace and tranquility. All quality ingredients are made to brighten, detoxify, and hydrate your skin to radiate on a new level. The seaweed, mud, and aromatherapy oils add a new level of relaxation therapy. The spa also offers a sauna, steam room, and hot tubs for those who are looking for a soak or sweat. Between acupuncture and Swedish messages, this spa has an extensive menu perfect for the peace and the serenity of vacation. 


Overall, this cruise line can be enjoyed by everyone with a wide variety of activities for all ages and interests. If your ideal vacation is great spa treatments and live entertainment but your kids love the pool and waterslides, you can still plan a great family-centered vacation journey that will create memories that will be enjoyed for years afterward. Choose a Carnival cruise that makes the journey as great as the destination itself. 



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