5 Weird Allergies That Exist 5 Weird Allergies That Exist

5 weird allergies that exist

5 weird allergies that exist

Moneycontrol News October 10, 2023

Allergies are quite common and can affect almost anyone at any given point of time. They can be seasonal such as pollen allergy or food-related like an allergy to nuts or seafood.

Symptoms include sneezing, watery eyes, rashes, hives, swelling of eyes or lips or life-threatening anaphylaxis in severe cases. But, allergies are not just limited to the aforementioned. There are some that are unbelievable as well.

Water allergy: Can you believe that something as essential as water can cause allergies in people? A water allergy is known as aquagenic urticarial and why people get hives from water is not really known.

People can also be allergic to exercise and it can cause hives, urticaria, but in a more severe form, it can lead to anaphylaxis, a dangerous condition in which your blood pressure drops suddenly and you have trouble breathing.

Solar allergy is a kind of physical urticaria that can cause hives due to sun exposure. The hives can be treated with antihistamines, and avoidance of sun can prevent this reaction.

Allergy to coins: If you are someone who gets an allergic rash, hives, or itching on your hands after handling coins, you could have another type of contact dermatitis — a reaction to nickel one of the metals from which coins are made.

Some people are even allergic to electricity. They claim to suffer from electrosensitivity as they are sensitive to electrical fields generated by products such as cell phones, microwaves, computers, and power lines.

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