8 Side Effects Of Drinking Almond Milk 8 Side Effects Of Drinking Almond Milk

8 side effects of drinking almond milk

Why almond milk is not good for health

Moneycontrol News October 9, 2023

Digestive issues

Consuming large quantities of almond milk can lead to digestive issues such as stomach ache and diarrhoea.

Bad metabolism

Studies say that drinking too much almond milk can cause metabolic issues and hence should not be given to children and adults in large quantities.

Weight gain

Drinking too much of almond milk, that has artificial sweeteners, can lead to weight gain.

Reduces nutrient absorption

Consuming excessive almond milk can block the absorption of iron, magnesium and zinc in the body.

Impact on Thyroid gland

Drinking too much almond milk can have a negative effect on the thyroid gland.

Low Iodine intake

Drinking too much of almond milk instead of regular milk can lead to reduced iodine intake inside the human body.

Affects protein retention

Almond milk is creamed and can aggregate rapidly, leading to swifter emptying of proteins.

Unhealthy for infants

Almond milk can be unhealthy for infants as it can have different side effects.

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