How Hamas Dodged Israel’s Unbeatable Defence How Hamas Dodged Israel’s Unbeatable Defence

How Hamas dodged Israel’s unbeatable defence

More than 5,000 rockets were fired towards Israel by Hamas, putting its famed Iron Dome system into action. This time, however, the scale of attack foxed this system

The Dodge

Iron Dome system can quell rocket attacks, mortars, artillery shells, and UAVs at short range.

Iron Dome

It has a range of approximately 70 km and has three main parts — a detection radar, weapons control and a launcher armed with Tamir Missiles.


When a rocket is fired, detection readar calculates the its trajectory and the info to the weapons control system that measures the rocket speed, impact

How it works

If the rocket is directed towards a populated area or a strategic establishment, Tamir Missile is fired and the rocket is destroyed

Tamir missile

The dome system has a success rate of 90 per cent and has made over 2,000 interceptions till now.

90% hit rate

Hamas relied on Salvo rocket attack (multiple rockets in a short span of time), making it difficult for the control system to intercept all targets. 

How it was beaten

Over 5,000 rockets were launched in just 20 minutes. A Hamas rocker is cheaper than the Tamir missile fired to intercept it. 

5,000 rockets

Hamas has been building its crude rocket tech and has increased its range to cover Tel Aviv and even Jerusalem.

Crude tech

The near-perfect air defence system was overpowered by a barrage of rockets from Hamas.


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