'The Masked Singer' Begins Its Endgame and Reveals an Emmy Nominee


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For nine weeks, they’ve fought it out in groups. But this week on The Masked Singer, the masks left standing finally merged to begin the endgame of Season 11. And with four powerhouse performers, it was anybody’s game, leading to a tense Smackdown and a Golden Globe winner unmasked.

Check out more information on tonight’s “Quarter Finals” episode below to find out who was unmasked.

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Who got unmasked on The Masked Singer tonight?

Poodle Moth got zapped in the Quarter Finals. She went out singing “Price Tag” by Jessie J in her solo number, and lost in the Smackdown performance of “If I Could Turn Back Time” to Gumball.

Who is Poodle Moth on The Masked Singer?

After being eliminated, Poodle Moth was unmasked and revealed to be This is Us star Chrissy Metz.

Who’s left in the game of The Masked Singer season 11?




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