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How to Make a Resume for Your First Job


How to make a resume for your first job? Well, this article will discuss exactly that. Even if you’ve never crafted a resume before, this is for you. 

We’ll be prioritising AI use which would make this entire thing super easy for you. In most cases, you’ll have to simply enter your personal information. 

Maybe you’ve built multiple resumes before? Well, this piece will still help you out as you may find a few options that work better for you. At the least, I’ve included what not to do on a resume as well.

Let’s not beat around the bush then. Go through the fine print and you should be building resumes your employers will love. 

Use pre-designed templates 

This is the easiest and fastest way to make a resume with the least error potential. There are hundreds of platforms like ResumeCoach that let you make your resume in seconds.

These platforms generally have entire resumes designed most professionally, suiting all needs.

They also generally have all the fields and data that your resume should have. This ensures the formatting, numbering, or even the font is right.

You can add and delete your sections and change every single thing on a template.  

You simply have to select one of the templates you like and edit your data on it. 

Use AI to build your resume 

The second option is to jump on the AI train, the entire world is doing it so why not you, eh?

There are many different ways you can do this. The best is to simply use the best Chatgpt for resume writing. 

What this does is let you fill in the basic information that can not be AI-generated. This will generally be your name, address, contact, etc. 

The AI will generate content that needs some creativity such as functions, achievements, job descriptions, desired positions, and so on.

AI can also generate appropriate skills, descriptions for the skills, objectives you may wish to achieve, etc. 

Of course, you can edit everything later on once the resume has been generated.

You may also directly use any other AI to prompt it to write your resume. Although in that case, you’ll have to manually craft each prompt to perfection by entering your exact requirements, what you wish it to say, and your personal details. 

Build a resume manually 

This is how our grandparents and parents used to do it. Although of course, we’ll be doing it on a computer.

To be honest, there isn’t any major benefit of writing your entire resume from scratch, apart from the experience and skill you’ll gain.

When building it manually, you’ll need to know what to include in a resume. Allow me to assist:

  • Personal information: This should include your name, address, age, contact number etc.
  • Work experience: This is probably what most would look at first. Just include where you’ve worked, the duration and job title. It’s best if you do the most recent ones first. 
  • Educational qualifications: Again, use a chronological order to list the most recent degree you obtained first, proceeding downwards to older degrees. 
  • Special skills: Can you speak multiple languages? Maybe you’re good with computers? Basically, anything that you’re good with goes here. 
  • Objective: You should include an objective that defines why you seek the job and what your goals are. 
  • Sell yourself: Okay this is like an overall summary of all the points above. Your resume is your marketing brochure and you’re trying to sell yourself (in a way). Think about what the employer is seeking for and what you can provide them. 

Note that there’s no specific rule on what you can or can’t add to a resume. It’s all about what you’ve got to showcase.

Things to not do when building a resume 

Just like there are things you do, there are things you aren’t supposed to do. 

  • Don’t lie: Did you know that over 55% of people lie on their resume? You should strive to be in the remaining 45%. Today software exists that blacklist individuals caught lying, making it all the more dangerous. 
  • Not a standard resume-for-all: Most folks build one resume and send it out to all employers. This is why most people don’t get hired as well. Your goal is to craft unique, job-suited resumes for each application. Yes, that adds to your work but it’s most definitely worth it. 
  • File format: Digital resumes can be built in many different formats. It’s best to not save them in Docx or other formats and rather prioritize PDFs. This ensures the formatting doesn’t change depending on the employer’s device.

Final words- How to make a resume for first job

I hope you’ve crafted a resume by now. If not, please scroll up, use one of the mentioned methods to craft yourself a resume, and then come back here.

If you ask me personally, I’ll suggest using some AI-powered tool to build your resume. It can use words, sentences, phrases, and other things that have been proven to work. It also doesn’t make as many mistakes as a human and gets things done in seconds.

But then again, you’re free to write your own resume as well. Of course, triple-check the page and ensure there’s nothing that shouldn’t be on there.  

That’s about it folks. Well, go on then, those resumes won’t build themselves, would they?


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