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  • Amazon Prime’s Twin Love is a unique dating show that follows the love lives of identical twins in a social dating experiment.
  • The show features 10 identical twins who are split up and assigned to different houses to search for love, exploring whether their similarities extend to their romantic choices.
  • Hosted by Brie and Nikki Garcia, former WWE stars, Twin Love aims to help couples find love in a fun and unique way and will premiere on November 17, 2023, on Amazon Prime Video and Freevee.



Amazon Prime’s dating series Twin Love will feature multiple identical twins searching for love. When Twin Love premieres, the dating show will become one of the first to serve as a social dating experiment that explores the love lives of identical twins. The show will see 10 identical twins split up and assigned into different houses of identical casts, where they will begin a unique search for love.

Due to the show’s unique format, the twins will have to discover if their similarities also extend to their romantic choices or how different they will be. Twin Love, which is based on a format created by ITV Studios Netherlands (via Variety), will be hosted by former WWE and Total Bellas stars Brie and Nikki Garcia (formerly known as the Bella twins).

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Twin Love Season 1 Latest News

After announcing their retirement from professional wrestling in March 2023, Nikki and Brie Garcia will be taking on the hosting roles for Twin Love season 1. The duo, who have experience dating twins, have emerged as the perfect candidates to take the reigns of the reality show. Also, Simon Thomas, Bernie Schaeffer, Kenny Rosen, and Jessica Nahmias will serve as executive producers. Lauren Anderson, head of AVOD original content and unscripted programming at Amazon Studios, noted, “Twin Love hopes to help couples find love in a fun, unique way, and we can’t wait to share Twin Love with Prime Video and Freevee audiences this summer.

Twin Love Season 1 Release Date

Twin Love stars Jair and Micquel Bernier

According to Dexerto, Twin Love season 1 is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, November 17, 2023. The dating show will also simultaneously debut on Amazon Freevee in the U.S. (via Variety). However, an official episode count for the show has not been announced yet.

Twin Love Season 1 Cast

Twin Love stars Sabella and Hanna Radostitz

Brittany and Whittnay James are identical twins who walk, talk, and dress alike. The beautiful sisters have been single for over four years and want anyone who dates them to understand they come as a package deal.

Sabella and Hanna Radostitz are two sisters who have been unlucky in their romantic lives. Despite their different personalities, with Hanna, more outgoing and adventurous, and Sabella, a sweet, soft lady, the sisters have never had a serious relationship. They also both have tattoos of men they regret dating, but hopefully, their luck will change in Twin Love season 1.

Cameron and Ceara McKegney are two beautiful and naughty twins with a gift of gab and sisterly bickering, with which they entertain their friends. Cameron, who is one minute older, is more responsible and level-headed, but Ceara, on the other hand, is wild and hyper. The sisters will be putting their quick wit and mannerisms on display when Twin Love season 1 premieres.

Zoie and Baelee Bogart grew up in Florida. The sisters have shared a room their entire lives and have never been apart for more than a day. The duo are models and CEOs of their online clothing company. Zoie and Baelee claim to have a unique connection since they are always on the same page. However, their connection will be tested when Twin Love season 1 premieres.

Morgan and Madison Ramsey grew up in a country town outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The duo, who grew up as country girls, love outdoor activities like riding four-wheelers and hiking with their cousins. Morgan and Madison believe manners will get you everywhere in life, and hopefully, that will be enough for the girl to thrive on Twin Love season 1.

Seth and Luke Banks are two family-oriented twins who grew up with four other siblings. However, while their siblings are interested in specific niches like gymnastics and country music, Seth and Luke only have a passion for golf. The duo are very good at getting along and starting conversations with new people and will be looking to put the skills to use in Twin Love season 1.

Jair and Micquel Bernier were raised outside the Jersey Shore by a single mum to whom they owe everything. The duo, who were very popular jocks in high school, graduated from the same college. They have since capitalized on their athletic abilities to become boxing coaches in Philadelphia. Jair and Micquel teach boxing to celebrities and inner-city youths.

Matthew and Andrew Beatty were born in Germany. The twins moved around a lot during their childhood, forcing them to break out of their shells. Their big outgoing personalities are matched by their “sick fits,” and their appearances have made them quite distinctive, whereby strangers have recognized them in different cities for years.

Samir and Samer Akel grew up in Syria but moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago. Despite their tough start to life in America, the twins have become quite successful, with as many as six restaurants in the U.S. However, despite their success, the twins still love to go out and party.

David and Aaron Cabello grew up in a single-parent household with their mum. The twins have been moving every year since they were eight, making them grow into social butterflies who could connect with anyone. After dropping out of the same school, the twins created the first Black-owned delivery service that caters specifically to Black-owned restaurants. The business, which they started in 2017, has borne outlets in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Atlanta, per PEOPLE.

Twin Love Season 1 Trailer

The official Twin Love season 1 trailer was released on Prime Video’s YouTube channel on September 29, 2023. The clip showcases identical twins as they show off their skills while getting romantic with one another. It teases the fun and possibly drama of two twin sisters falling for the same set of men. Still, fans should expect that and a lot more twists when Twin Love season 1 eventually premieres.

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